I Musica Nova The eighth Scottish Festival of Contemporary Music. presented triennially by the Scottish National ()rchestra and Glasgow University. The Festival. which runs until 22 Sept. includes talks. workshops and open rehearsals as well as a concert programme with works by John Cage. James Macmillan. Nigel ()sborne and the young German composer Wolfgang Rihm. A Saver Ticket is available forthe whole programme (except the flute recital on 16 Sept and the final ceilidh) price £50 (£35). See Preview.

I Scottish National Orchestra Henry Wood Ilall. Claremont Street. Tickets: 2275511 (Ticket centre. Candleriggs). 7.30pm. £7 (£4). The first of the Musica Nova concerts. with music by Cage. ()sborne and Rihm. The soloist isJohn Harrington. the conductor Matthias Bamert.

SUNDAY 16 Glasgow

I Women 2000 Stevenson Hall. RSAMI). 100 Renfrew Street. 332 5057. 1pm. £3 (£1.50). SopranoJanc Manning performs works by 20th century Scottish women composers. A Glasgow Women's Festival event.

I Musica Nova: Flute Recital Henry Wood Hall. Claremont Street. Tickets: 2275511 (Ticket Centre. Candleriggs). lpm. £3.50 (£2). John Grant and Graeme McNaught perform works for flute and piano by Randalls and McGuire.

I Spirit of Perfection Banqueting I Iall. City Chambers. '1 ickets: 227 5511 (Ticket Centre. Candleriggs). 7.30pm. £3.50 (£1.50). A gala performance to conclude the SCO gamelan residency. with Indonesian music. food and shadow puppetry. As well as professionals. the gamelan will be played by schoolchildren who took part in workshops at the Burrell collection.

I Women 2000 Stevenson Hall. RSAMD. 100 chfrew Street. 332 5057. 7.30pm. £6 (£3). Lontano. the celebrated British contemporary music ensemble. with a programme of recent music by women

composers. including a Judith Weir work performed by Jane Manning. A Glasgow Women's Festival concert.

I Musica Nova: BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra Henry Wood Hall. Clarcmont Street. Tickets: 227 551 1 (Ticket Centre. Candleriggs). 7.30pm. £7 (£4). Conductor Richard Bernas. soloist Alan lieinberg. with a programme including Cage‘s

( 'oncerrofor Prepared Piano and Rihm's Cuts and Disso/ves. i


I Gala Concert Queen‘s 1 Iall. ('lerk Street. nos 2019. 3pm. £4 reserved. £3 (£1.50)unreserved. The pick of the recent Stockbridge House Youth Recital Series. featuring young performers from local schools in a varied programme otshort works by Handel. Schumann and Ravel among others.



I Musica Nova: Lunchtime Concert University Concert Hall. Tickets 2275511 (Ticket Centre. Candleriggs). 1pm. £4 (£2.50). An hour-long performance of works by Rihm. Muller-Siemensand Rebel. 5

I Musica Nova: Music Projects Concert

Henry Wood Hall. Claremont Street. . Tickets: 227 5511 (Ticket Centre. Candleriggs). 7.30pm. £5 (£3). Cage's I Solo With ()hligalo .4ccom/mnimen!. Osborne's [Am Goya. MacMillan's TWO VLsions ofHoy and more. with conductor Richard Bernas and solo baritone Richard Jackson.

TUESDAY 18 Glasgow

I The Trojans. Part One: The capture otTroy Theatre Royal. Hope Street. 331 1234 or 332 9000. 7.15pm. Extra dates: 28 Sept;4. 30 ()ct. £3—£25. The Trojans complete. 28 Nov only. 5.30pm. £4—£29. A new production of Berlioz' masterpiece. already acclaimed in London. which promises to be one of the year‘s operatic highlights. The Scottish Opera cast includes Linda Finnie as Cassandrc and Kathryn Harries as Didon. and is conducted by Music Director John Mauceri. See Preview.

WEDNESDAY 19 Glasgow

I The Trojans. Part Two: The Trojans at Carthage Theatre Royal. Hope Street.33l 1234 or 332 90007.15an Iixtra dates: 29 Sept: 5. 31 Oct. £3—£35. The second part of Berlioz’ classic. See Tuesday 18and Preview.

I Musica Nova: Paragon Ensemble Henry Wood Hall. Claremont Street. Tickets: 227 5511 (Ticket Centre. Candleriggs). 7.30pm. £5 (£3). The critically-acclaimed Paragon Ensemble. based around a nucleusof fourteen players including strings. wind. piano and percussion. here perform works by all four of the Musica Nova featured composers: Cage. Osborne. MacMillan and Rihm.

I Orchestre de Lille City Hall. Candleriggs. Tickets: 227 5511 (Ticket Centre. Candleriggs). 7.30pm. £5—£12.50. The first of two concerts by one ofthe major forces in French orchestral music. conducted by Jean-Claude Casadesus. Tonight they perform Poulenc's (ilorr'a and Faure‘s Requiem. accompanied by the Scottish National Orchestra Chorus.

THURSDAY 20 Glasgow

I Merchants Music Merchant's Hall. 7 West George Street. Tickets: 227 5511 (Ticket Centre. Candleriggs). 12.45pm. £2 (£1 .50). Peter Mountain (violin)and Angela Dale (piano) play sonatas by Mozart and Thomas Wilson.

I Musica Nova: The Whistlebinliies

Cniversity Concert Hall. Tickets: 227

551 1 (Ticket Centre. Candleriggs). lpm. £4 (£2.50). Best known for their extensive work with Scottish traditional music. here performing an hour of works byJohn

Cage. Wallace and McGuire: should be an

interesting mix.

I Tosca Theatre Royal. Hope Strcet.331 1234 or 332 9000. 7.15pm. Extra dates: 22. 26 Sept; 19 Oct. 1.3 Nov (Glasgow); 6.8 Nov (Edinburgh). £3—£30. Scottish



The SCO is adding something special to Glasgow’s year as

City of Culture:

An extra 3 months and 26 days.

()ne ofthe high notes ofGlasgow in 1990 will be the appearance on the concert hall stage ofthe Scottish (Ihamber Orchestra. And. from October 11th. it is a hiin note which will be beautifully sustained right through until April 26th 1991.

livery new S(I() season in (ilasgow or Edinburgh offers the same rich and prolonged promise. And our 90/91 season delivers it with some exciting new variations on our established theme of musical excellence.

Listen to the names. Listen to the music. In the new season. our wr)rld-acclainied orchestra and its inspired conductor. _]ukka-Pekka Saraste. will be joined by a string ofguest soloists and

conductors of international renown.

Highlights include guitar virtuosolulian Bream performing Rodrigo‘s ‘(Ioncierto de Aranjuez‘ . . . A

Brandenburg Bonanza with George

Malcolm . . . \‘ivaldi‘s "The Four Seasons‘ . . . Beethoven's mighty (Ihoral Symphony with _lukka-|’ekka Saraste . . . Mozart‘s Requiem . . .

Pleasure beyond price. Subscribing to a series of concerts not only saves you money on individual concert prices it can also save you the best seats for each performance.

Bring it all nearer. ()ur new season highlights' leaflet unfolds all the delights that await you in (ilasgow and Edinburgh. And it‘s out now.

For your free copy write to us. S( :0 l’reepost no stamp needed at ‘4 Royal Terrace. Edinburgh lill" 01C) or telephone on (0311 ) SS" 6802. ()r pick up a copy from the Ticket (Lentre.

(Iandleriggs. (ilasgow or The Queen's Hall Box ( )fiice. (Ilerk Street. Iidinburgli.


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'IIhefiliistd-t - 27~September 199045