82'I’he l.ist 14-27 September 1WD i

programmes due to be screened soon.

I Omnibus: BB King- King at the Blues (BBCI) ill.2(L—i iZilpm. Mr BB Kingthe man who put the legendary into the phrase legendary bluesrnan. Omnibus traces his career since 1946 taking in two marriages. Silalbums and sixteen car crashes.

I Future Features: The Ouatermass Experiment ( Channel 4)

I I .il5pm—12.35am. Classic I lammer schlocker has Richard Wordsworth coming back to earth after a space jaunt and then strangely beginning to mutate into a lethal monster.

I The Omen Trilogy: Oamien- Omen ll (Scottish) DDS—lam. The sequel to last week's saga of the devil-child has him growing up to a bleak future. for the restof the world that is. It lacks the pacingofthe original and murderous adolescents are ten-a-penny in the mos ie business.


I The Tittield Thunderbolt (Channel 4) 1—2.35pm. Possibly the finest ofChannel 4‘s offerings in the (int/1g Low season and certainly one of the best of the Ealing comedies. Syd James. Naunton Wayne. Edie Martin. George Relplt and Stanley Holloway star as a group of villagers who decide to run the local branch line under their own steam. after British Rail lose interest in it.

I Russ Abbot ( BBCI ) Incredibly some punter complained about Russ making it into these highlights. don't they understand his towering comic talent?

I Star Trek ill: The Voyage Home (Scottish) 8—10.1tlpm. It‘s worse than that. they‘re on another channel Jim! All the old troopers boldly go where they have gone many times before. The boys and girls' of the USS Enterprise return to present-day California and the simple style ofthe original TV series. making it the most enjoyable of the Trekkie movies. so far. with the crew trying to save the whales.


I The American Late Show (BBCZ)

9.3(L— 10.20pm. Offthey all pile to New York. to live it up and look at what’sgoing down over there.

I Film on Four International: Platt (Channel 4) Ill—i 1 .45pm. Concha (Daisy Granados) has enough worries on her plate - what with a daughter-in-law she hates and an unsatisfactory love-life. without a mysterious protagonist hurling raw eggs at her. Juan Carlos Tabio's joyous film sends up the whole movie-making shaboogle and provides an amusing picture ofclass. racial and religous struggles in asmall gossip ridden Cuban community.

I Two Mules For Sister Sarah (BBCl) Milli—l 1.50pm. Clint teams up with nun on the run. Shirley Maclaine. and the two of them head off south ofthe border. As they get more caught up in local politics. the sister's true profession (she‘sa hooker) becomes apparent to the l ever-ehivalrous Clint. Lazy. but by no means uninteresting. Leone feature. One ofhis more whimsical Westerns. I 48 HRS (Scottish) 1().3Upm—12. 15am. liddie Murphy is let loose to try and clear his name in this moderately enjoyable romp.

I Babylon (Channel 4) [2.35—2.20am. The lives of black youths in London. filmed with a passionate intensity by Franco Rosso. Made in the year of the Brixton riots with a reggae score by Brian Bovell.


I The Road to Avonlea (Channel 4) 5.30—6.30pm. More Sunday tea-time period drama from the pen of L.M. Montgomery (she also wrote Anne of Green Gables).

I Julie-box Jury (BBCZ) 6-6.35pm. The first in a the new series comes live from Jools Holland‘s living room.

I Equinox: Trouble on the Line (Channel 4) 7-8pm. The Equinox team tear offtheir red undergarments and charge down the line in a desperate bid to avert a railcrisis.


I The South Bank Show (Scottish) 10.35-11.35pm. Innovative American filmmaker Spike Lee gets the treatment from innovative British arts guru. Melvyn Bragg.


I The Decade of Destruction: Killing for Land (Channel 4) 9—lllpm. Director Adrian CoweII‘s series on the Brazilian jungle continues. Tonight his cameras record the feuding over land rights that

'takes place mainly on the Brazilia—Belem

highway. Five people were killed while the crew were there.

I Prince ot the City (Channel 4)

10.30pm—I .40am. A powerful and engrossing tale of corruption among the New York City Police Department with no easy solutions and no punches pulled. Treat Williams and Jerry ()rbach star in this 1981 thriller.

I Sport in Question (Scottish) 10.40—11.40pm. Archie MacPherson tries to get a word in edgeways with Jackie Charlton and Andy Cameron both among the guests in the studio.

I The Glastonbury Festival (Scottish) 2-4am. Recreate the atmosphere of Glastonbury in you own living room by sitting in a bath ofcold water and staying up ‘til four in the morning.


I Curry in Question: Ra) Hangover (Channel 4) 8—8.30pm. The title does not refer to the type of Sunday morning experience that immediatley springs to mind. Filmmaker Ismail Merchant attempts to trace the origins of what now manifests itself asthe dreaded curry nurrie - the overwhelming desire to eat very spicy food after spilling out ofa bar. late at night.

I Critical Eye: What Did You Leem In School Today(Channcl-t) 9—i()pm. Are wethe worst educated nation in Europe. or what'.’ Do we tend to blame the schools fortoo

many ofsociety‘s ills? In order to try answer such questions Channel 4 cast their critical eye over two schools. one in Leeds and one in Sunderiand.


I Scottish Frontiers on Medicine (Scottish) 6.30—7pm. For those who thought Scottish medical knowledge began and ended with the Dear Due page in The Sunday Post. watch this and be enlightened. I Manchurian Express (Channel 4) 8—8.3(lpm. Train buffs will go intoecstasy over these unedited shots ofsteam trains still in action in the People's Republicof China. Julian Pettifer takes a 27-hour journey on one. Christ! Imagine being stuck opposite I’ettifer for a 27-hour long train ride. I RearWinttow: Ohingiz Khan (Channel 4) 9—9.45pm. 'l‘ariq Ali argues that Ghengis. or Chingiz. as he calls him. was a much misunderstood bloke. All he really wanted to do was stay at home and tend his garden it just happened that he got caught up in slaughtering. pillaging and generally bringing anarchy to the rest of the known world. See you can't really blame him can you? I On Golden Pond (Scottish) 9— lllpm 6t: 10.40—11.45pm. Ilenry Fonda and Katherine Hepburn were wheeled out for this sugar-spun tearjerkering tale of relationships across the generation gap. Someone should have stopped them. Well. not quite. actually they look intothe state of British Rail and ask where are they going now‘.’ Well. don‘t ask the guard. I Music on Two: Greeks ( BBCZ) 9—10.25pm. Stephen Berkoff‘s powerful play is turned into an opera for the BBC. I Screen One: Sweet Nothing ( BBCI) 9.20—1 lpm. Lee Ross plays a homeless youngster whom Charlotte Oranges are no! the Only Fruit Coleman takes under her wing.




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