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The Edinburgh international Film Festival main box office is at Filmhouce, 88 Lothian Road. 228 2888. open daily Sam-epm (Sun 26 Aug noon-99m). Remaining tickets for .ccreenlngc at the Cameo cinema, Home Street. 228 4141 . go on sale there an hour heiore each performance.

Moming chow: £2 (£1). Lunchtime chow: £1. Afternoon shows: lectures. seminars £2: Filmhouce1 £4 (£2); Filmhouce 2 £3 (£1.50); Cameo £4 (£2). Evening shows (alter 6.3lipm): Filmhouse 1 £4; Filmhouce 2 £3: Cameo £4. Late night: £4.


I EILMHOUSE1 Young Filmmaker oi the Year 10.45am. The Channel 4-sponsored student event nears its culmination with work from York University. Toronto. and the WRITV, Katowice. Post Office McLaren Award 3 12.45pm. Third selection of entries for the inaugural British animation competition named after Scots-born innovator McLaren. Coming To America 2pm. (John Landis. US, 1988) 2pm. African prince Eddie Murphy discovers that the streets of New York aren't paved with gold, Paramount Pictures discover that Art Buchwald actually wrote the thing. I CAMEO White Hunter. Black Heart (Clint Eastwood. US. 1990) 2.15pm. Alate addition to the programme is this extra showing of director/star Eastwood‘s portrait ofan obsessive filmmaker shooting on location in Africa. a story loosely based on John IIuston‘s experiences making The African Queen. I FILMHOUSE 2 The Whyh Mari (Murray Grigor. UK. 1990) 2.30pm. Well-observed and entertaining portrait of Scots sculptor George Wyllie and the method in ; his mad creations. I FILMHOUSE 1 OFI New Director: 4.15pm. Second annual set of modestly-budgeted short films produced by the British Film Institute with the aim of fostering new talent. Richard Kwietniowski's Flames of Passion seems to be getting a lot of the plaudits this time round. I CAMEO Clint Eastwood Lecture 4.30pm. Your chance to make Clint‘s day by asking him a particularly difficult

question after Mr

Eastwood is interviewed on stage by film critic Derek Malcolm. Except that it‘s sold out.

I FILMHOUSE 2 Margaritand Margarita (Nikolai Volev. Bulgaria. 1988) 6pm. Latest in the Truth Triumphantseason of new and unshelved work from Eastern Europe is this vigorous look at twoteenage lovers‘ slide into a maelstrom of sexual degradation.


Silent Scream (David Hayman. UK. 1990) 6.30pm. Hayman‘s

feature debut as director

boasts a brilliant. Berlin prize-winning performance from Iain

Glen as convicted

murderer turned Barlinnie poet Larry Winters. One ofthe finest films ever made in Scotland. Don‘t miss.


In A Pig’s Eye (John Saffron. US. 1989) 6.30pm. Whimsical spoof on Grand Hotel-type intrigues with the tobacco industry PR lady coming in for a particularly hard time. Part ofthe New Directors season in competition for the second Chaplin Award. I FILMHOUSE 2

JtiSl Married (Pupi Avati. Italy. 1988)8.15pm. Incorrectly titled Husbands in the Festival mini-programme. this collage ofthe fortunes of five different newlywed couples is a unique project shot in a week by five separate crews. none of which knew what the others were up to. NB: showing with French subtitles and no English


I FILMHDUSEt Judou: Secret Love, Hidden Faces (Zhang Yimou.

Yang Fieng-Lang.

China/Japan. 1990) 8.45pm. The

award-winning director of

this beautiful. melodramatic tale of a

peasant girl's passion for

the nephew of the old dye-factory owner who bought her.


White Hunter. Black

Heart (Clint Eastwood. US. 1990) 8.45pm. One of the highlights of this year‘s programme is this gala screening ofClint Eastwood‘s portrait of an obsessive filmmaker shooting on location in Africa. It‘s a story loosely based on John Huston‘s experiences making The African Queen. and will be introduced by the great man himself. In case you were wondering. it‘s also sold out.

; RedSorghum returnswith


Hardware (Richard Stanley. UK. 1990) llpm. Post-apocalyptic genre Britflick that‘s gained an X-rating in the US forits extreme violence. courtesy of Goth vid virtuoso Stanley who's just as comfortable directing promos for Fields ofThe Nephilim.



Your Cheatin' Heart (Michael Whyte. UK. 1990) 10.45pm. John Byrne‘s follow-up to the highly-acclaimed Tutti Fruttistars John Gordon Sinclair and Jarman regular Tilda Swinton in a brooding but highly comic saga that lifts the lid off the Scots c‘n‘w underground. Showing in three instalments oftwo parts each.

Post Office McLaren Award 412.45pm. Final selection ofentrants for the British animation award compiles work created specially for children.

Your Cheatin’ Heart (Michael Whyte. UK. 1990) 2pm. Today‘s second instalment ofthe new John Byrne BBC series.


1871 (Ken McMullen. UIOPortugal. 1990) 2.15pm Another chance to see the latest offering from this cerebral and challenging British film-maker. a surprisngly witty account of various actors. political renegades and society figures during the turbulent years ofthe Paris Commune.


Mr Hoover And I (Emile dc Antonio. US. 1989) 2.30pm. Emile de Antonio. who died last December. was one of America‘s foremost left wing filmmakers. and as such attracted a good deal of attention from the FBI. This is his witty and disturbing testament ofa lifetime of agitation and surveillance.


New Directions For New Directora4.15pm. Special seminar looking at the stylistic diversity of Britain‘s current batch of young filmmakers. Directors whose films are

screening in the festival are expected to be present.


And There Was Jazz (Feliks Falk. Poland. 1981) 6pm. At the start of the 505the authorities‘ clampdown on Western decadent influences leads a young group of jazz musicians to perform in basements and attics. As they grow more popular, appearing in public before a wider audience becomes necessary but highly problematic.


Your Cheatin' Heart (Michael Whyte. UK. 1990) 6.30pm. The culmination of the special John Byme event.


Hetum Home (Ray Argall, Australia. l990)6.30pm. Well-observed Aussie slice of life as an insurance broker looking for refuge after a failed marriage seeks sanctuary in the gas station where he grew up. I FILMHOUSE 2

Story of Boys And Girls (Pupi Avati. Italy, 1989) 8.15pm. If you only see one Avati movie in the whole retrospective make sure it‘s this one. an enjoyable and delicately insightful glance at two very different families meeting up for an engagement party.


The Match Factory Girl (Aki Kaurismaki, Finland, 1989) 8.45pm. The wild man of the Finnish cinema is back! Former dishwasher and postman Aki K. has remarked that he made this Bresson-influenced tragic tale of a much put-upon young woman to please the critics. That‘s funny. we thought many ofthem rather liked Leningrad Cowboys Go America.


I, ,. Everybody’c Fine (Giuseppe Tomatore, Italy. 1990) 8.45pm. Tornatore’s Cinema Paradiso opened the 1989 Film Festival with a standing ovation and here‘s his new movie, a similarly emotive effort with oldster Marcello Mastroianni tracking down his estranged offspring.


Vicious (Karl Zwicky. Australia. 1990) llpm. A

high school kid on holiday with his parents is looking for excitement. and. boy. does he get it when he joins up with a band of young folk into recreational robbery and a touch of mass murder on the side.


I Young Filmmaker ol the Year Prog 14 10.45am. Last of the student films includes work from the Bournemouth Film School and the London College of Printing.

My Private War (Harriet Eder, Thomas Kufus, W. Germany, 1989) 2pm. Painstakingly researched and intriguing look at the home movie footage shot by German soldiers on the Russian front during WWII.


Paper Mack (Christopher Morahan. UK, 1990) 2.15pm. Special screening of Christopher Morahan‘s provocative medical drama with hospital porter Paul McGann masquerading as a doctor. showing in a print specially subtitled for the deaf


Near Death (Fred Wiseman. US. 1989) 2.30pm. First part ofthis monumental five-hour plus documentary by American master of cinema verité Wiseman. which looks compassionater and in depth at the courageous plight of patients in the terminal ward of a Boston hospital.


Dreaming (Mike Alexander. UK. 1990) 4.15pm. Second screening by public demand for this William McIlvanncy adaptation from BBC Scotland. Taken from one of his Walking Wounded short stories it stars the remarkable Ewen Bremner as a teenage Scots Walter Mitty. With music by Deacon Blue.


Near Death (Fred Wiseman. US. 1989) 6pm. Concluding three-hour section of the Wiseman documentary.


Heedle (Gillies MacKinnon. UK. 1990) 6.30pm. World premiere of this latest television film by Conquest ofthe South Pole director MacKinnon which looks at the drugs problem in contemporary urban Britain through the descent into addiction of one young man. Recommended.

I CAMEO Roadkill (Bruce

McDonald. Canada.

1989) 6.30pm. First feature from respected Canadian editor McDonald takes a wry and atmospheric look at the rock martyr syndrome through the various desperate characters peopling the bleak Ontario landscape.


.. .. ~ 2% ~_ The Plot Against Harry (Michael Roemer. US. 1969) 8.45pm. Shot in 1969 but held back from release by a lack of completion funding. Michael Roemer’s New York Jewish comedy about a small time racketeer‘s attempts to fit back into society after his release from prison works as both crisp entertainment and cherishable period piece. I CAMEO Wild Al Heart (David Lynch. US. l990)8.45pm. This year‘s closing gala includes three presentations: the Michael Powell Award for the Outstanding New British Film of 1990; the Post Office McLaren Award for the

Outstanding New British Animation Film; and the Channel 4 Young Filmmaker ofthe Year Award. As if that wasn‘t enough excitement for one night. the trophy frenzy will be followed by David Lynch‘s Cannes prize-winning road movie with star Nicholas Cage in attendance. Another sell-out.


The Toxic Avenger Ill: The Last Temptation olToxie (Lloyd Kaufman. Michael IIerz. US. 1989) 1 1pm. Apocalyptic action. it says here. Mind-boggling action and the infamous Troma style of humour. From the people who brought you Stuff Stephanie In The Incinerator.



I CAMEO Wild Al Heart(David Lynch. US. 1990) midnight. Another chance to see the David Lynch movie that everyone. and we mean everyone. is talking about. No better wayto end the 1990EIFF.


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