Hannah Horsetall and Malcolm Bell: Joint Drawings, Greylriars Kirk House, Candlemaker Row.

Hannah Horselall and Malcolm Bell have been working together on drawings since 1985. What is most lascinating to the viewer about this tiny exhibition (just enough room to turn around in, on the lirst-lloor landing at the Kirkhouse), is how the decisions are made. Each artist is at liberty to destroy, amend or expand the marks made by the other; yet what could turn into a rampant battle at egos is in tact remarkably restrained. The marks are small, building into a net or evoking a pile of stones, the finished drawn elements olten huddled in one section

TWO MIN _ , *5


ol the paper. It would be interesting to know how the artists jointly know when a work is linished; most at them have a coherence that suggest a satistying resolution of the joint decision-making, but in one case the marks cover the whole of the paper, implying that the moment at resolution is not always so easily achievable. The most pressing problem seems to be how the artists are to develop their technique. This is an exhibition ol drawings only, so the important indicators may well be missing, but as it covers live years, a more obvious development of this challenging, subversive way at making work could have been expected. (Hilary Robinson)

I IMAGES GALLERY 74 I lyndland Road. 334 5311. Mon-Fri 9.3(Iam-~-5.3l)pm. Sat 9.3(lam—5pm.

l9th and 2()th century paintings and woodblock prints from Japan.

I INTERDEC GALLERY Maryhill Burgh Hall. 24 (iairbraid Ave. 94659l2. Mon—Fri Il)am~—5.3()pm. Sat 10am—4pm. New exhibitions start 14 Sept.

I JOHN GREEN FINE ART 203 Bath Street. 221 6025. Mon—Fri lllarn—-5pm; Sat 10am—1pm.

19th and 20th century British and Continental oils and watercolours.

I KELLY GALLERY I 18 Douglas Street. 248 6386. Mon—Fri lll.3()am--2pm. 230-530me Sat lll.3(lam---t.3llpm. Allan Black: Paintings 1985—1990 limit 1 Sept. Black's bold. unorthodox paintings of which Martin Baillie has said ‘within the full-blooded attack. one can find a contemplative centre'.

Further exhibitions to be confirmed.

I LANGSIDE GALLERY 2b 28 Battlefield Road. 64*) 8888. Mon —Sat‘)am 12.30pm. 1—5.3t)pm.

Glasgow School of Art Graduates l'ntil31l Sept. Works gleaned from the l‘)‘)(ICl’t)pt)f young artists.

I LILLIE ART GALLERY Station Road. Milngayie. 956 2351. 'I‘ue-nl-‘ri 11am—5pm and 7—9pm; Sat and Sun 2 ~5pm. ('losed Mon.

Sara Beavers: Paintings Until 1 Sept.

Sue Jane Taylor: Oil Worker— Scotland limit 8 Sept. In 198-1 Taylor was one oftwelye artistscommissioned by Stirling Shipping Company to spend three weeks depicting their involvement in the North Sea oil industry. This residency marked the beginning of the Oil Worker project. Clive Jachnik: Studies in Poland 8-30 September. Photographic Exhibition.

I MAIN FINE ART Michael Main (ialle ry and The Studio Gallery. 16 and 3-1 (iibson Street. Both galleries on 33-1 8858 and open Mon—Sat ll)am—-5.3llpm.

Collection of paintings. mostly new. by

I. Lesley Main andothers.

I MARYI‘IILL ARTS CENTRE ll Malloch Street. 945 3995. Mon—Thurs 2—‘)pm. Noexhibition at present.

I MCLELLAN GALLERIES 271) Sauchiehall Street. 331 [854. Mon—Sat 10am—6pm (Thurs lllam— lllpm); Sun noon-bpm.

No exhibitions until October.

I MITCHELL LIBRARY North Street. 221 7031). Mon Fri 9.3(lam—9pm; Sat 9.30am 5pm.

Tenements and Towers: Glasgow Working-Class Housing 1890—1990. Until 9 Sept. Architectural exhibition organised by the Royal (‘ommission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments ofSeotIand. I 908 GALLERY l2 ()tago Street. Kely‘inbridge. 33‘) 3158. Mon—Sat 10am—6pm.

Ouincities lfntil 3 ()et. Glasgow‘s four twin cities— Dalian. Rostoy. Nurnberg and Twin are representedbytheirownand (ilasgow's artists.


Library . 3-18 By res Road. 33‘) 7223.

Mon ~I-'ri 9.30am-8pm; Sat *)..‘~llam~- 1pm. 2- 5pm. (“losed Wed.

Robert Burns: Photographs I’ntil (1 Sept. Burns‘ artistic rurson d't‘rre is the photographingol painters. musiciansand artists. Included here are portraits ofsome of Scotland's 'notable creative people‘.

I PEARCE INSTITUTE 84H (ioyan Road. 445 19-11. Mon Sat ‘)am~-‘)pm.

Daniel Reeves: The Well at Patience limit 2 Sept. Wed Sun noon—8pm. A large.

circular screen mounted on a carousel. oyerwhelms the yiewer with images.

Three‘)l-minute tapes explorethe

transience of both natural and man-made worlds. J

Pierre Lavalle: Paintings 1947-75 L'ntil 31

Aug. Mon—Sat lllam—Spm. Writer

Alasdair (iray finds the literary term ‘Magic Realist' to be the most apt in describing I.ay alle's colourful. fantastic paintings.

Thomas Haig: Paintings 3-3llSept.

The Northern Lights 9 Sept—b ()et. Paintings

by Frances Law.

I PRINCES SQUARE 22lll324..\1on‘Sat loam-midnight; Sun llam—Spm. Iixhibitions to be confirmed.

I THE SHELTER GALLERY Renfrew (‘ourt. 33‘) 2884. Mon—Fri ‘).3l)am—5.3tlpm; Sat 10am—5pm.

moor m‘cefi GALLERY __

University of Edinburgh, Old College, South Bridge. Tel: 031 667 101 I ext 4308

9 August 8 September

SAM FRANCIS NOW Paintings 1989 -— 1990

Tues—Sat 10am—5pm Sun 2pm—5 pm

SAM FRANCIS - Recent Graphic Works Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop Union Street 1 1 August 8 September


11 August- 23 September 1990


The Sculpture

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