Poiesls, Graeme Murray Gallery. Through the 1980s many artists who used text In their work became prominent. This particularly happened in the US where Jenny Holzer and Barbara Kruger (to name but two) exploited the hi-tec methods and theories of advertising to produce a highly politicised and provocative body ol work that attempted a subversion of the very aspects of the culture that it was utilising.

What Graeme Murray is working towards In curating this ambitious and demanding exhibition, is a wider understanding ot the way artists use poetry as a methodology in their production of work. A world away lrom the hard-hitting one-liner ad-speak oi the Americans, Murray has selected artists who deal visually in those more literary concepts of metaphor, metaphysics and poiesls. Some of the artists use text; some don't.

What is Interesting is that the artists here (who come from many parts of the globe) eschew narrative as a methodology or, as Lore Bert does with

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Dante's lnterno, make narrative the subject. Thus, we see work like Pieter Laurens Mol’s Baroque Bastard, where with the Bs formed by pretzels; or the major concrete poetry of Mary Ellen the words are inscribed into a slab. Solt. Using the techniques at acrostic and mnemonic, her series Flowers in Concrete builds visual and verbal images tor instance, the basis at the

Lobelia image is the text Lovers 0i Blue

Elide Love’s Instant Annulment. (Hilary Robinson)

exquisite colour photographs by illustrator Mayotte Magnus. I MERCHANT HALL 22 Hanover Street. Mon—Sat 10am—8pm (1 Sept 10am—8pm). lntemational Photography Until 1 Sept. The 128th International Exhibition of Pictorial Photography. presented by the Edinburgh Photographic Society. I MUIRHOUSE FESTIVAL ACTIVITIES ' CENTRE Primary School. Muirhousc Place West. 315 2151. Mon—Fri9am—4.30pm. Keith Davidson and Tim Curtis: Photographs Until 24 Aug. Davidson and Curtis are two local photographers who compared and contrasted the antics of an Oxford Fringe group and a Craigmillar Fringe group last year. I HETHERDOW 43 High Street. 556 9579. . Mon—Sat loam—4.30pm and evenings when performances. Cafe. The llon Land and the Sacred Sky Until l ' Sept. Paintings and photographs by Gordon Strachan. So lnsensitive in the Mouth Until 1 Sept. Photographs by theatre photographer Jon Stark. I OBLOMOV The Mound. 220 (X154. Every day 11am—late. Bebecca Hooper: Photographic Work Until 29 Aug. I PHOTOGRAPHIHG ARCHITECTURE 16 Dublin Street. Daily mam—5pm. Allan Forbes L'ntil 31 Aug. Forbes“ photographs of buildings by The Law & Dunbar-Nasmith Partnership. I PORTFOLIO GALLERY AT PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP 43 Candlemaker Row. 220 1911. Tue-Sat noon—5.30pm. Prade Malde: Memory, Balance, Love Until 8 Sept. Malde is one of the world‘s leading exponents of the platinum/palladium process. Collected here are 60 images. works from recent years. which address in a ‘fluid, spiralling poetry‘ the artist‘s chosen themes. I PORTRAIT GALLERY Queen Street. 556 8921. Mon—Sat 10am-5pm; Sun 2—5pm. Julia Margaret Cameron: ‘Photographs ot Famous Men and Fair Women' Until 30 Sept. Cameron was 5() when she took up photography and. in the words other great-niece. Virginia Woolf. dall her sensibility was expressed and. what is

perhaps more to the purpose. controlled in

the new art.‘ Portraits of Lord Tennyson and Thomas Carlyle are included in the exhibition. as well as Cameron's famous religious' studies.

I STILLS GALLERY 105 Iligh Street. 557 1140. Tue—Sat Ham—5.30pm.

Paul Hill: White Peak, Dark Peak Until 8 Sept. A realistic but sensitive look at the landscape surrounding Hill‘s home in the Peak District.

I WINES FROM PARIS The Vaults. Giles Street. Leith. Daily 10am—6pm.

Luing: Photographs by Simon Morison Until 2 Sept. Black and white photographs of the Island of Luing by a still-life photographer.


A selective round-up ot Museums running in alphabetical order.

I CAHOHGATE TOLBOOTH Royal Mile. 225 2424. Mon—Sat 10am—6pm

The People's Story The Museum has been established to relate the story ofthe people of Edinburgh. told in their own words and through photographs and re-created tableaux.

I MUSEUM OF CHILDHOOD 42 High Street. 225 2424. Mon—Sat mam—6pm.

‘Doctor Who’ Exhibition Until 12 Sept. Tardis. costumes and props from the TV show which started in 1963.

I ROYAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND Chambers Street. 225 7534. Mon—Sat 10am-5pm: Sun 2-5pm.

The DISCOVBW Room Until 2 Sept. This year the room contains jaws. masks. tea. glass and seashells for the visitors to examine with their own hands.

I SCOTTISH AGRICULTURAL MUSEUM Ingliston. Mon—Fri 10am—5pm. Agriculture still plays an important role in Scotland's culture and this museum looks at the old trades and skills ofthe countryside.

The Sword and the Plough A special exhibition exploring the changes brought by two World Wars and their effect on the communities and the landscape.

233 Cowgate, Edinburgh EH1 1N0 Tel: 031 225 3013

CROSSING THE LINE New Work by Caroline McNairn 4 August ~ 22 September


Robert Maclaurin & Callum lnnes 4- 11 August Olivia Irvine 13 22 August Rose Frain 8t KjellTorriset 24 August - 3 September Claudia Petrettt 5 22 September

Also on view in the First Floor Gallery : a wide selection of paintings by Scottish artists associated with the gallery

r GALLERY HOURS : Mon - Sat 10.30 - 5.30 ADMISSION FREE I

369 (iallt'ry is subsidised by 'llie Scottish Arts Louncil and IIlt' t‘ily ol latlinburgli District I mint'ii




Ofelia Rodriguez o Paintings Yvonne Hawker - Installations Stephen Collingbourne and Aileen Keith - Informal Works on paper Alistair Mack - Paintings and Prints Eric Robertson - Landscape photography G uri Le Riche - Afghan Artefacts 12 AUGUST - 2 SEPTEMBER OPEN : 7 DAYS 10-5PM. CAFETERIA


11 August- 23 September 1990


The Sculpture

Edinburgh Festival hours: Mon - Sat 10 - 10 Sun 12 - 5 From 2 SeptzTuea- Sat 10 - 5.30 Thurs-7 Sun 12 -5 Closed Mon

29 Market Street, Edinburgh EH110F Tel: 031- 225 2383

SUBSIdised by the Scottish Arts Council


Workshop C5 Gal/("7]

Sam Francis Recent Graphic Works

The exhibition runs from 11 August-8 September

Also on show will be recent work from Edinburgh Print/makers Studio

C] I C] I C] I Supported by the Scottish Arts Council and Edinburgh Distritt Count -|

Edinburgh Printmakers, 23 Union Street

._ .-_.___ _ .. -.... . .. LIIL‘I ISI 34 SII]\II~:III\K l‘mllss