1st Year Student, Philosophy, University of Sussex. Leather iacket from Leather shop,

Norwich: £25. 00

Skirt borrowed from Welsh friend living in Amsterdam:

No Cha rge

Leggings made from pieces of material picked up in iumble sale:


T-shirt from $pil: about 10 rupees Earring borrowed from friend at Manchester Poly: No charge

Shoes from my Midis, Newcastle: £12.00

Rings from Greece

and France: 10 Drachmas/6 Franes

Bangles bought in Spain and India: can 't remember the

price but very cheap

Cash provided by savings made with

Young Person's

Coach Card:

£ 5. 00

valid [or 12 months Fares:

Lower than other

forms o/‘trans‘port Discount allowed: About 30% on National Express and (Ialedonian Express services Availability:

Any National Express agent, Student Travel Office orsend coupon.

spin/10m AUGUST




I Send to National Express, FREEPOST, Box 145, Birmingham Bil 2AF. Make cheque or BC. I payable to National Express Ltd. Please allow 14 days for delivery. You will need a passport Sized photo to fix to the card on receipt. (No postage stamp required.) I NAME



I DATE OF 3'5"" _ I certify that lam between 16 and 23 l


SIGNATURE 3. TL. 13. 9




3rd Year Student Anthropology Sussex University. Leather iacket from unknown shop

in Colchester: £40. 00

T-shirt bought

in China:

12 Yuang

Trousers from unknown shop in Chelmsford: fl 5. 00

Boots from Mrs—WM store Norwich: xi bout f 10. 00

Bangles bartered for in Thailand China and Nepal. Belt from unknown shop

in Norwich: About I I0. 00 Hair set and hennaed by Daniel himself: .\'o (‘ha rye

Cash provided

by savings

made with

Young Person's Coach Card:

L‘ 5. 00

Na lul/o r I 2 months

Fares: Lower than other

_/onns o/ transport

Discount allowed: About 30% on .\'ational l'.‘.\‘/ne.s's and ( Jaledonian 1/) ress sen Iiees Availability:

.‘l n_\' National [ix/nets agent, Student Travel ()[fiee or sent] o/_/‘(‘ou/)on.

Lower fares ' The Cheapest Travel Card 0 30% discount

The List 14 ~ 27 September 1990 21