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I The Word (Channel 4) 6—7pm. It‘s ayoof programme with a hip yooftitle and just the kind of interviews that yoofs of any age will appreciate. Tonight. Rosanna (Arquette) Arnie (Schwarzenegger) and Adam (ski), are among those being talked to. but will any of them emulate old Jools— now there‘s a groovy f-f-former presenter. I Friday Sportscene (BBC1)7-7.30pm. The Beeb have dipped into the bank account and bought heavily to revitalise their team. Striker Hazel Irvine and midfield general Rob McLean will be on show in tonight‘s first fixture of the new

I Frank's Place (Channel 4) 9—9.30pm. Tight-assed Boston professor Frank Parish inherits Chez Louisiane in the French district of New Orleans and lo, another sitcom is born.

I Scolsport Extra Tlme (Scottish) 10.35-11.05pm. Jim White has been left holding the baby after Hazel‘s shock switch to the other side. In her place he gets Gerry The Voice of Football McNee and Ken McRobb to preview the week ahead in sport.

I Edinburgh Live (Channel 4) llpm—12.30am. Yes, there is no escape. Residents of Edinburgh, the media have you surrounded any attempt to ignore the Festival is futile. do not even contemplate it. This shot at capturingthe flavour of the Festival, whatever that may be, comes live from the Assembly Rooms,

I Edinburgh Nights: Tin Fish (BBC2) 11.15—11.55pm. Local lad Paul Murton wrote and directed this film about an unusually high number of leukaemia cases discovered near the Holy Loch nuclear submarine base. Emma Thompson and Jon Morrison star.


I Cities at War: Paris the Outraged City (Channel 4) 8—9pm. These documentaries, first shown by Granada back in 1968, contain fascinating archive footage interspersed with the tales of

survivors from Paris, London. Berlin and Leningrad.

I Film on Four International: La Boca del Lobo(Channel4) 10pm—12.20am. The Lion 's Den is Jose Lambardo‘s powerful and violent condemnation of the military in his native Peru. It takes the massacre which occurcd in a small Peruvian village in 1983 as its central focus.

I The Face of Fear (Scottish) 12.35—2am. A young schoolteacher from Idaho journeys to Frisco where. believing she is suffering from a terminal disease. she pays someone to kill her. Then she finds out she ain‘t gonna die after all. Unlucky.

it remains to be seen how much humourit loses or gains in translation.

I The Care oi Time (Scottish) 9.05—11.()5pm. Michael Brandon stars in Eric Ambler's thriller as the man who is haunted by a sinister warning he receives on the back of a postcard.

I Shark Hunters oi Achill island (Scottish) 1.10—2.10pm. The story of the hardy lads who hunt the basking sharks in Irish waters, told by themselves.

I Scoiepon (Scottish) 5—6pm. Britain‘s longest running sports programme now seems to be something of an institution. If it is, it‘s the one where Gerry McNee is incarcerated.

I John Brown’s Body (Channel 4) 8—9pm. His soul goes marching on. on Channel 4 anyway. John McGrath's epic tale of Scotland and our industries continues.

I The Phantom of the Opera (BBCl) 8.35—10. 10pm. Charles Dance and Burt Lancaster star in the second and final part of the tale of the deformed Parisian opera buff.

I The Soren Kierkegaard Roadshow (Channel 4) 9Ll()pm. Tonight it'sthose crazy Danes and their weird sense of humour. This offering based on the philosophical haverings of Kierkegaard won a Silver Rose at Montreux. However,


I Gandhi (BBC2) 1.40—4.40pm. The epic multi-award winning biopic of the young Indian lawyer who rose to become the greatest political hero of the Indian sub-continent.

I Big World. . . The Whole Trip (Channel4) 7—8pm. A compilation of the best ofthis month‘s Big Worlds featuring Andy Kershaw and Mariella Frostrup as well as snippets of Barry White, Grace Jones, NWA and George Clinton.

I Central Park (BBC2)8.20—11.10pm. Frederick Wiseman attempts to distil the essence of Central Park where New Yorkers often fall into modes ofbehaviour which may pass as civilised into a mere three hours of film.

I Power In the Pacliic (Channel 4) 9—10pm. The concluding episode ofthe battle for supremacy in the Pacific. The situation atpresent is summed up neatly by Professor Chalmers Johnston: ‘The Cold War is over and Japan won.‘

I Peresirolka From Below (Channel 4) 12.40—1.4()am. The story of the Soviet Union's first mass strike since the mid 1920s told by the Ukrainian miners themselves. The film proves that Soviet workers do not merely follow what the party dictates and that the signs of rebellion are not necessarily systematic of a wholesale rejection of the Party.


I Held in Trust (Scottish) 6.30—7pm. Diana Rigg rounds off her tour of National Trust properties by taking a turn round the House of Binns, and Gladstone‘s Land in Edinburgh.

I The Thatcher Audit: Kamikaze Cure (Channel 4) 9—l()pm. T0pica| programme, tasteless title, Mary Goldring investigates Japanese investment over here, which the government has welcomed.

I Mayflower Madam (BBC1)9.30—11pm. Candice Bergen is the heroine ofthe Sex-for-sale shocker that shook New York back in 1984. A leading socialite, she turned out to be the head honcho ofan exclusive escort agency. The tale had everything the New York tabloids could dream of, and where they go one day, TV will the next.

I Edinburgh Nights (BBC2)

11.15—1 1 .55pm. The ubiquitous Stuart Cosgrove introduces a report on the antics of the TV people who have had their recent annual shindig at various parties around Edinburgh. [wouldn‘t have gone anyway. even if] had been invited.


I The New Scoobie 000 Movie (Scottish) 4.20—5.10pm. For hard core Scoobie fans only, a full 50 minutes to wait until someone curses ‘those meddling kids.‘

I Survival Special: The Tombs Below Aruba (Scottish) 8—9pm. The giant dung beetles who live among the herds of Kenya apparently inspired the Egyptians with the idea of embalming their dead. According to Tim Piggot Smith that is.

I Rear Window: Trotsky's Home Movies (Channel 4) 9—9.45pm. Alex Buchman stayed with old Leon at the Trotsky home in Mexico and recorded 45 minutes of the great political leader with his family and friends on film. Just before Trotsky had that nasty climbing accident in August 1940.

I Inside Story: Men oi Steel (BBCI) 9.30—10.20pm. The programme traces the momentous events of last year back to the ground-breaking Solidarity strike of 1980 and in turn traces the philosophy of non-violence crucial to their success back to the strikes of 1970, led by young electrician, Lech Walesa.

I Sex Talk: ls Penetration Out oiDale? (Channel4) 1045—1 1 .30pm. Let’s hope not.

I Son oi the Incredibly Strange Fllm Show (Channel4) 11.30pm-12. 15am. Presented by the incwedibly stwange son of the media J. Woss, it looks at offbeat movie-makers like Ed Wood Jnr, transvestite, war photographer and man responsible for Plan 9 From Outer Space: ‘The worst movie ever made.‘ The List.


I Liie on One (BBCl) 8—8.30pm. Sarah Greene and Simon Mayo report on the safety measures being implemented at football grounds in accordance with Lord Justice Taylor‘s report or not as the case may be.

I NB (Scottish) 10.35—11.05pm. They’re off once again speeding round the central area with camera crew in tow.

I Lily Tomlin: The Film Behind the Show (Channel 4) llpm-12.45am. The remarkable tale of Tomlin's one-woman show which she toured across America and lovingly perfected, prior to performing on Broadway.

92 The List 24 30 August 1990