2200054. 9pm. To be confirmed.

and other venues. Melrose. Concerts.

I went” well“!be North?" Buff Howard singarounds. sessions. clog dancers. PIMP can‘mm'llS- 9pm. “09- Slngcrimd puppets and pipe bands. lleadlinersare CCII'Sl- Durham‘s thrash folk band Whisky Priests.

I Swing 90 McKirdy‘s. Assembly Street.

. _ singer and funny man Vin Garbutt.young Lelth. 553 6363. 9pm. Django-inspired

English cajun enthusiasts Buttermountain

l(’UT5“mC- . Boys. and the spoof country. bluegrass and I Templehall Stampers Icmplc 1 Mel. ceilidh Humpff Family. Information 0835 Esplanade. Joppa. 669 4264. livening. 23592.

Trad and Dixie residents.

I Beroda Swing Maxies Bistro. \V'esl Nicolson Street . 667 0845. 9pm. Trio plus singer play 30s and 40s classics with some modern soul jazz.

I Cellar N01 l Chambers Street. 2204298. Jazz Therapy fronted by singer Annie McNichol.

I Shore Music Shore Bar. The Shore. l.eith. 553 5080. 9pm. Live jazz. check venue for details.

I Gaudi Shore Bar. The Shore. Leith. 9pm. Free. Fiddle and mandolin from membersofMiro.

I West End Hotel Palmerston Place. 9pm. Free. Accordion/fiddle!guitar in the (iael's bar. N T I Royal Oak Infirmary Street. 9pm till late.

Free. Alan Hunter.


ITarbert Folk Festival Tarbert. Argyll. S O M E T H | N G Glasgow I Chapman Ceilidh Riverside. Fox Street. ofiClyde Street. 248 3144. 7.30pm. Celebrating twenty years of the Scottish

INTERESTING? literary magazine. the (‘hapman

Conference in (ilasgow's (ilasgow from



I Tarbert Folk Festival Tarbert. Argyll.


I South American Music Paisley Arts Centre. New Street. 887 1010. 8pm. £4.

noon to 5pm is followed by an eveningof music. song. fiction and poetry with many ofthe day's writers. including lain (‘richton Smith. Norman Mac(‘aig. Alasdair Gray. Jessie Kesson. Aonghas MacNeacail. llector MacMillan. Meg Bateman and others. Music from Flora


gs m ' a: "L ' -‘ .. s "-

MacNeill. Jack Evansand friends. : I S M Edinburgh. Wl LL

I Melrose Folk Festival (‘orn lixchange. B E

Market Square and George and

Abbotsford llotel. Melrose. Afternoon

wind-down of the weekend ofmusic. P E R F O R M E D I Youngs Music Club Learnington Terrace

9pm. £1 .50. Info 447 6187. Tonight. 0 N contemporary and blues songs from Eric


I Music at L‘Attache Basement of Rutland W E D N E S Y Hotel. West lind ol Princes Street.

9.30pm— 1 2.30am. Free. Muckle Ado. 1 h

I Royal Oak lnlirmary Street. 9pm till late.

Free. Wry songwriting skills fronisinger

and tnelodcon player Nancy Nicholson. S E M B E R from Bolivia. Awatinas are superb singers

and exponents of the charango. bomba. 17 1

Costume. instrumentals. song and dance

Enigma? 3:119:21“; 32:13:13ng I travelling Folk‘BlK‘ Radio Scotland. Britain after a successful run at the s—qpln' Arm” “Sher‘md 1_)"””."l\."lf~' Edinburgh Festival. present records. news and live recordings. I Rowantree Folk Club Rowantree Inn. by . Glasgow Uddingston Cross. lfiddingston. : I Irish Session Sharkcy's Bar. beside (‘itizens' Theatre. (iorbals. 9pm. Free.

9—I 1.45pm. £1.50. Singaround.

I Ceilidh Dance Riverside. Fox Street. off g The McCues and other top ( ilasgow lrish nmsicians from Comhaltas.

(‘lyde Street. 248 3144. 9pm. £3. Busy. I Porters Music Porters Lounge Bar. 292

Edinburgh '_ SauchiehallStreet.8pm midnightl‘ree.

I Melrose Folk Festlval( orn lzxchange. Music with with mach-"a Cudden.

Melrose. Concert 7.45pm. £3.50. With . Archie Fisher. Dunlop and Marsh. Railroad I nhu rgh I Linlithgow Folk Club Black Bitch Tax crn.

Bill. Dance 10.30pm. £2.50. (ilasgow's

cajun and good—time American Zut! La

Chute. West Port. l.inlithgow . 8pm. Fine fiddle I West End Hotel Palmerston Place. 9pm. and songs from Brian Miller and Charlie Free. (iael's bar. Accordion and guitar. § 30308.

I Royal Oak Infirmary Street. 9pm till late. I Fiddlers Arms (irussmarkel. ‘l-l lpm. Frcc_ Alan Hum". Free. Scottish tunes on accordion. whistle

and fiddle. IThe GreenTreecuw-gate.livening.

. g Free. Busv session. usually fiddles’. guitar. I Tartan Folk Festival '1 arbe rt. Argy ll. ' ' -

j flute and pipestill 12.30am. Glasgow

I FolkAt L'Attache L'Attache. basement of I West Coast Band Blackfriars. 45 Albion

Rutland Hotel. West [find of Princes Street. 9pm. Free. Scottish folk songand Street. Merchant City. 552 5924. Free. Session in the bar. Afternoon.

instrumentals with Seannachie. I Scotla Folk Scotia Bar. 112 Stockwell

TUESDAY 18 Stre .552 8681. 8.3( m. Free. Live mus: ’P Glasgow

I Hellan Jessie's 374 Gallowgate. I Paisley Arts Folk Paisley ArtsCenlrc. Evéening. Free. Live group. New Street. 6‘87 1010. 8pm. Duncan Finn. I ellidh Dance Riverside. Fox Street. off - Clyde Street. 248 3144. 9.30pm. £3. Busy I Edlnburgh

IClub Mhor Merlin. 168 Morningside

7; .

Musica Nova Scotland's Contemporary Music Festival

15th September 22nd September


weeklydance. Road. 447 432‘). 8pm. £1.50(£l

Edinburgh _. . members). ~l ickets on the door. Acoustic ;

I Melrose Folk Festival Corn Exchange music venue has weekly concert with J

41-2—7Septem beryl DOT l 43