reveals a deeply-laid insight into human behaviour. presented throughout with Wonderful pacing. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I Earth Girls Are Easy (Po 1 (Juliet) Temple. [.75. 1988) (ieena Davis.Jeff (ioldblum. Michael McKean. Charles Rocket. 111(1mins. A smallspaeeship crash-lands in a Californian manicurist's swimming pool. ()ut step three fttrry aliens to enjoy the plastic delights of beach cultttre and. once they shave off their fttr. the attentions ofthe native girls. limphatically . bttt quite creatively. tasteless musical comedy which. on the whole. does a good job of latnpooning the social whirl in which consumption is king and jargon the language of fools. For sure. lidinburgh lfniversity film Society.

I Eraserhead( 18) (David Lynch. [38. 1970) John Nance. 911 mins. You may never eat jelly babies again afterthe repellent bttt compelling tale of 1 1enry. his haircut. his girlfriend. his strange offspring and a sizeable quantity of pus. Disturbing stttff. mercifully filmed in black and white. (ilasgow:(il’1‘.

I ET (Steven Spielberg. CS. 1982). Dec Wallace. Henry Thomas. l’eterCoyote. 115 mins. An alien creatttre gets stranded on earth (the opening sequence of threatening legs and flashing torchesis beautifully done). w here he is adopted by some kids. who help him construct a communication device to summon back his spaceship. All tfie little gtty wanted to do was go home. bttt Spielberg made sure he had lots of cute and agreeable adventures first. and slipped in the most tear-jerking psuedo-death since Baloo the Bear in 'l'heJungle Book for good measure. lidinburgh1'niversityliilm Society . Strathclyde: WMR Film Centre. I The Exorcist ( 18) (William l-‘riedkin. 178. 1973) Linda Blair. lillen Burstyn. Max \‘on Sydow. 1111 mins. liarnest priest \‘on Sydow steps in to say e poor little obsessed girl in this litiger effective scarefest. Dead good. dead searey. dead priest. (ilasgow: (irosvenor.

I Field oloreamsth (Phil Alden Robinson. CS. 1989) Kevin Costner. Amy Madigan. Burt Lancaster. James liarl .lones. 1111) mins. An unlikely winnerfrom writer director Robinson has Costner asa hard-working. hard-pressed farmer who risks financial rttin and builds the baseball diamond of his dreams in one of hisfields iii an attempt to recapture the innocence of his boyhood. And lo. otit of the corn fields come his childhood heroes ready to toss the old ball around. Cree. it sortagets yoti right here the baseball equivalent of soft porn. Strathclyde: Haldane liilm Society.

I Fools OiFortunet lSnParo‘t'nnnor. CK. 1989) lain (ilen. Mary l-.li1.abeth Mastrantonio.JulieChristie. 111-1mins. Misjudged adaptation of the acclaimed William Trevor novel begins iii the turbttlent Cry 11 War years of theTwenties with trouble at the big house of a Protestant landlord and then chronicles the ongoing effects of political turmoil on (he survivors. namely lain (ilen's troubled narrator. alcoholic mother .lttlie Christie. and object of his (thwarted 1 desire Mary lilizabcth Mastrantonio. l’oignant emotional tnaterial rather dissipated by ()‘Connor'sover-tricksy treatment. Strathclyde:l'('11'.astKilbride.

I Frame To Frame 1 181 A collaboration between (ilasgow Film Theatre and the (ilasgow School of Art. thisambitious season looks to explore. throuin talks and screenings the link between 'art‘ cinema and the artsehool sensibility . The first Monday session hopes to place the work of David 1.y nch in perspective while the second week brings of programme of lyrical avant-garde work under the heading l'islonarv Landscapes. See also the preview piece in this issues'sart section. (ilasgow: (i171.

I Ghost( 1311(ierry Zucker. 1S. 1991)) Patrick Swayze. Demi Moore. Whoopi (inmherg. Tony (ioldysyn. 121» mins. See

preview. (ilasgow: Cannon The Forge. Cannon Sauchiehall Street. (irosvenor. Edinburgh: Cannon. Dominion. l'Cl.


LCI East Kilbride. WMR Film Centre.

I Glory ( 15) ( [{dward Zwick. CS. 1989) Matthew Broderick. Denzel Washington. Cary lilwes. Morgan Freeman. 123 mins. The film charts the progress of the fightin' 54th. the first all-black regiment (formed dttring the American civil war). asthey gradually emerge as disciplined combat unit under their young. inexperienced and white Colnel (Broderick). 1t isthe palpable assumption of dignity by the black troopers. rather than the somewhat hackneyed plot. that sticks iii the mind. Strathclyde: L'Cl liast Kilbride.

I Grease (1’(i) ( Randal Kleis'er. CS.

1978) John Travolta. Stockard Channing. Olivia Newton John. 1111 mins. The long-running broadw ay show arrives on screen dripping with l-'ifties' nostalgia. cheery tunes. a high camp value and the winsome charms of the plastic Newton-John and the toothy 'l‘ravolta. A nice collection of old timers enhance the east. Edinburgh l'niversity Film Society. I Gremlins 2: The New Batch ( 13 ) (Joe Dante. IS. 19911) Zach (ialligan. Phoebe Cates. Christopher Lee. 1117 mins. For once a sequel that matches the original.

This time the scaly mini-monsters

rampage through (ilover's Manhattan media empire headquarters where there are genetic laboratories. hi-tech offices and even a television station at their malevolently frolicsome disposal. A reduced schmaltz factor. lots ofone-liners and an unpredictable smattering ofsly movie references make the experience a fttn one. Cilasgow: Cannon The Forge. Cannon Sauchiehall Street. Iidinburgh: ()deon.1'C1. Strathclyde: 17(‘1 Clydcbank.17Cl fiast Kilbride.

I Gulliver‘sTravelsttJ) (Peter Hunt. 17K. 1971)) Richard Harris. 81 mins. lnoffensive treatment of Swift‘s raucous parable for the matinee market.

lnte resting as a pre-Roger Raliln'! exatnple of the integration of animation and live action. with Harris's (iulliver the only human element. Strathclyde: WMR Film Centre.

I Heatherst 15) (Michael Lehman. CS. 1989) Winona Ryder. Christian Slater. 1.isanne l-‘alk. 1112 mins. An ultrablack parody of the high school teenflick. Lehman‘s first feature film managesto combine box office success with artistic merit. This cult hip hit of the year has Slater and Ryder starting a suicide era/.e to muscle in on the cliqucy Heathers running the joint. Tune in. turn on. drop dead. (ilasgow : (i171.

I Highlandeu 15) 1 Russell Mulcahy . 17K. 1981)) Christopher Lambert. Beatie lidney. Sean Connery. 111 mins.A handful of immortals battle through the centuries to win a mythical prize. A curious mixture of romance 111 Inrh century heather and car chases in present day New York. the film isaninelegant. often lttdicrotts. bttt enjoy ably daffy adventure. Lambert seems tnore at home with the contemporary passages and only the ever wonderful Connery has the requisite style for the kitsch Scottish scenes. 1:dinburgh: Cameo.

IThe Hitcher( 1811Robert Mandel. 1's. 1981i) Rtttger 1 latter. C. Thomas 1 lowell. JenniferJason Leigh. 98mins. Drowsy driver Howell gets more than he I bargained for when he picks tip psycho-hitcher 1 latter in this genuiner edge-of-the-seat suspense thriller. ' lidinburgh: Cameo.

I Honey I Shrunk The Kids ( t ' )1Joe Johnston. CS. 1989) Rick Moranis. Matt l‘rew er. Thomas Brow 1). Amy ( )‘Neill. Robert ()Iiveri. Jared Rttshton. 92 tnitts. Hapless father and would-be inventor (Moranis)does just w fiat the title suggests. The kids find themser escttt down to size (a quarter of an inch ) and swept ottt with the trash. Their mission: to

escape from the garbage bagand somehow attract their father's attention to their height problem. Well. we might think it's old hat bttt Walt Disnae. Showing with the excellent new Roger Rabbit short. 'I'tonnty 'I'rouble. Strathclyde:17C1liastKilbride.

I Hoppity Goes To Town 1 ti ) Mystery cartoon classic. Strathclyde: WMR Film Centre.

I Horse Feathers ( l '1 1 Norman 7.. Mc1.eod.L'S. 1932) (iroucho. Chico. Harpo. Thelma Todd. 711 mins. Splendid comic lunacy from The Marx Brothers as they create chaos in 1 luxleyCollege's groves of aeadcrne by helping the football team to win ati important match. With its classic routines and compact plotting this is one of their best. lidinbttrgh l'niversity' l’iltn Society.

I Hush A Bye Baby ( 15) ( Margo l larkins. N. Ireland. 199(1) limer .‘vlcCourt.1\1ichacl I.iebmann. Sinead O‘Connor. 8(1mins. This first fictional feature from the Derry Film and Video Workshop is an insightful and truthful look at the lives ofteenagers growing tip in the city. The central thread focuses on a promising romance disrttpted by the boy‘s detention in police custody. with the girl left pregnant to face an) uncertain future and the moral disapproval of her family. A deeply —felt effort notable also for a cameo role and soundtrack by Sinead ( )‘( ~onnor. Screening as the so-called ‘Mystery l‘ilm' in the HliRTAKfi season of women’s cinema. (ilasgow: (11’1".

I I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle 1 is ) 1 Dirk Campbell. 1.7K. 199(1) Neil Morrissey. Amanda Noar. Michael lilphick. 911mins. Apparently conceived as something ofa joke by the team behind television's Boon. it's a shame they had to take it asfar as actually filming (never mind releasing) the rnisbegotten thing. Morrissey buys a second-hand bike at a knock-dow 1) price only to discover it's a killer and runson blood. As the splatter level rises. detective Iilphick looks increasingly embarrassed by the amateurish mayhem erupting around him. The action highlight hasa talking turd leaping out of a toilet on the attack. Dear. oh dear. (ilasgow: (irosvenor.

I Identify: First Woman Singular1 18)This selection for the HliRTAKli season of films by women brings together material that exists outside the conventional constraints of narrative cinema to present a subjective perspective especially germane to female self-expression. The pieces include Tina Keane‘s Neon l)it er. Sarah l’ucill's You Be The Mother and Sue 1"retlerick's(ii’ritly‘ Down 'I'heSIreaIn. (ilasgow: (ii-'1‘.

I I Love You To 088111115111.;iwt'ence Kasdan. (S. 19911) Kevin Kline.'l'r'acey l'llman. River Phoenix. Joan l’low right. William Hurt. 98 mins. Would-besatirtc screen version of a true story. Wherein an angry Pennsylvania wife made a number of unsuccessful murder attempts on her philandering pizza parlour proprietor hubby muggingperformancesfront Kline and movie debutante 1 'llman as the central duo in a lacklustre and draggy misfire of a moy ie. A gray e disappointment considering the ample talent involved. (ilasgow: Cannon '1 he l‘orge.()deon. Izdinburgh:()deon.1'(‘l. Strathclyde: l'Cf (‘1ydebank. 1'Cl Izast Kilbride.

I Internal Affairsr is) 1 Mike l‘iggts. t '5. 19911) Richard ( iere. Andy (iarcta. Nancy Travis. 1115 mins. 1n the wake of hissty lisli homegrown debttt Stormy Monday. British director Mike liggts makes his Hollywooddebut with this sty lish thriller (iarcia is a quietly efficient cop working for the Internal Affairs Dept of the 1 A police. w ho comes across damning evidence that respected street cop ( iete is in fact tip to his neck in corrupt actiy toes. and before long the two are at logger heads in a clash that is to gel increasingly personal. Predictable but very flashy cop

fare with remarkably intense performances from the twocentral protagonists. (ilasgow: (irosvenor.

I Jesus 01 Montreal ( 18) (Denys Arcand. Canada. 1989) Lothaire Bluteau. Catherine Wilkening. Johanne-Marie 'l‘remblay. 1211mins. Hired torevanip a Catholic passion play. M. Blttteau enlists four actors from diverse sources. casts himself as Jesus. and sets to work on a stunningly radical version of his own.

Naturally. life begins to imitate art. btit

don‘t expect anything else predictable.

because Arcand‘s follow-up to Decline ()f The American limpire is chockfttl of twists. surprises and incisive satire. Finely acted. elegantly filmed and always intriguing. Central: MaeRobet't Arts Centre.

I Jean Cocteau: Autoportraif d‘un lnconnu (l’(i)11iduardo Cozarinsky. l-‘ranee. 1983) ()8 mins. The voice and wit of Jean Cocteau laboriously recorded on black and white as he beavers away at his themes. Tidinburgh: French Institute.

I Kentucky Fried Movie 1 Is) (John 1.andis. US. 1977) David ’/.ttcker. (ieorge l.azenby. Bill Bixby. 911 mins. This early collaboration between 1.andis and the [ticker brothers is an enjoyany gross collection of scatalogical skits cockinga snook at various corners of the media. The exploitation trailer for ( "arholtt' High School (iirls In 'l‘rouhle remains a great favourite with many a schoolboy- aficioitarlo. vs hile the lenglhtest section manages to blend Bruce fee and [he Wl:tlrrlof():. (ilasgow: (it'osyenor. IThe Killer( 18) (John \Voo. 1 long Kong. 19891Chow Yttn-l'at. Danny|ly' Yeh. lllinins. See preview. 1'.tlllllHll‘_L’111 liilmhouse.

I The Krayst 18) ( Peter Medak. t; K. 1091)) Billie Whitelaw . ( iary Kemp. Martin Kemp. 1 19 mins. The long planned biopic of the terrible twins: Ronnie and Reggie. comes crashing onto the screen. Director Medak opts to imbue their liy es with the


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