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82 The List—31 August— 13 September 1990

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where rock and pop music were featured and also where non-mainstream music was featured alongside the more mainstream things.‘

Aside from redressing two‘s rock shortfall, there‘s the unashamedly hedonistic angle - upwards of 40 bands appearing in a four-day pct iod at venues in and around the city centre, ranging from US biggies Steve Earle and Sonic Youth to lesser-renowned Americans like Ming Opposed or Limbornaniacs English hopefuls My Jealous (iod and This Gigantic World. play their Scottish debuts. and. cornmcndably. there‘s a strong home-grown presence: The Primevals. The Light. Hugh Reed and The Velvet Underpants. The Thames. In addition. there‘s a variety of showcase gigs a few for unsigned bands. but mostly for record companies to parade their lovingly-nurtured rosters before critical eyes.

And therein lies the rub. Despite Williamson's assurance that ‘the entertainment angle is quite a high one.‘ he concedes that ‘we‘ve got to look at the event from two points of view the public one and the more industry-orientated one .‘

To that end. a series ofseminar's have been set up to take place over three days in Glasgow University ‘s Boyd ()rr building. seeking to address burning music biz. issues like the insularity ofindependent labels. the role ofpress and broadcasting in music promotion. the changing face ofthe European music market. state music policy. the death of live music at the hands of techno-w izardry. There is even one on the value of events like NMW.

‘The seminars have got two functions.‘ Williamson explains. ‘()ne is to inform people. but primarily it‘s to provoke some sort of interest in discussion. The people we‘ve chosen for the seminars are people who hold strong opinions. whether we agree with them or not.


and hopefully the clash of opinions will be what makes the seminars work.‘

These discussions. however. are mainly for the indulgence of big-spending delegates like Tony the Tiger and Mill-[editor Danny Kelly. though special day passes for the interested public will be available for purchase at the start of each day's proceedings.

More obviously tor the public benefit are three free workshops coinciding with each day's activities on campus. and designed specifically to inform young bands of the technicalities attached to pop stardom. Representatives from the Musicians‘ Union w ill be in attendance at one. while the other two. hosted by various sage and benign luminaries. deal with the copyright law and music business law respectively.

(‘raig'l'annock John‘s partner-in- organisational-headaches. is enthusiastic about the interest the event will generate: ‘New' Music \Vorltl is an opportunity not to be missed by anyone already working in the business at any level or anyone wishing to learn more about it. It‘s bringing the international music business to ( ilasgow . from indie label to major record company. from young bands to established stars. from rookie band managers to top music business lawyers.‘

And presumably procuring some custom for (. ‘ulture (‘ity

"l'his event is not about Scotland in any nationalistic way. However. the fact that it is actually happening in Scotland is a triumph for the dev eloping Scottish industry.‘

Williamson harbours similar hopes. “There are a lot of good reasons for holding it in Glasgow-- good bands. good venues. We‘ve chosen to work with the people that we think are doing the most for live music in Glasgow. There‘s other people that we spoke to and gave a chance to become involved and they didn’t. The bottom line is that the bands that are playing and the venues that have got involved are people who are there because they’re committed to what the events about .‘ Which is'.’ "To provide a bit ot a focus on (ilasgow. [is establishing itself as a centre independent from London within the music industry. And holding an event like this in ( ilasgow as opposed to in London is hopefully going to further that.‘

However. Williamson and l‘annock's ultimate concern is for support from the inhabitants ofthe host city. ‘Alr‘eady we‘ve had a really good response form London and in sortie ways it's been Scottiin people who have been slower to pick up on it which is a bit of a shame. but they’ll come in when they see what‘s going on. It's important that its perceived in the correct way in Glasgow. that people don't feel alienated from the event.‘

New :llusic World officially runs from Wed 5-.S'a18. Seminars and workshops tak e place on Thurs 6. Fri 7 and Sat 8. For more details contact (14/ 332 7222.