become involved in a frightening downward spiral of drug-induced mania. Deeply melancholic. irrationally powerful exercise in wayward psychology. which boasts magnificent and carefully differentiated characterisation from Irons. Glasgow: Grosvenor.

I The Devils ( 18) (Ken Russell. UK. I97 I) ()liver Reed. Vanessa Redgrave. Dudley Sutton. I I 1 mins. Based on the play by John Whiting. which was based in turn on Aldous Huxley‘s Timber-1'15 ofLouden. this account of demonic possession and witchcraft in 17th Century France was the film in which Russell's work metamorphosed from arty eccentricity into full-blown gothic monstrosity. complete with masturbating nuns and a public burning. Mad Ken is nothing ifnot controversial. and your reaction will probably depend on how you stand on the director‘s idiosyncratic visions. Edinburgh: UCI.

I Dick Tracy (PG) (Warren Beatty. US.




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tuesday- saturday i900 - 2200


1990) Warren Beatty. Madonna. Al Pacino. Dustn Hoffman. 113 mins. Producerxdirector star Beatty resurrects Chester Gould‘s vintage cop comic strip with original primary colours intact and engagingly misshapen crew of rubberized villains faithfully preserved. Amidst a sea ofperiod kitsch backdrops screaming irony. the well-worn drama oflaw enforcement is played out by a cast of cardboard cliches who remain just that. Madonna's brash floozy and Pacino's hammy megalomania enliven things from time to time. but the material remains so fossilised it‘s hard for all concerned to work up much ofa head of steam. Full marks for all the trappings though. Glasgow: Cannon The Forge. Odeon.

‘Edinburgh: Dominion. ()deon. L'Cl.

Strathciyde: L'CI Clydebank.

I Die Hard 2: Die Harder ( I8) ( Renny Harlin. L'S. 1990) Bruce Willis. Bonnie Bedelia. William Atherton. 122 mins.

Detective John MeCIane (Bruce Willis) is

spending Christmas in Washington. but as he waits at the airport for his wife's flight to get in the whole place is taken overby terrorists. Needless to say action man Bruce jumps in there to sort them out.but he‘d better be quick because the baddies are refusing to let his missus's plane land. L'sual patterned sequel that's like the original. only more so with much moolah spent on the explosions and superhero Willis battling a screenplay oftowering mediocrity. Glasgow: Cannon Clarkston Road. Cannon The Forge. ()deon. Grosvenor. Edinburgh: Dominion. Odeon. L'CI. Central: Cannon. Strathciyde: Cannon. ()deon Ayr. ()deon Hamilton. La Scala. UCI Clydebank. L’CI East Kilbride. WMR Film Centre.

I Dreams ( 15) (Akira KurosawaJapan. 1990) Akira Terao. Martin Scorsese. 120 mins. After some 27 features dating back to the mid l94lis. this is supposedly Kurasowa's most personal film to date and makes an interesting hybrid ofJapanese culture and the latest in American film-making technology. Composed of eight separate dream sequences torn from the imagination of the old maestro himself. each one with its own individual narrative and moral. the end result betrays the occasional spot of self-indulgence but remains a visually stunning and emotionally uplifting experience. Look out for Scorsese as Van Gogh in a breathtaking sequence that has the artist moving through the worlds created by his own paintings. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Driving Miss Daisy (L') (Bruce Bercsford. US. 1989) Jessica Tandy. Morgan Freeman. Dan Aykroyd. 99mins. The winner of four Oscars. including Best Film and Best Actress for Jessica Tandy. This film adaptation of Alfred L'hry‘s Pulitzer-winning play. charts the relationship between gentlewoman Tandy and her chauffeur Freeman. The narrative spans several decades ofgradually shifting attitudes and developing racial consciousness. An affecting mosaic of everyday pride and prejuduce which reveals a deeply-laid insight into human behaviour. presented throughout with wonderful pacing. Central: MacRobert Arts Centre. Strathclyde: Odeon Ayr.

I Early Scottish Women's Films ( PG) As part of HERTAKE. Glasgow‘s first International Women‘s Film Festival. Women In Profile have compiled two programmes bringing together early work by Scottish women filmmakers. Introduced by the Scottish Film Archive's Janet McBain. both selections include short and educational films. focusing in particularon Jenny Gilbertson's work for the often accomplished GPO Film L'nit. Glasgow: GFT.

I Enemies. A Love Story ( 15) (Paul Mazursky. US. 1989) Ron Silver. Lena Olin. Anjelica Huston. Margaret Sophie Stein. 12limins. Adapted from the novel by Isaac Bashevis Singer. Enemies follows the fortunes of hapless philanderer

I ‘v

The Guardian (18) (William Freidkin, US, 1990) Jenny Seagrove, Dwier Brown, Carey Lowell, Brad Hall. 98 mins. Like every other self-respecting British nanny in the States, Jenny Seagrove's favourite pastime is sacrificing her employers’ little offspring to a carnivorous big tree. Dwier Brown and Carey (‘Oh God, make my baby better?) Lowell are the young couple who make the mistake of hiring her, and Brad Hall is their architect friend who gets himself laboriously killed in the middle of things to help keep the beginning and the end the correct 98 minutes apart.

Since the entire plot is given away in the opening scene, when another couple’s bundle of joy is pulped, what follows is tedious and predictable in the extreme. There’s an episode with Seagrove in green body paint in the woods which looks exactly like a certain TV ad and the sequence which sees three punks graphically

terminated by the Wooden Wonder at least raises a smile, but otherwise this is yet another paper-thin slice of horror condemned to mediocrity by a script which is 100 per cent recycled.

In the press notes, director Freidkin admits that personal experiences with ‘questionable caretakers' for his own child was one reason for doing his first fright film since The Exorcist. That might also explain the number of hard physical knocks Seagrove endures as a kind of symbolic surrogate for Lesley-Anne Down. The old cliche goes that in any divorce it’s the children who suffer. With The Guardian, Friedkin has taken that idea a stage further: in his case it’s the audience too. (Tom Tunney)

From Fri 31. Glasgow: Cannon The Forge. Edinburgh: Gannon, UCI. Strathciyde: UCI Clydebank, UCI East Kilbride.

Herman Broder who made it to 19-19 New York after surviving the concentration camps. only to find his romantic life distressinegcomplicated by a new marriage to his ex-maid (Stein). a demanding affair with fellow holocaust survivor Olin. and the shock reappearance of spouse Huston. whom he'd long believed murdered at the hands ofthe Nazis. Mazursky brings a knowing. humane quality to his tangled paroxysms of human emotion and presentsa satisfying look at the conflict between the sexes to rank with his best work. A marvellous picture. Glasgow: GF’I‘.

I Experimental Influences ( 18) This compilation put together for the HERTAKE women‘s international film festival. assembles work from filmmakers whose input proved crucial to the development ofexperimental and independent cinema. The artists include Canada'sJoyce Wieland. the American Marie Menken. and homegrown British innovators like Anne Carteer and Margaret Tait. Glasgow: (iFI‘.

I Ghostbusters 2 (PG) (Ivan Reitman. US. 1989) Bill Murray. Dan Aykroyd. Harold Ramis. Sigourney Weaver. 108 mins. Need a sequel? Who you gonna call'.’ The down-at-heel and discredited slimefightcrs are back in business. after mayhem once more breaks out on the

streets of New York. The effects look less cheap this time. and ifyou liked itfirst time round you are on a winner here;if you were less than convinced. stay at home you've seen this one already. Strathciyde: WMR Film Centre.

I Gremlins 2: The New Batch ( 12) (Joe Dante. US. 1990) Zach Galligan. Phoebe Cafes. Christopher Lee. 107 mins. For once a sequel that matches the original. This time the scaly mini-monsters rampage through Glover‘s Manhattan media empire headquarters where there are genetic laboratories. hi-tech offices and even a television station at their malevolently frolicsome disposal. A reduced schmaltz factor. lots ofone-Iiners and an unpredictable smattering ofsly movie references make the experience a fun one. Glasgow: Cannon The Forge. Cannon Sauchiehall Street. Edinburgh: Cannon. Dominion. UCI. Central: Allanpark. Strathciyde: Kelburne. Odeon Ayr. Odeon Hamilton. UCI Clydebank. L'CI East Kilbride.

I The Guardian ( 18) (William Friedkin. US. 1990) Jenny Seagrove. Carey Lowell. Dwier Brown. 98 mins. See review. Glasgow: Cannon The Forge. Edinburgh: Cannon. L'CI. Strathclyde: UCI Clydebank. L'CI East Kilbride.

I Gun Crazy (PG) (Joseph H. Lewis. US. 1950) John Dall. Peggy Cummins. Berry

32 The List 31 August— 13 September 1990