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Lawrence Kasdan’s new film comedy I Love You To Death stars KEVIN KLINE and TRACEY ULLMAN as a husband and wife whose troubled relationship escalates into a series of bungled murder attempts. Incredibly, it’s based on the real life story of Pennsylvania restaurateurs Tony and Frances Toto. Trevor Johnston reports as the plucky. now reconciled, duo come to Britain to promote the movie.

s Steve Martin might have said. the years ago. they’re back together again now. human comedy is not pretty. It‘s rare Wouldn't you be? Hollywood has paid them that a mere film critic comes in contact handsomely for the story of their insanely with the absurd carnage oflife as it is tragi-comic experiences. Lawrence Kasdan. lived. particularly in small town acclaimed director of The Big Chill and The America. but when the Toto roadshow Accidental Tourist. has turned their ; rolls into town even this correspondent gives his near-murderous bickering into a wacky comedy I g chin a well-earned chance to drop. Love You To Death and. not entirely Picture the scene. if you will. a throng ofhacks inappropriately. the happy twosome are here from the four corners of the British Isles are being given the star treatment as they go through manning the tastefully refurbished velour cavern the press motions to promote it. that is the basement preview theatre at Columbia, Just another inquisition session for the seasoned

Tri-Star‘s UK headquarters. Holding court journos. but for the Totos it adds another small behind a small desk at the front are a couple who chapter to a crazin unfolding story that began in 5 could be your auntie and uncle. your mum and i 1977 when Tony Toto left his wife in New York to I V dad. Both in their mid-forties. she sports the kind _ open a little Italian place in Pennsylvania. llis I i of flowered knitwear that wouldn't seem out of ; spouse was to join the by-then thriving business i place in a vox pop margarine ad. while his : two years later. by which time hubby had become ; no-colour oatmeal suit and plain tie is the stuff of t a highly-practised stud about town. ‘I don‘t know } the everyday on its best behaviour. ! what I put in the pizza’says Tony. ‘But itdid i They are Tony and Frances Toto. fresh from '. attract a lot ofwomen. The temptation was there l i Allentown. Pennsylvania. He still has a bullet and it was too easy.‘ Thus it was. that in their : ' lodged in his head. and she served four years in i fourteenth year of marriage. the tWO WOTC prison for helping to put it there. That was seven ; apparently living 0Ut the American drwm~

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