I ‘AWBIGHT mister I'll take the lot ot youse. Ive gota hand grenade and I'm no atrald to use it.’ Only one at a series at bizarre but arresting images captured on tilm by Diane Arbus and published by Bloomsbury. See Books page 83.

I MEANWHILE in Glasgow. auditions tor the latest flight Guard commercial are well underway. Mcllvanney's The Big Man, having received its World Premiere at the opening at the Edinburgh Film Festival. is now on general release. See Film Index page 31.

HIT usr

Just when you thought it was safe to return to the 1 magazine: Hitlist 2. the i

return ofwhat’s coming up I at a glance or two. Be informed, be very informed.

I STRANGELY the woman in charge ot publicity tor this movie, Wild Orchid, bet us a tennerthat we would think Mickey Rourke and Carrie Otis were actually shagging. Well eitherl'm missing something or we've won a tenner. See Film Index page 31.

: I OVEB-BEACTING or just overacting. Either way you

i won't see a taster reaction

9 than this to a straight right.

: The recipient is out cold

belore the connection is

made. Taken while Prisoner Cell Block H lanslought _

overVinegarTils' . I MIKE Scott otthe autograph. 3539 Ma'" Waterboys. contemplating ' Theatre Prevrew page 57. meg, iaiesi album and tour

which will bring them lothe Edinburgh Playhouse on 12 Sept and Strathclyde Park on 14 Sept. See Rock Listings page 49.

I SO they thinkthey're tunny? Well they're right. The Three Men Trio Bros Group—an Englishman. a Canadian and a Scot—won this year's So You Think 5 You're Funny Award. Currently performing in Londonthey are a trioto look out lor in the luture.

I NOW with less leather than belore it's Chas and Dave. Just kidding ol course. it‘s the excellent Jesus and Mary Chain who will be alGlasgow's Barrowland 13 Sept. See Rock Listings page 49.


I IT'S El Tel, Terry Neason - warming up her voice tor Wildcat's new show Cleaning Up. lllollowsthe story at six women who. when laced with

redundancy. tackle the

i ' private contractors that

l lhreatentheirlivelihood by

' themselves.See Theatre

Listings (on tour) page 60.

ZThe List 31 August 13 September 1990