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l l I SOLAR DREAM E Multl-medla pertormance trorn one olJapan’s leading contemporary composers,

i l l Incorporating dance, l lighting and music. Stomu 3 Yamash'ta (Festival) St 5 l

Bride’s Centre, Drwell Terrace. 3461405, 23-25

Two down. two to go: this year's

“or “'tott3t'm9't instalment ofthe Festival‘s asfia':%‘m£~ Wild and long-running affair withJapanese "about" puppetry "om theatre has so far proved a complete "I. USA has“ on a “my by success. Last week saw the ChiJinkai Uruguayan mnemmmga. Company‘s magnificent Yabultara see Feature, Music-Theatre l Kengyo, which elicited a tremendous Of New York (Festival), ' reponse from its audience. Hisashi 3018' LYNN". 25-29 Alill. ' Inoue‘s parable-satire depicts the , ‘1‘“- g’tsogfgg'g?’ l rise and fall of a blind outcast in . i "9 ' l EdO-Period Japan. aehieVing his The Chiiinkai company in The Great Doctor Yabuhara

, ends (and his eventual undoing)

. through murder and brutality. The of Mishima‘s ‘modern noh'. Samba dance ofSekidera Komachi. eleven-strong cast. perfectly Kumachi. Based on a traditional noh After two such memorable controlled by Kikuo Kaneuchi as the of the life ofa 10th century poetess. productions, the remainder is only to

5 Blind Narrator. tell their story with Mishima transfers the action to look forward to. Hideki Noda's Half

' Spectacular and superbly refined contemporary society, transforming Gods is a kabuki-inspired tale of theatricatttY’ Pumng together smile the ageing heroine into a Siamese twins. and presents the

, trluly astouhdihg set-piehCeS-While butt-salvaging baglady. Ninagawa same fusion offormalitv and a . a ways capita ising on t e comic infuses the action with all the lush exuberance. More arca'ne is Stomu :gtfatgztm‘mrgrwe . heart of the play. Yas‘uyoshi Hara‘as decadence that Mishima's work can Yamash‘ta‘s Solar Dream, the latest 0mm “mung "mam. Suginoshi ineVitablystands out. as hold tangible swathes of light give work of this veteran composer. who mm Palm“ Mahmud ; the protagonist, but it is iniqUItous It the atmosphere a palpable. almost was one of the first musicians to dmcmumuu ' single out any member of a seamless undersea. feel. accompanying the make the crossover to Europe nearlv Wienlemkl, were“) ensemble performance. endless roses dropping to the floor twentv vears ago. (Andrew Pulver) Theatre Studio, Assembly I In their production aesthetic the and the unrestrained impassioned I SolariDream (Festival) Stomu 900"" (Fttttfle Venue 3) i Chilinkai draw as mueh 0n WeStem acting of the two central figures. Yamash'ta, St Bride‘s Centre. 23—25 g2:024':8é§?£A5t;g-180m. I ideas of the grotesque particularly Ninagawa‘s treatment. however, Aug, various times, fie—£5.50, ' p ' ° m the PhYStcam." 0f the PCTtOTmCTS- Incorporates the scrupulous I Halt Gods (Festival) Yume No 350“ tradititmat Japanese mOdetS 0t geometry that the traditional forms Yuminsha. Royal Lyceum, 31 kabutti and “Oh The Slime is true. suggest. all the more resonant after Aug—l Sept. various times. but taking a subtly different Yukio Yoshimura‘s intricate and £8.5()—£4.5(). direction. of Ninagawa‘s production immensely commucd Jjutamai _ three-coloured llour and covered in a _ sugary syrup. Uys is not always quite as lunny as he thinks he is, but he is able to reach a mass audience, and h Gradually solidilying lor several years, make his satire easily ittllt’-‘3ttttte ,k -A I k - ( anti-apartheid satire has linally taken without being very demaflittflll- root as a distinct genre in its own right. , Curl Up And Dye, on the other hand, is

a more testing allair— a solid two hours without a break. But its analysis is much more subtle drawing into the

I THE RISE Alto Sills 0F This year two at its better-known COMMOE FMSCO proponents have returned with new

Zimbabwean ' mmhmmng auxin; work to the Fringe, playing to sell-out

searching tor meanings in "0st Who ate proportionately setting at a hairdressing salon live Post-Independence history. 1 Otatetiit and relieved to be made to women lrom dillerent sectors ol the Springwell House (Fringe ; laugh at the attitudes at some at the apartheid society. Apart lrom a hammy van“ 32) 337 1971' 13 wortd's “1°” “"0” tactSts- pertormance lrom Debra Watson as a 33%;?” “m “~50 Pieter-Dirk Uys brings his latest one stoned-out druggie, the production

' ' man show A Kiss On Your Koeksister to - ellortlessly drew the lines at social

3 conlllct-wlth Lillian Dube as Miriam I particularly ellective ln encapsulating , f the dilemmas laced by the Sowetan ; community. The honours, though, must ; go to writer Susan Pam, in the central

i part at Rolene, whose vulnerabilities are quickly exposed alterthe arrival at

the Assembly Rooms, and longtime radicals, the Market Theatre, are pertormlng Susan Pam's Curl Up And Dye at the Traverse.

No-one could claim that these pertormers do not respond minutely to the modulations ol contemporary

political tile. The events at the past ' 1' , her classy customer Dudu (Thoko year—the retease m Mande'a’ (he Intact, the idea at the ‘new’ South : Ntshinga). The play pulls no punches, ttttlnll 0t the State 0t emergency, the “"03 is at the “title 0t UVS' show. The and congratulations are due all round

suspension at the armed symggye _ m scene is a lundraising bazaar tor the tor its relusal to take the easy way out.

93:33.8." 0, 1 i already absorbed into the tabric ol their ' tilting National Party. Whose claim to (Andrew Pulver) flungarian (mm, mm," E Shows: one thing they share is an - held. the middle lifeline is tested by a ' A Kiss On Your Koeksister (Fringe) Tunadl's yemon ("gum awareness at the political and mom. series at quick-change monologues: Pieter-Dirk Uys, Assembly Rooms, run 3:':.t:.§°é’l‘i:'lii:i.... l‘.."if.'i§§'l‘l§i‘i§$£“l° "‘7'?" "r," I iiiiili°$§iliillimiiil Vim 3"“?3' A d o it . , has... - Yslionsoutt at 3 i no or p n ye rnge

Venue 22) 557 0707, 27 more people were timed (m3 weekend ' Desmond Tutu. The koeksister- a kind t Theatre, Traverse Theatre (Venue 15) 93.1 Sept.1.30pm,£5 l in South Africa than in 18 months in 1 0' biscu't- is the satiric image at the , 226 2633, 14 Aug—1 Sept, various

Beirut. NP's ‘vlslon’: platted with | times, £6.50 (£3.50).

The List 24 30 August thl31