I ANOTHER 48 HRS (18) Eddie Murphy and Nick

Nolte return asthe mismatched ex-con/cop duo in anotherWalter Hill slice oltormula mayhem. See review. Wide release from Fri 21 Sept.

I L'ATALANTE (PG) Unmissable reissue of legendary French director Jean Vigo's sensual 1934 masterpiece tollowing the tangled passions ota bargebound newlywed young couple. See main preview. Edinburgh Filmhouse Mon 17 to Wed 19 Sept.


I KAMIKAZE HEARTS (18) Grainy study 01 two women porno stars and the relationship between their on and oft-screen liaisons. See review. Edinburgh Filmhouse Thur20 to Mon 24 Sept.

I BLUE HEAT (15) Britain‘s very own John McKenzie directs this workaday police corruption pic with Brian Dennehy about to break a South American drugs ring betore some very shady US govt agents thwart any turther activity. Glasgow Cannon Sauchiehall Street Irom Fri 21 Sept.

I I LOVE YOU TO DEATH (15) Kevin Kline and Tracey Ullman star in this comedic reworking olwouId-be murderous events in the lite otPennsylvania's Toto lamily. See feature lortheir incredible story in lull. Odeons Glasgow and Edinburgh. Cannon Parkhead and the UCI chain from Fri 21 Sept.

I STELLA(15) Muchclilmed tearierkergets a contemporary run out as plucky barmaid Bette Nlidler sutters long and hard on behalt ot her ungrateful daughter. Awww. See review. Odeons Glasgow and Edinburgh. Cannon Parkhead and the UCI chain lrom Fri 21 Sept.

I WAITING FOR THE LIGHT (PG) Shirley Maclaine in eccentric mode once more stars as a wacky aunt who unwittingly causes a religious revival during the Cuban missile crisis. 00 err missus. Edinburgh Dominion Irom Fri 14 Sept.



X m D E

18 The I.isfl-1 - :7’9';‘a.4.nt;ai«m‘


1 i m = l _

Kenny Mathieson. pinching himself all the while to stay awake. reports from the Deauvillc Festival of American Film.

In 'I‘rouville. we are served dinner by a waiter named ( )livier. who likes to recite dodgy songs in English. and occasionally wears a scrubbing brush strapped to his head. while the proprietor scrabbles behind our seats looking for his trumpet. in order to join the local trad jazz band playing in the street outside. Dinner

at Les Moulettes is a continuous happy pantomime; it is impossible to imagine it happening across the river in strait-laced Deauvillc. host to the Festival of American Cinema.

Dullsville might be a little unkind.

but would not be an entirely inappropriate re-naming ofthe

' sm ugly prosperous seaside gambling resort. long a favourite with the French upper-crust. who once sent their servants to 'l'rouville. The town has hosted the Film Festival for sixteen years. and it has achieved something ofa reputation for its accessibility. Both screenings and

; press conferences are open to the

( public. and movie fans queue eagerly


1“ .\ \" s \\ \:\__Ns‘

to catch a glimpse of Goldie Hawn or Matthew Broderick. Keifer Sutherland or Michael Douglas.

The stars are not quite as eager to catch a glimpse of the end of a tape recorder. preferring to treat their stay in Deauvillc as a little break from the rigours ofshowbiz. Interview schedules are scrapped with monotonous regularity. especially on the days when the warm September sun is out.

The films are a mixed bunch. Several have been and gone in the UK already. including Pretty Woman (possibly included because Julia Roberts was around to promote Flat/iners). and Days of Thunder. while others were screened at the Edinburgh Film Festival.

Bird on the Wire. a remorselessly dumb chase movie which hangs frantically onto Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn‘s coat-tails (or. in the latter case. the hem of her skimpy dress). won my unofficial Golden Giblet Award for the Turkey ofthe Festival. The Freshman. (ihost and Presumed Innocent all passed muster among the potential big grossers.

You will be reading all about them in these pages very soon not necessarily the case with two or three ofthe better movies from the independent sector. Lee Grant's Staying Together. a slightly sentimental account of family

I\_\ \\ \ \\Q “N ‘\-" \§\\s\‘\:\\_\‘\\\\“\\\\\ NT.) ‘\

I mattersinsmall-town. heartland America. Perry Lang's eccentric Little Vegas. and Nancy Kelly's much more conventional but emotionally gripping account of the tribulations and eventual triumph of a Chinese girl sold as a wife to a saloon-keeper in America. Thousand I’ieees of(io/d. all caught the eye. but it remains to be seen if any ofthe UK distributors feel they can turn a buck on them.

It was ironic that the homage to that great actor Rotier l)uvall should include The (ind/other. screened opposite The Freshman. which is essentially a running joke on the movie. When asked at his press conference why he was not in 'l‘he (iodfatln 1' III. Duvall. one of the few American actors who could get away with the old ‘artistic reasons” bulllshit. replied with the refreshing honesty which characterises his work.

‘The only reason anybody is making this movie is for money. and thev didn’t offer me anything like as much as they were paying other so-called stars in the film. so I told them I wasn't going to do it.’

That's Hollywood for ya. kids.

Hat/iners opens in Scotland on 9 Nov; Bird ()n The Wire on 1‘) ()el.‘ (ihost on 5 ()et. and Presumed

Innocent on .38 Sept.