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CLASSIFIED ADS, The List Ltd, The Old Athenaeum Theatre, 179 Buchanan Street, Glasgow G1 2J2.

I Glasgow lesbian (22) who hasn‘t got a clue how to describe herself in this personal! Looking for someone who alternates between seriousness and craziness for friendship and socialising. maybe more. Box No 128/12.

I Glasgow male (23) Tall, dark, handsome. Interests include eating out, cinema, concerts, sports, music, good times. Seeks non-smoking, loving female (20—26) for sincere relationship. Photo preferred. Box No 128/13.

I Wanted Sensual, passionate, tender, bright, adventurous, free-spirited people for connection, fun, flirtation etc with similarly inclined woman, new to Glasgow. Box N0128/14. I Edinburgh woman seeks romantic, intelligent and suprising man to help her make sure that life begins at 40. Box No 128/ 15.

I Edinburgh female (45) teacher, sincere, caring. Interests: kids, travel etc, seeks similar male for friendship and social activities. Box No 128/ 16.

I Young professionals/business people interested in forminga dining club

(Glasgow/ Edinburgh areas), please reply for details. Other social events/holidays also a possibility. Box No 129/1.

I Glasgow male Young 39-year old. Thoughtful, caring, sincere. Interests: music. cinema, theatre, travel, dining out. sport, seeks friendship/relationship of female (30—36). Photo and phone number appreciated. Box No 129/2.




(day) l eve)

I Attractive female (31 ), hopes to meet sincere man in Glasgow/Edinburgh area to share interests (walking, cycling, music, cinema, theatre), life in general and sense of humour. Box No 129/3. I Duinquagenarian celibatc. bespectacled, physiognomally hirstute, living in realms of Victoriana, desirous of companionship with someone like-minded for the sharing of domestically geared proclivities etc. Replies with photo. ALA. Box No 129/4. I Guy, slim. fit not unattractive, crazy sense of humour, very tied up career-wise seeks female friend for occasional fun-filled evenings out. Nothing complicated or heavy. Perhaps single parent? Box No 129/5. I Elegant 1960s vintage seeks classy full-bodied male of compatible year for friendship and fun. Interests include sports, wining, dining, travel and theatre. Humorous letter and photo if possible please. Box No 129/6. I Gulfure Vulture design . graduate (male, 24), seeks interesting, intelligent female friend for Fringe binge and summer evenings. Interests include hill-walking, European cinema, photography, sunsets, talking. Humour and honesty important qualities. Box No 129/7.

BIG FELLA seeks interesting and vivid lady (looks are only skin deep) to share fun, books, cinema. ecology, gigs. Get in touch, it would mean so much. ALA (21—40). Box No 125/7.



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.I .-.l

THE LIST PERSONAL ADS are designed for individuals to meet other individuals for 1 :1

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95 The List 24 30 August 1990

I Glasgow guy (30) seeks girl (23-35) for naughty nights, fun weekends, possibly leading to longterm relationship. Likes music, swimming, walks. cinema, going on daytrips to the countryside, excitement and adventure. Box No 129/8.

I Young, attractive professional female (28). Intelligent. thoughtful, kind, slightly shy. Seeks guy into nights out. theatre, cinema, good food, some outdoor activities, current affairs and fun. Photo appreciated. Box No 129/9.

I Girllrlend wanted for 30 year-old Glasgow man. Enjoys cinema, reading, swimming. I would like to meet an intelligent young lady for friendship, possible relationship. Box No 129/10.

I Glasgow area only Lesbian. attractive, 52. professional, non-smoker seeks similar for friendship/relationship. Likes outdoor pursuits, week-ending theatre, cinema, swimming. Box N0129/11.

I Glasgow guy (30) dislikes ‘soap' but likes getting into lather over an attractive girl. Maybe my ‘lux‘ in! Come clean, no flannel. bare your soul to me. Likes music, nights out. daytrips, swimming. Box No 129/ 12.

I Kind , considerate male (37). Seeks female companion (25—35) for friendship and evenings out during Edinburgh festival. Interests include dining out. cabaret and music. Photo appreciated but not essential. Box No 129/14.

I Professional. attractive female, mid 20s. seeks similar male for fun, outings and whatever else develops. (Photo ifpossible.) Box N0129/15.

I Good-looking female (23) requires attractive male (24—30) for nights out. concerts, pubs etc. Preferably car owner, rich and very handsome. Photo and bank statements appreciated. GIasgow/Lanarkshire.

Box No 129/16.

I Ozone friendly attractive female (29) seeks attractive male (24—35) non-smokerto share long walks, cinema, music, cuddles, laughs, pubs and chocolate. Photo appreciated. All letters answered. Glasgow area. Box No 129/ 17.

I Professional man would like to meet young lady (18—30) preferably a graduate, for friendship outings etc. Also possibly holiday in Spain during September. (Edinburgh area). Please write to Box N0129/18.

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