and by others for his landscapes. He was it her paintings and experimental modernist who was. in the words of Guy paperworks. Norwegian-born Kjell Peplne. 'moved and energised by the Torriset has been artist-in-residence 369 1 physicality‘ of his subjects. for the past year. His pictures often depict International Ceramics 7 Sept—2 Oct. A solitary figures who seem to inhabit a A "law" round,” 0' museums. In unique opportunity to see some of the best world of their own. alumnus“ "a". ceramic work from around the world. Claudia Petretti 5—22 September. . T o Some 26 countries are represented. Exuberant oil paintings and drawmgs of W Gallery closed 17 Sept. Tuscarazr'l‘cé d S E I SOLSTICE GALLERY 18a [)untlas Street. ' I TO“ un as treet. . t

- . . - . . . I BURRELL COLLECTION Pollokshaws T 37%)]? Mon. Fri 1 lam spm. Sat Egg—Fm llam—6pm.Sat Road‘mgnsy Momsat mam_5pm;sun

a u m. u - -

the Edintiurgh School at Painting Until l l svlvla Allen: Land and 388 10-23 Sept Z’SPm' cafc' [D]

A veritable treasure trove of art collected by Edwardian tycoon William Burrell.

I DOME OF DISCOVERY South Rotunda. Govan Road. 417 1792. £2 (£1). Tue-Sun

Sept. Paintings by Redpath. MacTaggart. (Closed 17 Sept). I Maxwell. (iillies. Thomson and Beaton. I WASPS Studlo/Gallery. Patriot Hall. Gordon M. Scott: A Provocative Look at Lite Henderson Row. Stockbridge. 225 1289.

3—2" Sept. Symbolist paintings fromthe Mon—Sat 11am—5pm; Sun 2-5pm on loam—S 30pm Science andtcchnology

winner of last year's Ernst Young Award. exhibition days only. _mcrac‘ti‘vc cxfiibmon which includes 3D

I STEP GALLERY 3‘) liowe Street. 556 North meets South Until 1 Sept. Recent 3 cs 8 vertical rour‘ldabout and an air

1613 Mon—Sat 11am 5 . 30pm. work by young painters Danny McFle and alrison‘

The Artists' Impression L'ntil 2 Sept. ()ils Rob Daru. . ' , wTh A h C

and watcrcolours from three established Art is Joumey- die bruclte, Polslta Until I. agfifggrcgt69%gfg_8pmc “raga”.

Edinburgh artists-- Rosemary (‘attrell. Sept. Travel works by PawelChawinskl F ' il ticket“ 1' 50 The woo-year

Janlne Rolland and Jan Struther. from Poland. Gerry Gleason from Belfast hiyori ofthe City‘ cx’plorcd through

No further exhibitions until Oct. and local man. Donald White. 3 ' _ i ' H I .d

I STILLS GALLERY lll5 High Street. 557 I wmcs mom PARIS The Vaults. Giles decot Performinccs and d W' c S H O U T I N 6+ 1141). Tue—Sat l lam—5.30pm. Street. Leith. Daily 10am—6pm. . :aficfli’nmm MUSEUM Glasgow 3 N 1 “E 51' REE White Pealt, Darlt Peak L'ntil a Sept. A Luing: Photographs by Simon Morison Untll U ,v [Sit University Avenue 339 8855- c I T realistic but sensitive look at the landscape 2 Sept. Black and white photographs of Mg'n-cFrigysoam—wm.52119.3();im4pm. . Bliirttpillltldlng l llll‘s home 1n the Peak thtijsliglpfpzitiumg by astlll-llfe Medals 0mm “enhance Um“ 31 Dec. , \ Next exhibition. The End oi the Game. Edna Whyte: Drawings Until 2 Sept. A a???” 0119:3233; firggggatv

starts l.< Sept. series of large line drawings inspired by lug: w l d v‘ lo mcm “Sin v

I TALBOT RICE ART GALLERY Old College. life on the Island of Luing. Stages 0 mm" c c p g

life-size models. diagrams and casts of

University of Edinburgh. South Bridge. . . . 667 101 l . Tue-Sat 10am—5pm; Sun 2—5pm Aug_3l Dec. Ara“.

Sam Francis Nowl: Paintings 1989—1990 Opportunity to handle all those exciting

Agriculture still plays an important role in Scotland's culture and this museum looks at the old trades and skills ofthe

at European ‘Studio' magazine, neatly time at Glasgow School of Art today, sums up the philosophy at Glaswegian tewer than in Francis Newbery’s time.

um” 9 S-cW' A-n America? mam” 9f reWS objects usually kept in glass cases. abstraction. thls 1s f‘ranc1s first major I THE MUSEUM OFTRANSPORT Kelvin “him” in swu‘md‘ I CRAWFORD ""8 CENTRE 93 Non“ Hall 1 Bunhouse Road 427 2725. I THEATRE WORKSHOP 34 Hamilton Street, 0334 74610. Mon—Sat 10am-5pm. MonLSat mam_5 m Sim Hp"; Place. Do 5425. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm and Francisco Cabral; The Same Plane of The Jessa” Couoflfonjlmao“ o'smm lam during Performilnccs- Existence Until 23 Sept. A touring Um” 24 Sc t The bc’amy oftrains VlSlons 0' Bengal um” 1 Sci“. The exhibition by aTrinidadian sculptor who ca mer inpoi'ls b David Weston and lndcpcndcmC 0f Bangladesh in 1971 has received no formal education, yet has C Gamm y brought with it a revival oftraditional been acclaimed by critics in London and "cow‘ré'yde Maritime mane Um“ 1 Oct forms of textile manufacture. These the Caribbean. I PEOPLE’S PALACE MUSEUM Glasgog 'l' illl‘nr‘l'tllniZS tit-pier the lives and custom“ Patricia Macdonald: Shadow ol Heaven Green 554 0223 M0n_sa‘ mankspm. | at rural Bangladeshis. Until 23 Se t. Macdonald is an . l I 233 Cowgate. 225 3013. Edinburgthascd, self-taught pilot who Sun 2—5pm' Cafe‘ Disabled access by | P A S M0115?“ lll-3lliim"5-3llpm- got her pilot‘s licence in 1983 and has been :réagzgfifi'." Until 1313“ E ht N T D o I T cmssmll "‘3 “"93 N3" work by camllne taking stunning aerial photographs of o d {GI . 'h 5.“ a ' , V "waif" Lint” 22 SCPl' DC‘Crled b.” Scotland ever since. This exhibition is hundr‘? yearso asweg'ans a l g - Soviet art critic as ‘Matisse with a strong organised by the Photographer's Gallery figgflrga'"ouss 2060 Pollokshaws Road _ SCUttlSh EiCCCHI‘. in London_ . Rose Frain and Klell Torriset Until 3 Sept. sum Thompson: smt Until 23 Sept. Silk 632 0274- Méfi‘sal 10allll-5PmiWed g‘ Frill" CXPl‘WC‘ gendcr and its scarves. shawls. screens and wall-hangings ioam-lloppml’srn t ~ ‘deconstruction and recreation‘ through ; all gloriously hand-painted. Ingggzuléahnnngt’sgfih Ayrcst‘reet (adjacent to Springburn Railway Station). /// 557 1405. Mon—Fri 10.30am—5pm; Sat . 4 G LASG 0w ROSES regard. The emphasis was on an IOam—4pm; Sun 2—5pm. til integrated way at lite in which Winner of the 1989 Award for Social and \ m, l contemporary values, art and crafts Industrial History and described as the l were inseparable. first real community museum in Britain. | The outcome at three years research 3 by Jude Burkhauser, this extensive and ED I NBU RG H l heaulllu'ly WSW“ "Wilton I cmouom TOLBOOTH Royal Mile. 225 ' sltlllully weaves commentary and 2424. Mon—Sat 10am—6pm. i artitact to reassess the contribution The People's Story The museum has been made by women and reveals the socia| established to relate the story ofthe ; and economic parameters which people of Edinburgh. told in theirown l determined why women’s work took the words and ‘hrough Ph°‘°£'aph$ and form it did. The method is elteotlve in fifig‘éfifigfi'afimooo 42 H. h St t dissecting the values and bias in an 225 2424 M0n_Sat10am_6pm "3 m art/historical account which has used Dommlw BMW” Um“ 12 S'cpt. the movement’s collaborative Tardis. costumes and props from the TV approach to virtually obliterate the show which started in 1963. lemale contribution, devalulng the l ROYAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND ' leminine aspects of the Glasgow Style Chambers Street. 225 7534. Mon—Sat which were intrinsic to its raison 108"ll-Splllislm 2-5pm; . d’etre. ‘It is only when one turns the n” 0"“"W "9°"? um" 2 $ch Th“ yc‘" gaze from me public sphe'e m the the room contains law's. masks. tea. glass Glasgow Girls, Women in Art and private sphere that women become i??;f§;';i,'l§,§‘;'.‘“§ “sums to cxammc i 088m" KeIVIngTOVe VlSlble' (BXhlblthfl QUOTE). I sco‘rns" AcniguimflAL MUSEUM Museum and Art Gallery. Despite the preponderance ol lemale lngliston. Mon—Fri 10am—5pm. l ‘Use and Beauty', title at the tlrst issue students, only two women teach lull i

women artists active in the Glasgow the exhibition was curated in the lace “’“""Y-“d°‘ . s”'°'“°'°""’""""°"“”"“"° "WWW"08""M'Omthls Klimt?122T°113332fi°iftm1.. wes'em hierarcmcal dis‘incnon insmunon and Glasgow museums 3“ by two WorldPWarsgand their Effect onéihe between ""8 an and “an in "me Galleries- Why? (Fiona Byme'sunon) communities and the landscape. l

The List 31 August l3 September lWil 71