I TRIDENT' tested Music i Hall routines trom the Celebrated Gaslight Gaieties who will be perlorming in The Women‘s Music Hall at the RSAMD on

16 Sept. organised by

Women 2000. See Theatre Listings page 51.


I COMING! Ready or notlA mere eight years have

elapsed since the original ' a:

48HRS. Now. it'stimeto ,3

cash in again with the 4

These are the faces imaginativelytiiled— . know. Stud . Another48 Has. Thisiime you ShOUIfd“ Th l David Anthony Marshall is

them Care u y' By W! the one chasing Eddie all be appearing Maurglg. See Film Index somewhere in the Central 9 ' Belt over the coming

fortnight. Remember their names, there will be a test at the end.

I LOADSASPACE! Glasgow’s Tramway plays host to Theatre Teliesen's epic interpretation oi Robert Louis Stevenson‘s tale oi dodgy drinks and

strange reactions (DrJelryll i and Mr Hyde) lrom 19-23 Sept. See Theatre Preview page and Blowout page 51.

I DITA Parlo stars in the newly released. uncut version at L'Atalanle- lovingly restored 46 years v.~ after Gaumont distributors ' 2

iirst butchered it. The new

version has hadthe arthouse bulls in quite a tizzy. See Film Index page

I LOOKING at it trom my angle. Vita. Diplomaiand author Harold Nicolson takes a diiierent view oi his wile. Vita Sackville West's. l inlidelities with another | woman in Portrait oia . 3 Marriage. See Media l Preview page 79. t

3:13”, l s

IAWnollie‘sboundtocut ~ - i usiromtheiinallilm-it's 4‘“. 3 I ITHE Soup Dragonsseen

here in their last but one regeneration. The

. Clangers-iniluenced

, Glasgow outiit will be at the Queen's Hall. Edinburgh on Fri 14 Sept. See Rock

Listings page 39.

only going to be 15 minutes long. Nomad. the result ot Scots tilmmalrers Tom Pierce and Craig McCall's trelr across India with a hand-held camera will be screened on Channel 4, Sun 16 Sept. See TV Listings page 80.

I i ‘l I KAHRYN Harries rehearsing that most important oi Operatic ilourishes— catching the

i bouquet lor Scottish Opera'storthcoming Les Troyens Parts | and II aithe Theatre Royal. Glasgow17 and 18 Sept. respectively. See Clasical Music listings

l page 44.


ZThe List 14— 27 September 1990