Victorian Photographs



Speakers include: COLIN FORD Director of the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television, Bradford

TIM HILTON Art Cn’ttc of "The Guardian’ AMANDA HOI’KINSON

Author on Cameron

Fee: [10 Concessions £5 Booking Essential For full programme and booking call 031—556 8921 extension 239. A joint project organised by the National Galleries of Scotland and SSlloI’

Action Theatre Company in


A satiricalplay about the life of luh’a Margaret Cameron

SATURDAY 22 SEPTEMBER AT 4.001’M & 6.001’M Tickets: £2.00 Concessions £1.00 Advance Booking: 031—556 8921 extension 239


Silent Exchange by Annie Catfrell

Contemporary Women’s Own Annual Exhibition, Women In Profile, SRC Building, Glasgow School of Art. Women assertiver make this exhibition their own. The title, Women’s Own, is an ironic comment on passive stereotypes and the exhibition successfully reflects the different perspectives and diverse visual languages around the image of women and the idea of the ‘woman artist.’

Co-operative strategies of working were involved in the evolution of the exhibition. Under the auspices of the umbrella organisation, Women In Profile, the Visual Arts Group held meetings to discuss and present work

in a supportive atmosphere. The participants in the show range greatly in age: many are art school trained, others are self-taught, but all are women who are Glasgow based. Such self-determination sidesteps institutionalised sexism and is to be welcomed enthusiastically.

Julie Roberts' ‘Domestic Weapons' disrupts the illusion of domesticity with its chilling instruments, stark and ominous against pale blue hues. Suspended in mid-canvas, their air of torture is timeless, akin to the oppression of women through sexual and economic exploitation. Annie Cattrell’s vagina-like object, fashioned from a kitchen sieve, foam and green

' fibres, is stretched out and fastened

down by chrome handles like a clinical specimen for probing and investigation. The work compares the objectification of women's bodies in the bedroom with their objectification in surgery.

Anne Elliott’s powerful figurative work suggests polarised emotional states of strength and vulnerability which protect and weaken the body, her bed of nails a metaphor forthis fragile boundary. Helen Flockhart’s ‘Mother and Earth’ subverts religious symbolism with its female nude with bleeding wound and pregnant body, physically real and reproductive.

Lucy Alexander's ‘Lure Of The Satyr’ humorously mocks and undermines the whole phallocentric world with her impoverished Viking-like gods silenced by erect penises protruding from their mouths. Amidst the fragrance of dried flowers, the space becomes an altar of sacrifice, perhaps to the male ego.

Women’s Own is a worthwhile achievement and deserves much support during and beyond the September Women‘s Season to ensure the continuing public profile of local women. (Lorna J. Waite)

I GALERIE MIRAGES Raeburn Place. 315 2603. Tue—Fri l0.30am—-l.30pni; Sat 10am-5pm. Closed Mondays.

The Splendour of India tintil 22 Sept. A variety of textiles. artefacts and furniture on display in this most ambitious exhibition of Indian art.

I GALLERY OF MODERN ART Belford Road. 556 892l. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Sun 2—5pm. [1)] Cafe.

The gallery's justly renowned cafe isopen Mon—Sat 10.30am—4.30pm‘. Sun 2.30—4.20pm.

The gallery‘s permanent display includes three new works of Surrealism by Picabia. Magritte and (iiacometti. The next ' exhibition will be David Nash. startingon 29 Sept.

I GRAEME MURRAY GALLERY 15 Scotland Street. 556 6020. Tue—Fri 10am—5pm; Sat 10am—1pm.

Polesis Until 29 Sept. Mixed works on the theme of ‘Poesy'. defined by Brewer's Dictionary as ‘poetry collectively. or in the abstract'.

I HANOVER FINE ART 22a Dundas Street. 5562181. Mon—Fri “lam—5.30pm; Sat 10am—4pm.

Inside- Outside Until 24 Sept. Oils and watercolours by Borders artists. Ralda lladdow and David Hay. lladdow‘s rich. textural seascapes and landscapes balance with Ilay‘s more decorative still-lifes.

I THE ITALIAN INSTITUTE 82 Nicolson Street. 668 2232. Mon—Fri 10am—5pm.

Tribute to Santomaso (1907—1990) 25 Sept—9 Nov. late works on paper by an artist whose considerable contribution to recent Italian art was described by Ionesco as floating ‘between sound and silence'. Santomaso combines the influence of previous centttries‘ Venetian art with contemporary imagery.

I KINGFISHER GALLERY Northumberland Street Lane. 557 5454. Tue—Sat 10am—4.30pm; Sat 10am- lpm. Permanent collection of Russian and French painting and sculpture.

I MALCOLM INNES GALLERY 67 ( ieorge Street. 226 4151.Mon—Fri9.30am—6pm; Sat 10am—1pm.

A Scottish Panorama Until 15 Sept. The annual exhibition of I9th and 20th century oil paintings and watercolours.

Stalking Days 26 Sept—9 ()et. 19th and 20th century pictures of deer. including contemporary works by Roger McPhail. Ian Oates. Brian Rawling and others.

I NATIONAL GALLERY OF SCOTLAND The Mound. 556 8921. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Sun 2—5pm.

cezanne and Poussin: The Classical Vision of Landscape Until 21 Oct. Standingat either end of the classical tradition Poussin (l594—l665) was the founder ofFrench (‘lassicism and Cezanne (1839—1906) the master of Post-Impressionism -- both artists shared a passionate desire to create order out of nature. Their relationship is explored through a selection ofpaintings.

drawings and watercolours from collections all over the world.

Edinburgh: Watercolours from the National Gallery olScotland t'ntil 21 ()et.

I NATIONAL LIBRARY OF SCOTLAND (ieorge I\' Bridge 226 4531. Mon Fri 9.30am—S30pm; Sat 9.30am~~-5pm; Sun 2—5pnt

The Hebrides Surveyed L'ntil 31 ()et. Scotland‘s islands seen through the eyesof a map-maker; the exhibition is both an exploration of the islands and a celebration of maps. as works of art and scientific tools.

I NETHERBOW 43 High Street. 5569579. Mon—Sat ll)am---l.30pm and evenings when performances. ('ale.

Ancestral Images limit 29 Sept. Batik. ceramics and prints by Xelijko Klljlllltlllc. a Yugoslavian artist who helped fottnd Edinburgh's first contemporary arts centre.

Before the Oil came: Photoworks by Iain Robertson Until 29 Sept. A Stills (iallcry touring Show ofwork by thisunusual Shetland photographer.

I OPEN EYE GALLERY 75 ( 'umberlantl Street. 557 1020. Mon liri ltlarn-6prn;Sat


Douglas Muir: Recent Paintings Until 27 Sept.

Bill Wilkinson: Sculpture tJntil 27 Sept. Jane Dickinson and Angus McFadyen: Jewellery l nut 27 Sept.

I PORTFOLIO GALLERY «l3 (‘andlemaker Row. 220 I91 I . Tue-Sat noon 5.30pm. Ideal Home A Detached Look at Modern Living 15 Sept 13 ()et. .lohn RJ. 'I‘aylor's intimate photographic study of contemporary suburban life: the dog. microwave and video ~ iconsofthe I990s. Portrait and Still Life Lighting Workshop 23 Sept. l0am 5pm. £25members unwaged. £35 non-members. Working with professional photographer Robin (iillanders. Bring camera and film of your choice.

I PORTRAIT GALLERY Queen Street. 550 S921. Mon—Sat 10am 5pm; Sunl 5pm. Julia Margaret Cameron: ‘Photographs of Famous Men and Fair Women' t.‘ ntil 3o Sept. (‘ameron was 50 when she took up photography and. in the words of her great-niece Virginia Woolf. ‘all her sensibility was expressed and. what is perhaps more to the purpose. controlled. in the new art'. Portraits of lord Tennyson and Thomas (‘arlyle are included in the exhibition. as well as ('ameron's famous ‘religiotis' studies. John Zephaniah Bell [Intil ZS ()et. Born in Dundee. in 1794. Bell was influenced by the Nazarenes. a community of(ierman history painters who taught him the technique of fresco painting in Rome. Bell was frustrated in his ambition to be a history painter in fresco. and his talents have long been overlooked.

Dynasty: The Royal House of Stewart. Permanent exhibition.

I PRINTMAKERS WORKSHOP AND GALLERY 23 l'nion Street. 557 2479.

Mon Sat 10am 5.30pm. Two Women Printmakers: Linda Farguharson and Mary Rose O‘Neill 22 Sept-130d. Linocuts and lithographs from Edinburgh-based I’arquharson. along with the mythological world of()'.\'eill‘s etchings.

I QUEEN'S HALL ( ‘lerk Street. Box Office 668 2019. Mon—Sat 10am-5pm. ('afe. Erika Cruttwell: Recent Work limit 27 Sept. A selection of works from this

l.ondon- oased Scottish painter.

I ROYAL INCORPORATION OF ARCHITECTS IN SCOTLAND l5 Rutland Square. 229 7545. Mon—Fri 9.30am 5pm. Architecture of the Scottish Renaissance [Intil 20Sept.

I RICHARD OEMARCO GALLERY Blackfriars (hutch. Blackfriars Street (off High Street). 5570707. Mon-Sat

10am- 6pm. Contemporary Spanish Ceramics limit 30 Sept. As part ofthe Iidinburgb I-‘estivalof Ceramics. an exhibition of work by eight

66 The List 14 27 September 1990