I Only Fools and Horses ( BBCI) 7.35—8.05pm. Taking a leaf straight out of Del-boy's book. the Beeb are saving a bob or two by re-running the first series. It's still worth a butcher's. though.

I Talking to Myself ( BBCZ) Milli-10.30pm. Linzi Drew. former model and current editor of Playboy. bares her soul. to herself.

I Scotsport Extra Time (Scottish)

10.404 l.l(lpm. Jim White. bereft of : Hazel Irvine. chats to some of the 1 characters in the world of football. ie Ally j MeCoist. and that silly bugger with the side-boards does something embarrassing at the end.

I Future Features: Robinson Crusoe on Mars ((‘hannel4) l l .(lSptn—lilflam. Sticking closely to Defoc‘s original narrative

_ structure. thisingenious reworkingofthe old tale has l’aul Mantee stranded on the red planet with only a monkey for company. Later. however. a Man Friday turns up in the person of Vic Lundin. A surprisingly watchable effort with Death Valley doubling for the Martian landscape and director Byron Ilask.n's space film credentials ( ll'ar ofthe ii’orlds. ( 'onqttest of Space and I‘rom the [:‘ath to the Moon ) standing him in good stead.

I Possessed (BBCZ) 1 1.20pm» l.l(lam. Morbid fantasy and psychological anguish make for compelling viewing in thistaut horrorfest. Joan (‘rawford is magnificent as a lost woman. who initially appears to be a couple of spools short of the full feature. gradually reveal the dark secrets of her past to a psychiatrist. Directed in 1947 by (‘hris Bernhardt it comprises the first in the Beeb's "Trouble in Mind‘ series. Other late night treats yet tocornc in the series are Where Danger Lives. (’aught. The Locket. The Dark .llirror. Secret Beyond the Door. Spellbound and The Spiral .S'taircase.

I The Omen Trilogy: The Omen ( Scottish) 13.1l5—2am. The adopted son ofthe American ambassador in Britain starts acting a bit strangely in this inspired 7(ls chiller. A successful variation of The Iixorcist. the film's strength ofplot enabled the director to dispense with the gore and cheap special effects rampant in the genre.


I Beadle's About (Scottish) 7. Ill—7.40pm. Why?

I Russ Abbot ( BBCI ) 7. Ill—7.40pm. The only man who could get laughs from this script stars in The Thick Family Robinson. I Horror Cale (BBQ) 8.45— It). 15pm. A Late Show special in which they came up

with the imaginative idea ofgetting half-a-dozen horror movie directors and writers together and telling them to construct the ultimate horror experience. The result: an evening with Jeremy Beadle. Followed by the films DrJekyll and Mr Hyde and Martin the Vampire.

I Hollywood Legends: Steve McQueen- Man on the Edge (Channel 4) 9: 10pm. James (‘oburn narrates the tale ofSteve‘s tough. uncompromising life. both professional and personal. Alongside the customary star reminisences are clips from The Magnificent Seven. Bullitt and The

( 'incinnati Kid. IBoxing(BB(‘l)11—11.55pm.Dave ‘Boy‘ McAuIey defends his iBF World

Fly weight title against Colombian Rodolfo Blanco.

I Film on Four lntemational: The Dream (Channel 4) 10-] 1.50pm. The tale ofthree brothers convicted of a crime they didn‘t commit in 19th century Friesiand that's Low Germany to you and I. A terse period piece directed by Peter Verhoeff.

I Nomad (Channel 4) 2—2. 15pm. Scots filmmakers Tom Pierce and ('raig McCall trekked far and wide across india with a hand-held camera painstakingly gleaning enough footage for this short film.

I NB Special: Chicago (Scottish) 2—3pm. The .V'li team take advantage of the new airlink between Glasgow and Chicago and add the Windy City's events to their weekly what's on guide. First shown last Thursday.

I The All-Ireland Gaelic Football Final (Channel 4) 3. 15—5. 10pm. X-certificate sporting action as Meath take on defending champions (‘ork for the Sam McGuire trophy.

I Carreras. Domingo, Pavarotti and Mehta in Concert ((‘hannel 4) (i. IS—Spm. The big four return in a repeat showing oftheir much praised cve-of—the World Cup Final concert in Rome.

I Music on Two: Death in Venice ( BBCZ) SOS—10.25pm. Benjamin Britten's final masterpiece sets the tone for this new series of opera on Two. Robert Tear and Alan ()pic star and Stephen Lawless directs. with the assistance ofradieal choreographer Martha Clarke.

I Screen One: The Police ( BB(‘1) QED-10.45pm. An I 1 year-old boy sets up his own version of the junior Bill to combat bullying at school. However. after a remarkable set of results. he is unable to give up his new found power and plots revenge on one ofthe teachers. (‘ould this happen in the school-court system recently suggested for Lothian sehoois'.’

"V... «v I Life With the Proper Stranger ((‘hanncl4) lil. lSpm— lZ. lllam. Steve McQueen asa footloose jazz mUsieian enjoys a precarious romance with his '

Italian 'American paramour. Natalie Wood. in this perceptive comedv set in New York.

I Scottish Books (Scottish )

11.20 i 1.50pm. Return ofthe literaryslot with Trevor Royle and Pat Ileppeildoing the talking along with Jenny Brown.

I Mr Hoover and l ((‘hannei4)

l2. 10—] .45am. Emile de Antonio neatlv turned the tableson J. Edgar Hoover with this study of the FBI guru's private and professional life. Fired with a passionate hatred and a deep political motivation Antonio's film is consistently engagingif occasionally jumbled. Antonio. ofcours'e. had no small chopper to grind. the FBI

having compiled a 10,000 page report on his activities since the age of 16.


I The Decade of Destruction: tn the Ashes of the Forest (Channel 4) 9—10pm. Director Adrian Cowell has been filming. in the Brazilian rainforest for the past ten years. cataloguing its destruction. In tonight's episode. the desperate plight of the share croppers trying to eke out a living on the edge of the forest is highlighted.

I Sport in Duestion (Scottish) 10.40—11.40pm. Archie MacPherson heads the panel of celebs facing up to an audience of armchair experts. In tonight’s first programme Gordon Brown (former British Lion). Andy Gray (pathological header ofa football). John Bromley (ex-chiefof ITV sport) and Adrian Whiteson (Chief Medical Officer ofthe British Boxing Board of Control) will debate sporting issues with the studio audience.

I The List of Adrian Ilessenger (Channel 4) 10.30pm-12.20am. Murder mystery starring George C. Scott as an ex-intelligence officer on the trail ofa multiple murderer; Kirk Douglas. John Huston who. as ever. directed with gusto, came up with an unusual gimmick forthe movie. He had the four stars, Frank Sinatra. Tony Curtis, Burt Lancaster and Robert Mitchum. dress up in allegedly impenetrable disguises. At the end ofthe flick. they reveal their true identities tothe audience who can see if they guessed correctly. The film was a tribute to Huston‘s casual mastery of the genre.



I Critical Eye: The Battle otTraialgar (Channel 4) 9—10pm. According tothe press. the trouble at Trafalgar Square earlier this year was purely the result of action by the anti-poll tax protesters, but was this really the case? How much were the police and their methods also responsible? Was the true story ever told? Will it ever be made known to the publicat large? And where were you on the day of the battle, eh?

I Rita Hudner (BBCZ) 9—9.30pm. The fragile but talented American comedienne stars in her own show.

I Taggart (Scottish) 9—10pm. The third and concluding episode of Evil Eye has Taggart and Jardinc hot on the heels of Danny. who is next in line for the dead body scene.

I Film 90(BBC1)11.10—11.40pm. Harrison Ford and director Alan J. Pakula chat to Bazza.


I Sawoill (Channel 4) 8.30—9pm. Cleverly disguising itself as a duck. the goosander or sawbill is a peerless snaffler offish. Hence. it has come to be the numberone enemy of water-baliffs concerned about the size of their salmon stock.

I Rear Window: The Sultan of Chess (Channel 4) 9—9.45pm. The bizarre tale of two lndian servants who were plucked from obscurity in the 305 and took the

international chess world by storm. However, they were mere pawns in the games of power politics that surrounded the future of India and were soon snatched back by their erstwhile master to live out their lives back in the sub-continent:

I Portrait of a Marriage (BBC2) 9.25—10.20pm. The tale ofthe tempestuous affair between Vita Sackville-West and Violet Trefusis. See Preview.

I Inside Story: The Confession (BBCI) 9.30—10.4Spm. In April 1961 George Blake. a senior officer in the British intelligence service was sentenced to 42 years imprisonment for spying on behalf ofthe KGB. Five years later he was sprung and smuggled into the Soviet Union, where he still lives. Tonight. Inside Story shows its exclusive interview with the masterspy who claims not to regret any of his actions and regarded working forthe KGB as similar to working for Oxfam: ‘It was a kind of voluntary job.‘

I Reno's Kids (Channel 4) 12.30—2. 10am. Attending Jefferson High School in San Francisco is no picnic for either teachers or pupils. Reno Taini has some of the most rebellious kids there, and this film follows his progress in getting them to help themselves as they organise and fund a camping trip. A cross between The Warriors and Our Day Out.


I In Search of lion England (Channel4) 8—8.30pm. Rabbi Lionel Blue. living upto his surname. asks a variety of rcligous thinkers about the tricky issue of sublimated sex in religious belief.

I Arena: Agatha Christie - Unfinished Portrait (BBC2) 9.25—10.30pm. Arena are claiming this to be the first attempt to produce a film-biog of the queen ofthe kill-off. What really did happen when she ‘disappeared'? Who really cares?

I Oraln (Scottish) 10.40—1 l . 10pm. Gaelic music programme with English subtitles. I Pula, Pula (Channel 4) I lpm—midnigbt. Hampstead Town Hall is transformed into a temple for five days every summer, and this documentary records how the Bengali community go about recreating the festival in Hampstead.


I Going Loco (Channel 4) 8.30—9pm. A million woolly hats are flung in the air as Channel 4 embark on a ten day-long railway extravaganza. Tonight.Jimmy Mulville leads the salivating through all the forthcoming train-related films and

The List 14—27 September 19'9081