Clancy Brown. lll2 mins. Special preview of hard-hitting policicr fare from tough cookie director Bigelow of Near Dark fame. Rookie cop Jamie lee finds herself at the centre of a trail of ntotivcless killings. Showing as part ofthe HFRTAKF. season. (ilasgow: (iFI'.

I Bonnie and Clyde ( is) (Arthur Penn. CS. 1907) Warren Beatty. Faye Dunaway. (iene llackman. Michael]. Pollard. l l 1 mins. This stylish andgritty account of the relationship and activities of two self-publicised batik robbers wasa late-l9ofls milestone in tnaking extreme screen violence cttriously fashionable. (ireat performances from I lackman and Dunaway . a genuine sense of the thrill involved in their nefarious activities. and telling period detail make thisone of Penn's best. (ilasgow: (il’l‘.

I The Brave Little Toaster ( t ') (.lerry Recs. CS. l99ll) 9-3 mins. Fun animated adventure as a group of plucky electrical appliances go off in search of their master who‘s moved to the big city. Yet for Toaster. Lampy the lamp. Kirby the vaccuum cleaner and Blankey the electric blanket there are many dangers to be face along the way. (ilasgow: Cannon The Forge.

I Broadway Danny Rose ( l’( i ) ( woody- Allen. L'S. 198-1) Woody Allen. Mia Farrow. Nick Apollo l-‘ortc. 82 mins. Allen on splendid form as manager ofa stable of bottom-of—the-bill nightclub acts. who finally looks about to make it big when a fading crooner takes a sudden upsurge in popularity. Matters are complicated however by Mafia connections and a misplaced romantic involvement. Beautifullycontrolled narrative. sparkling screenplay and excellent performancesd make this one of the contemporary master's best. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Cadillac Man ( 15 ) ( Roger Donaldson. lfS. l99ll) Robin Williams. Tim Robbins. Fran Drescher. 98 mins. See review. (ilasgow : ()deon. Edinburgh: ()deon. L'Cl. Stratltclyde: lfCl Clydebank. [SCI Iiast Kilbride.

I Carnival DfSouIS( 15) (llcrk Harvey. CS. 1962) Candace llilligoss. Sidney Berger. llcrk Harvey. ill mins. See preview. lidinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Cinema Paradiso (PU ) ((iiuseppe 'I'ornatore. Italy France. 1988) Phillipe .\'oiret. Jacques Perrin. Salvatore Cascio. 123 mins. 'l'ornatore‘s v ésion ofhis movie-mad childhood is a wonderful love letter to the cinema itself. Told largely in flashback. it traces the young Salvatore‘s infatuation with his village cinema. and his growing friendship with its projectionist (played to perfection by Noiret ). lissentially. it's ’l'ornatore's lamertt forthe joyous movie-going experience of his youth and a recognition of the price we pay for our maturity. l99ll ()scar winner for Best Foreign Film. Central: MacRobert Arts Centre.

I College ( C) (James W. Horne. US. 1927) Buster Keaton. Ann Cornwall. Harold (ioodwin. 7f) mitts. Cherishable Keaton feature which borrows the plot from Harold Lloyd's ’I‘lit' I-‘rt's‘lmmn to chart the progress of wimpy Buster ashe competes with the college jocks to win the hand of his sweetheart. The sports field sequences are ample display of Keaton's unparalchch comic grace. Edinburgh University Film Society.

I The Cook, The Thief, His Wile and Her Lover( 18) (Peter (ircenaway. L'K. 1989) Richard Bohringer. Michael (jambon. Helen Mirren. Alan Howard. Tim Roth. 1le mins. (ireenaway has made a film guaranteed to offend everybody. Though beautifully art-directed. photographed. produced and acted. it deals with the kind of subject matter normally only found under the counter at video nasty stores. Compulsive and unforgettable but you'd be hard pressed to like the thing. Edinburgh: Film Guild.

I Crazy People ( 15) (Tony Bill. US. 1990)

Cadillac Man (Roger Donaldson, 1990, US) Robin Williams, Tim Robbins, Pamela Reed. 98 mins. Robin Williams has a moustache and is so obsessed with selling cars he’s prepared to switch into his sales pitch at a funeral. He also has a divorced wile and several girlfriends on the go at the same time, and has just been told that if he doesn’t shift a lot of cars quickly, he’ll be out of a job when the rundown New York showroom closes. As the germ of a comedy, given William’s proven motor-mouthing abilities, this scenario should easily be enough excuse for an excellent movie. Unfortunately for reasons best known to the filmmakers, abouttwenty minutes into things, a crazy Tim Robbins bursts into the garage and starts shooting the place up with his AK-47 assault rifle. He takes everyone


unfaithful girlfriend, so Williams tries to sweet-talk him into giving up to the cops outside, and the suffering audience sit back none too patiently and wait for the movie the start up again.

It never does. So, forthe rest of the running, or more properly stalling, time, we're stuck indoors while Robbins shouts, Williams reasons on the sidelines and the rest of the cast cower. Like all Willliams films, there’s a few funny lines, but those 29 and a half seconds aside, this is hot air of the least tolerable kind. In short, Cadillac Man is about as welcome as four flat tyres. (Tom Tunney)

From Fri 5 Oct. Glasgow: Odeon. Edinburgh: Odeon, UCI. Strathclyde: UCl Clydebank, UCl East Kilbride.

Dudley Moore. Darryl Hannah. Mercedes Ruehl. 92 mins. ()ur Dud stars as an adman cracking under the strain.and who‘s packed off to the insane asylum when he commits the unpardonable no-no of actually telling the truth in one ofhis layouts. However. settling down in his new surroundings he soon has his fellow inmates coming up with similarly close-to-the-bone ideas for a new set of campaigns. The spoof ads themselves deserve a better setting than thisdumb comedy, once apparently intended asa vehicle for John Malkovich until he made aswift exit. Edinburgh: UCI. Strathclyde: UCl Clydebank.

I Crimes and Misdemeanours(15)(woody Allen. US. 1989) Martin Landau. Anjelica l luston. Woody Allen. Alan Alda. ill-'1 mins. Two stories are interwoven in this accomplished Allen offering which effortlessly blends the Big Questions side of his art with the one-line wit we've taken for granted from him. In the first strand. opthalmologist Martin Landau has a hit man bump offhis

unsettled mistress lest she alert his wifeof their affair. while the second thread has worthy documentary filmmaker Allen clashing with smug media tycoon Alda. The two narratives work towards a wise affirmation of life's impenetrable moral complexities. (ilasgow: (irosvenor.

I Dangerous Liaisons ( 15) (Stephen Frears.l£S.1988)(ilennCloseJohn Malkovich. Michelle Pfeiffer. Keanu Reeves. 120 mins. Madame deTourvel and the \"icomte de Valmont (Close and Malkovich) are treacherous 18th century aristocrats weaving a web oferotic duplicity around one another. Frears makes a notable Hollywood debut. guiding his east through a difficult set of narrative pirouettes. Yet for all the pent-up emotion on screen. little fervour seeps through. and the result is rather cold and calculating. Edinburgh: Broughton Film Society.

I Dark Habits ( 18) (Pedro Almodovar. Spain. 1984) Christina S. Pascual.Julieta Serrano. Carmen Maura. 95 mins. Thoroughly reprehensible and very funny

early Almodovar has nightclub chanteuse Pascal fleeing her drug-addled existence to seek refuge in a rather unorthodox convent. where the nuns share out liberal amounts ofcontrolled substances and the sexual peecadillo quotient is running high. The Sound ()fMth'it' it ain't. but even ifthc joke is stretched a little thin and the pacing uncertain. Pedro's aim as usual is to prick the complacencies of our everyday morality. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Days of Thunder ( 12) (Tony Scott. US. l99())'l‘om Cruise. Robert Dttvall. Nicole Kidman. 107 mins. Fairly routine rerun of the Top (itm formula which once more unites main attraction Cruise with superproducers Simpson & Bruckheimcr and commercially successful British ex-adman director Tony (wee brotherof Ridley) Scott. This time the difference is that esteemed screenwriter Robert Townes dialogue strains to add significance to the events. but while everyone tries to convince themselves that this is something more than an auto-racing flick. that‘s just what it is. A very wellput together stock-car movie. if that's what you want to see. Central: Regal.

I Dead Bingem 18) (David Cronenberg. US. 1988) Jeremy Irons. (ienevieve Bujold. Heidi Pallcskc. 115 mitts. Extraordinary examintion ofsexual jealousy on identical twins. lronsplays gynaecologists. arrogant lilliot and the more studioUs Beverly Mantle. who fall in love with fading actress Claire Niveau when their clinic treats her infertility. As the emotional turmoils mounts up. the trio become involved in a frightening downward spiral of drug-induced mania. Deeply melancholic. irrationally powerful exercise in wayward psychology, which boasts magnificent and carefully differentiated characterisation from lrons. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I Dead Poets Society ( P(i) (Peter Weir. CS. 1989) Robin Williams. Robert Sean Leonard. lithan Hawke. 129 mins. lna staid private boys' school in Fifties New lingland. an unconventional teacher (Williams) interests his charges in literature and philosophy to such an extent that they form a secret club to investigate them (along with booze and girls) further. Though Williams is on good form. the film focuses mainly on the boys' emotional development and crises. and on the mystery and beauty surrounding their midnight meetings. A sensitive. tense and moving study of the conflict between passion and authority. even if the plot is somethingofa cliche. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Die Hard 2: Die Harden its) ( Renny Harlin. LS. 1990) Bruce Willis. Bonnie Bedelia. William Atherton. 122 mins. Detective John McClane ( Brttcc Willis) is spending Christmas in Washington, but as he waits at the airport for his wife's flight to get in the whole place is taken overby terrorists. Needless to say action man Bruce jumps in there to sort them out. but he'd better be quick because the baddies are refusing to let his missus's plane land. L'sual patterned sequel that's like the original. only more so with much rnoolah spent on the explosions and superhero Willis battling a screenplay oftowering mediocrity. (ilasgow: Cannon The Forge. ()dcon. lidinburgh: ()deon. L'Cl. Central: Allanpark. Regal. Strathclyde: Kelburne. L'Cl Clydebank. l'Cl Fast Kilbride.

I Driving Miss Daisy ( t5 ) ( Bruce Beresford. CS. 1989) Jessica Tandy. Morgan Freeman. Dan Aykroyd. 99mins. The winner of four ()scars. including Best Film and Best Actress for Jessica Tandy. This film adaptation of Alfred l 'hry ‘s Pulitzer-winning play . charts the relationship between gentlewontan Tandy and her chauffeur Freeman. The narrative spansscveral decades of gradually shifting attitudes and developing racial consciousness. An affecting mosaicof

es eryday pride and prejuducc which

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