I Stone Monkey: Portrait at a Rock Climber (Channel 4) 5.3tl~(ipm. An award-winning portrait ofone of Britain‘s best young climbers. rock not social. Johny Dawes. The camera follows his adventures in the Ouarryman (iroove in Wales.

IThe Word (Channel no 7pm. Wow? Hip. yoof buzz-word programme. with celeb interviews. Tonight. they have an exclusive cltat with the King of Soul. I James Brown. currently doing porridge in : America.

I Frank's Place (( 'hanncl 4 i l) t). it lpm. The New Iinglander who inherited a New Orleans restatrrant has a couple ofguests with bigger than average appetites this week: former heavyw eight champJoe Frazier and big mouthed promoter Don King who drop in for a feed,

I Acting Film With Michael Caine ( HBO) 9.3(l—Ill.3llpm. Michael ( ‘aine talksabottt acting. bttt . . . not very much . . doyott see what I mean'.’

I Ibiza: A Short Film About Chilling (Channell) ll ll5llpm. l'he Balearic Island has been credited with spaw ning the Acid House movcmertt back in tire heady sumnter of '87. Well. the clnbsthere did. not the population at large. This summer 500 British clubbers packed their T-shirts and headed over to the sunshine. which they promptly ignored by stay ing tip all night dancing.


I You've Been Framed (Scottish) 7. III-7.40pm. No more Beadle? No more Beadle? The home video show with the

l a

obnoxioushost Jeremy Beadle.

I RUSS AbbDHBBCl I 7.3“ 7.50pm, “l'he onlygenuinelyftrnnyeorniconTV 'Ilte List. Later in the series Russ will star tn The Thick I'amdv Robinson

I Cities at War: London The Defiant City (Channel4).‘s l)pm. l‘hchonr-long documentary looks behind the myth of the ehirpv ('ockneys taking ey ctytliingold Adolfcould throw at them. In reality. Londoners had to fight long and hard to get the ( iovernmcnt to provide adequate shelter during the worst of the Blitz. Never mind. they had the Queen Mum coming round for a cuppa every now attd then.

I Hollywood Legends: Marilyn Monroe: Beyond the Legend ((‘hannel 4 ) o illpm. Not exactly new ground for the Legt’ndv' series. The stars' reminiscences are

Interspersed with footage from some of her best-known movies. one ofwhich. Niagara can be seen on Sunday at

l I.(l5pm.

I Dirty Harry 9.30—1 l .05an Harry (‘allahan's ruthless enforcement oflaw and order in San Francisco kicks offthc Beeb‘s season of Clint movies. A sniperis holding the city to ransom and naturally there is only one cop that Lieutenant Brcssler ( l larry (iuardino) can assign to the case. However. Harry is less than chuffed about the partner that he is given for the job. (io ahead. watch it.

I Film on Four International: The Runner (Channel 4) III -I 1 .45pm. AmirNaderi directed this. the first film from Iran tobe shown in Britain since the Islamic revolution. It tells the tale ofa younglad (Majid Nirumand) and his struggle toearn a living by floggingiced-waterandshining shoes. while his dreams are dominated by a yearningtofly A powerful simpletale. rcrnar kably free from propaganda.


I The All~lreland Hurling Final (Channel 4) 3. l5 5.05pm. 7ll,lill()fans will bejammed intoCroke Park for the l lurley eventof the year and ( ‘hannel 4‘s cameras will attempt to capture the flavour ofthe occasion (( iuinncss). as (ialway and Cork compete for the Liam McCartney Trophy and the right to celebrate for several weeks after.

I Baywatch (Scottish) 4-5pm. lnthis

w eek‘s episode. an armoured car full of cash falls irtto the water and the Baywatch team have to rescue the drivers. Brilliant. an armoured t'arfalls into the water.

'Any tlnng happen at work todayJim'.”

“A w not much. Bob. an armoured ear plunged into the sea in front of my very eyes. you know the usual for a Monday.'l mean. how much do they pay script writers to dream this stuff up'.’

I Dancing lntothe Nineties ((‘htmnel4)

5 RI) (v.3llpm. The first in a series oftwo music specials recorded at the Academy Theatre. London. It attempts to distil the essence of XI ls style into a couple ofhours of music. inter‘y iews and fashion parades which may or may not rrtake you cringe.

I Next Stop Culture (Scottish)

7. III 8. 15pm. Jimmy Reid returns to (ilasgow and asks; is the soubriquet ‘City of( 'nlture' indicative of a people'sfestival or are only a few people. alongwith (ilasgow Tourist Board. the onlyones happy with it. Well. I think we ailknow the answer to that one.

I A Joke Too Far: Les Chateaux Du Dracula (Channel 4) I) -Illpm. An extraordinary programme front Romanian television. made in the first flush of the revolution last year. which became the first satirical programme ever broadcast in the Eastern littropean state.

I News Hounds ( BBC] )9.2()—l 1 .llSpm. Adrian Iidmondson and Alison Steadman stat iii this dark comedy which explores the mores of tabloid journalism. Set in the oilit‘esol The Brit new spaperthe staff compete in sleale to outdo and undercut each other.

I The South Bank Show (Scottish) 10.10-11.10pm. A profile ofGeorge Michael kicks off the new series.


I But on Sunday: Gay Priests in the Church (Channel 4) 9-lllpm. Tim Cooper‘s programme coincides with the publication of a report which emphasises the stress suffered by gay members of the clergy. Both sides of the fence are questioned in an effort to tind out whether the Church can resolve the complex moral debate without doing itself a mischief.

I Panorama: Saddam's Secret Arms Bing (BBC1)9.30—10. 10pm. Jane Corbin reveals the extent of Sadam i lussein‘s arms production network in Britain. Germany and the States and asks the pertinent question. why was he allowed to stockpile such a huge arsenal of weapons? I Mancuso FBI (BBC!) 10. 10—1 lpm. Rugged no-nonscnse FBI man Mancttso ain‘t the sort to pussyfoot around with bureaucratic rules or petty things like legal restraints. Consequently it would appear that he is in the right job. Not so; his bossis a stickler for convention and Mancuso finds that his never-say-die policy makes him less than popular in Washington.

I The Basking Shark (Scottish)

10.40—1 1.40pm. The sad tale ofthe fast-dwindling numbers of the second largest fish in the world which once could be seen regularly off the West Coast of Scotland.

.1118 Dawn (Channel 4) 12.35—2. 15am. One for trivia buffs; British TV premiere ofthe first-ever Irish sound feature film. Made back in 1936. it was the brainchildof Killarney Garage proprietor Tom Cooper. Despite its rough and ready production the film recounts with graphic realism the then-recent history ofthe civil war through the eyes ofone Brian Malone. An ex-lRA man turned copper who tries to help a group of Republicans evade capture.


I Trivial PLII‘SIIII (BBCI ) 7-7.3(lpm. It was only a matter of time. Trivia was bound to make onto the screens sooner or later. What they didn‘t tell you in the publicity is that several pilot versions have been tried and flopped. This one. hosted by Rory McGrath. should have sufficent wit and at 30 minutes be briefenough to make it beyond one episode.

I Taggatt (Scottish) 9—10pm. Evil Eye-— the first of two parts in which deidlmadies abound and Taggy and his chums are bedevilled by a crew of tees from the Met. The inimitable Mark McManus stars as the granite-faced copper.

IAII of MB (BBCI ) 9.3(l—l lpm. A rich. eccentric invalid (Lily Tomlin). almost at her sell-by date. employs an Eastern mystic to transfer her soul into the body of a beautiful young girl. Unfortunately he goofs. and Steve Martin is the hapless recipient. Farcical and patchin brilliant fare from the master ofthe physical gag. I Murder by Reason of Insanity (Channel 4) 10—] 1.50pm. Based on a real-life murder case. this madefor TV film stars Candice Bergen and Jurgen I’rochnow as a couple of Polish immigrants whose marriage gradually breaks up due to the husband‘s inability to find work. I lowever. lte refuses to accept court orders banning him

The List 31 August

from their home and. after vowing to kill her in one of the hearings. he isadrnitted to a psychiatric hospital. There. after learningof his rights. he releaseshitnself for one final showdown with his missus. I First TIIBSdaytSeottish) 10.40 ll.-illpm. ()n 25 July last year. a car was stolen in Blackpool. In the boot of the car was a high-powered air rifle. Next day. a l4 year-old Asian boy was shot dead in ()ldham. first Tuesday examines the case and asks if the two incidentsare connected. as the police believe they are‘.’ I Film 90(BBCI) l ll.3(lpm. A lookat the hits and misses of the summer films and previews of some of the latest ones. ‘And why not'.’ That in a sense is what Barry does best .‘

I Timewatch: Accounts of a Forgotten Army (BBCZ) 8. 10- 9pm. At the ertd of World War II. seven million (ier rnan troops surrendered to the Allies (tut ofthat total. five rrtilliort were put in prison camps run by the Americans. Conditions in many of these camps were appalling and If"!(’H'(l!('/l seeks to establish whether these conditions were deliberater imposed by American troops with images of Nazi concentration camps fresh in their minds. I The Color of Money ( Scottiin I U lllpm ts- l(l.4lkl 1.55pm. l'ast Iiddie I‘clsort ( Paul Newman). now a liquor salesman. still has an eye for a hot-shot pool shooter . When he thinks he finds one. he and the kidtake off for a shoot-out in Atlantic ( 'ity with the kid's girlfriend in tow. A belated sequel. which does its level best to match the original. I Rear Window: The African King (( ‘htmnel 4) 9-9.45pm. The illegal trade Ill arty artefacts frotn the Third \\ ot ld comes in for a bit of stick from the boy-c and gir'lson the R. W. team. Although most lhird World countries have sigrtcd the LINI'LSCO protocol banning the illicit export ofcultural property . those that haven't signed include Britain. France arid the ISA. Well we‘d better get our names down pronto before all the lat tan tamrnics and porridge stirrcrs in lidinburglt are snapped up and shipped abroad. I Sex Talk: What Makes a Good Lover? (Channel 4) HHS 11.30pm. (‘ontrary to popttlar belief. it is not seven pints of larger and a chicken virtdaloo. I Poperechnaya Street (Channel 4) 13.3(k-2. Want. A year it) the life ofthe bizarre collection of people who inhabit one oftlte streets of the Laty ian capitalol Riga.


I Into Print: The Power of the Pier ( rim '3) 12.5” v 1 .lepm. Michael Bywatei looks into the revolution in printingand publishing in this new six-part series. Today he examines the cl'lectsthat desk-top publishing has had on the public‘s ability to get their views intoprint. and of course the series is accompanied by a book.

I "8 Special (Scottish) ill-ill I l lllpm, The ‘( ilasgow ( iirls’ of lllllyears ago are compared and contrasted with their contemporaries by the noted art critieson the NB team.

I Driving Me Crazy (Channel -1 )

llpm-- 13.3llrttrt. Nick Broornlicld'sfactua and hilarious expose ofthe show biz Iile. Commissioned to record the tnaking ol'a documentary about Andre Heller's all-black stage musical Body and Soul. Nick mercilessly kept his cameras rolling as the on-set tears began to flow . first one choreographer threatens suicide. then another gets hit on the head by a camera oh. It's just loo, loo awful ioy ey,

I Strangeways: The Final Chapter( Bm ‘3 III III .‘llpm. I’ollownrgon from the repeated .S'rnmgeuars series. a panelol prison officers and inmates frorn the Manchester jail discuss w hether anythtngJ

has been learrtcd tn the decade betw c'en~

l3 September l‘l‘lll79