I STELLA? Are you calling

that woman a pint? Bette Middler plays the obsessive matriarch in the lager-named movie. See Film Index page 18.

I HEADING in the right direction. Stuart Brisley's sculpture is to be sited at the docks down Govan way. See Art Preview page 63.


A NEW ERA in jeans advertising will shortly be upon us. The ‘let‘s get a few hunks of beef looking sultry' ideas are passe. As are the famous 605‘ hits to whistle along to whilst thinking ofyour favourite trouser manufacturer. The latest ads. soon to hit our screens. will feature a group ofyoungsters giggling. That‘s all. just sitting in a park and laughing their legs off. No pretence. no sex-interest just hilarity.

It’s all part ofa large gamble on the part of ad agency HHCL to break new ground in the nostalgia- obsessed marketing world of jeans. Spontaneous laughers have been specially selected for the ad. The idea being that the camera moves in on them all as they are merely bubbling with mirth. then one manages to ask ‘What is it you do again'." At which they all explode on cue. However. the ad agency denied that the camera would pan back to reveal Michael Forsyth as the man being questioned.

EVEN MORE screens are ‘coming soon‘ to Edinburgh. After the recent opening of UCI‘s multi-screen complex at Craig Park. the Cameo is the latest cinema to increase its number of screens. Former head of Island Records Chris Blackwell helped finance the expansion (cost £250,000) after the future of the Tollcross movie-house had. for a while. looked uncertain. Recently however. David Lynch's Wild at Heart has been breaking box-office records there and in a renewed spirit ofoptimism they announced that the two new screens should be ready in the early part of next year.

TIMES ARE a-changing down in Edinburgh‘s Cowgate. Where once you might have been asked for the price of a can ofcooking lager. now you are more likely to get: ‘Excuse me pal. could you spare us a few thou‘ to take a play to London?‘ Glad. the Fringe First winning production mounted this summer by actors and homeless people alike. needs an injection of around £5000. They want to take the show south to the capital of homelessness.

Awards and rave notices have already been showered on the innovative show. performed at the Grassmarket Mission. It was also great experience for the actors: learning from the professionals how to spend all that spare time more profitably (apparently it was very hard to tell them apart in the production). Anyone who enjoyed this unique theatrical experience or who are willing to help out anyway are invited to support this worthy venture by contacting Fundraisers on 031 315 2127.

NOW THAT they are languishing at the foot of the Premier League the campaign to save Hibs has taken on a new form. After Hands ()ffllt'bs. which seemed to ward off Wallace Mercer. comes a new. more spiritual. concept. The Hands On Hibs campaign is inviting faith healers from around the world to come to Easter Road and indulge in a laying-on of hands ceremony. which it is hoped will help both the team and the board in their recovery.

RICHARD DEMARCO could never be accused of holding himself in low esteem. Now it would appear he has appointed himself unofficial doorman for the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh. During a recent run of sold-out shows there. eight perplexed looking Yugoslavians turned up bearing a note ‘Please let these people in. Richard Demarco.‘

IT'S NOT that we‘ve got anything against those performing The Boy Who Wanted Peace at the Arches Theatre. Glasgow. but surely they could have dredged up a better press clipping than ‘An interpretation in the truest sense of the word.‘ What kind of an interpretation and in what other senses could you take the

word'.’ Still even they can't rival the

group who recently tried to publicise their shows by handing out photocopied reviews with any unfavourable remarks tippexed out. Why worry about what the press say anyway. what do they know?

The list 14 27 September 19903