RIDAY 31 Glasgow


I The Numpn Family and Willard Graze King Tut's Wah Wah lltit. 272a St Vincent Street. 221 5279. 10pm. £3.50. Whetheror not you believe the Humpff Family's tear-jerking. blockbusting story oftheir genesis. there‘s no doubt abotit the ability of their current cast of thousands when it comes to delivering an infectious performance of their self-labelled ‘thrash hillbilly'.

I Dawson. Pregnant Neck and The Keatons The Club. Greenock. Punk. funk. thrash. reggae. . . whichever oftheir manifold influences Dawson are highlighting this week you can be sure it'll be deliveredat tortuous volume. Don't pause for breath either. or they'll leave you somewhere in the middle of last week.

I Gargleblud Delirium 7. Rooftops. 92 Sauchiehall Street. 332 5883. 11pm. £2.50. In true no-taste tradition. (iargleblud are as notable for their tawdry ‘stage presence‘ as they are for their indecorous line in album titles. Taking a leafout of Iron Maiden's much over-subscribed book. they push the theatrical performance element to its stomaeh~churning limits with a 7ft skeleton as on-stage company.

I The Brasshoppers Cafe Bar. Glasgow‘s Glasgow. The Arches. Midland Street. 204 3993. 10pm. £2. Tickets from the Ticket Centre. Candleriggs. 227 5511.or on the door. Classy sass from Liverpool ~- the Brasshoppers are another band covering a wide spectrum ofmusical styles. from ethnic sounds to rhythm‘n‘blues.

I Junlt Republic Shelter. 7 Renfrew Court. 332 6231. 10pm. Free. FormerlyTamara Blade.

I Jamie Barnes and Cochise Studio. 12 Shuttle Street. Paisley. 8896867. 9.45pm. Free. Respected name in West ofScotland rock circles. who‘s been around for eternity and a day. and therefore shotild know better than to play a set full ofrock cover versions.


I Jools Holland and his Big Band Extravaganza Queen‘s Hall. South (‘lerk Street.668 2019. 10.30pm. £7(£5). Final night. Taking a (permanent'.’ ) leave of absence front Squeeze. Holland is free to tickle the ivories for his latest big band project. He is. however. joined by Squeeze bassist Keith Wilkinson and his faithful drummer (iilson Lavis. .\'ot jtist boogie woogie but memorable banter as well.

I An Emotional Fish Venue. Calton Road. 5573073. 7.30— 10.30pm. See Preview.

I The llanit Wangtord Country Revue Assembly Rooms. George Street. 226 2428. 11.45pm. £6.50.£5.50. Lintil Sat 1. Everyone's favourite gynaecologist gives up the day job to pursue one of hisartistic sidelines— that ofCé‘tW superstar. His live shows are fuelled with the same tongue-in-cheek passion for the musical genre as his Big Big Country TV series and peppered with the kind of anecdotes that fill his autobiography Hunk ll’ang/brd: The Middle Years as Told to Sam Hurt.

I The Spooks Fringe Club. Teviot Row. Bristo Square. 226 5257 (day). 667 2091 (night). 9pm. Free with Fringe Club membership. Edinburgh‘s wacky answer to The Monkees bring their multi-media Bikini Club to the Fringe. Sharp. funny pastiches of moptopmania. If you're in the mood. they can be a delight.

I Trio Lligo Hill Street Theatre. Hill Street. 225 7294. 12. 10am. £3 (£2.50). Until Sat 1. An acoustic trio (they switched from electric instruments after busking in Scotland in 1988) from the far north of Sweden. Trio Lligo will. among other things. be playing songs from the LP Bulldozerhallader. which had the media in their home country scrambling over each other for superlatives. 1fthey‘re selling copies of their single about America at the gig. be sure to pick one up. as it'sin English and very funny.

I Yothu Yindi St John’s Church. Princes Street. 3.30pm. £4(£3). UntilSat l.There are two sides to Yothu Yindi. the Aboriginal group from Arnhem Land in Northern Australia; a musical tradition that stretches back 60.000 years and the blending of that tradition with rock guitars. Both can be heard on their debut LP. Homeland Movement (Mushroom Records) and on the Fringe this year. At St John's in the afternoon. they are playing their traditional set. and at Circus Burlesque at 10pm. playing with the full line-up. The group toured the States with Midnight Oil last year. creating a great deal of interest.

I Yothu Yindi Circus Burlesque. Big Top. The Meadows. 0860826829. 10pm. £4.50 (£3.50). Until Sat 1. See above.

I The Rivals Negociants. Lothian Street. 225 6313. 9.45pm. Free. Melodic. blues- and country-influenced material with some gently-paced mainstream rock too. I Bluelinger Maybtiry Roadhouse. Maybury Road. 339 143(). 8pm. Rock‘n‘roll-influcnced pop from an experienced and hard-working Edinburgh band which has been a steady live draw for a few years now. They‘ve gone completely balls-out crazy tonight. and plan to play three gigs in the one evening (see below). Wish them luck. It could be worth following them around to see ifthey manage it.

I Bluelinger'rrading Post. The Shore. 553 5153. 10pm. Free. See above.

I Bluelinger Madisons. Greenside Place. 1am. See above.

I Maltossa Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 2263816. £1 after9pm. Experienced and accomplished reggae- and African-styled band. See Listen!

I The Sheepdogs (TBt‘) Leadhclly‘s. South (‘lerk Street. 662 4731. 10pm.

I The Rootsies Duo Globe. West Port. 229 4553. 9pm. Free. Jim (‘ondie on guitarand Ron Tate on vocals and harmonica play blues. gospel and a smattering ofjazz.

I Las Filipinas BB's Basement Bar. Barony Street (off Broughton Street). 556 8240.5--7pm.8—-11pm. Free. Residency. every night except Sunday. Warm. ' enjoyable acoustic folk from the Philippines. A variety ofinternationai styles is promised.



I An Emotional Fish King Tut's Wah Wah Hut. 272a St Vincent Street. 221 5279. 10pm. £3.50. See Fri 29.

I The PearilishersStudio. 12 Shuttle Street. Paisley. 889 6867. 9.45pm. Free. Neatly side-stepping a potential writ from an American band of the same name. Hearts and Minds are reborn as The Pcarlfishers. though it‘s doubtful that they‘ll have aborted their popular (ilasgow-rock-by-numbers sound in the process. A deserved scoop for the Studio and a useful warm-up for the more challenging environs of the Mayfair to come later this month. I

IJam session The Studio. IZShuttle Street. Paisley. 889 6867. 3pm. Free. Stuff your face with free food as your ears are stuffed with impromptu sessions.

I Big Strauss Blackfriars. 36 Bell Street. 552 5924. 9.30pm. Free. Poppy potential made palpable? Big Strauss attempt to impress live to the same degree as their demo impressed the judges of last year's List/McEwans demo competition.

I Comedy 01 Errors Frisby‘s. Bellshill. 8pm. Free. Thinking man‘s power rock. I Big Time Fire Halt Bar. 160Woodlands Road. 332 1210. 9pm. Free. Dundonian

P9P. I Mercy Me The Shelter. 7 Renfrew Court.

3326231. 10pm. Free.


I Baby's Got a Gun Venue. Calton Road. 557 3073. It‘s all leather. spikey tops and unexpectedly commercial sounding (and slightly American sounding) rock. Play and perform like they intend to be playing larger places soon.

I The Hank Wanglord Country Revue Assembly Rooms. George Street. 226 2428. 11.45pm. £6.50 (£5.50). Final night. See Fri 31.

I The EX Cavern. Cowgate. Politically committed Dutch indie group. inhabiting a similar space to Crass or Flux of Pink Indians over here. follow the release of their mini-LP. Dead Fish. sent to us by Andy Dogface who's now working with them over in Holland. A band who do things the hard way and try to keep prices down. Not expected to sell out in the immediate future.

I Vatican Shotgun Scare and Cringe Basin Street. Haymarket Terrace. 337 1006. 8pm. Two of Edinburgh‘s ‘indie‘-style bands. VSS have been gigging solidly for months. but it‘s a while since anything‘s been heard from Cringe.

I Yothu Ylndi St John‘s Church. Princes Street. 3.30pm. £4 (£3). Final day. See Fri 31 .

I Yothu Yindi Circus Burlesque. Big Top. The Meadows. 0860 826829. 10pm. £4.50 (£3.50). See Fri 31.

I Trio Lllgo Hill Street Theatre. Hill Street.225 7294. 12.10am. £3(£2.50) Final night. See Fri 31.

I Bluetinger Platform ()ne. Caledonian Hotel. Rutland Street. 225 2433. 9pm. See Fri 31.

I The Numplt Family and Last Minute Fringe Club. Teviot Row. Bristo Square. 226 5257 (day). 667 2091 (night). Midnight. Free with Fringe Club membership. See Fri 31 .

I Heart Industry St James Oyster Bar. Calton Road. 557 2925. 9pm. Free. Re-emerging after a considerable break. Heart industry used to play a lightweight pop/rock. Things may have changed in that time.

I Big George and The Business Preservation 1 Tall. Victoria Street. 226 3816. £1 after 9pm. The semi-legendary Glaswegian singer and guitarist brings his


popular power trio to the Pres. Searing solos and blues of a (slightly) more reflective nature.

I Blade Serenade Negociants. Lothian Street. 225 6313. 9.45pm. Free.

I The Great Junction Street Band Mound Precinct. Afternoon. Adult pop group with pleasant tunes. ex-members of Runrig and The Shadowland and a guitarist apparently once shortlisted for Whitesnake.

I The J. Edgar Hoovers Globe. West Port. 229 4553. 9pm. Free.

I Las Filipinos BB‘s Basement Bar. Barony Street (off Broughton Street). 556 8240. 5—7pm. 8—1 1pm. Free. Residency. every night except Sunday. See Fri 31.

I Live music Leadbelly’s. South Clerk Street. 662 4731. 10pm. Free.


I Hank Wangtord King Tut‘s Wait Wah Hut. 272a St Vincent Street. 221 5279. 9pm. £5. See Fri31.

I Garrison and Phoenix Videodrome. 33—39 York Street. 221 (1441. 8pm. £2.50. Dunfermline melodic rock band (turn right for Bon Jovi territory) who supported Dare on their last tour. and this time are supported by head-in-the-70s rockers Phoenix.

I Rehubero Meheh Studio. 12 Shuttle Street. Paisley. 8896867. 9.45pm. Free. This local college band's name translates as ‘rubber band' in (iaelic. giving rise to as much speculation as their reputed combination of heavy rock and conga drums.

I Midnight Crisis Scalini's. 51 West Regent Street (opposite the ()deon). 331 1980. 10pm. £2. The ubiquitous blues rock.


I Dundertunlt Moshpit. Venue. ( ‘alton Road. 557 3073. Equally influenced by thrash. hip-hop and funk. and described as ‘probably Edinburgh's best thrash band'. the self-deprecating combo have an LPon the way. which will contain songs with titles like ‘Aren‘t Pyrantids Silly'.

I The Lost Soul Band St James Oyster Bar. (Salton Road. 557 2925. 9pm. Free. (ioing up in the world. it would seem. as they've cancelled all free-entrance gigs except this

I Bejoin the Party Preservation l lull. Victoria Street. 226 3816. £1 after9pm.

MONDAY 3 - Glasgow

I Elephant Noise and The Last Minute i fall Bar. 160 Woodlands Road. 332 1210. 9pm. Free. Ironically. two litlinbtirgh bands have been chosen to kick off Glasgow's New Music World. btit a worthy taster nevertheless fora scrumptious week's line-up. Support or be damned. all ye who crave live music. A

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272A St. Vincent Street 0 GLASGOW

Sunday 2"" September

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