Have we got a deal for you? All this. and more. for not 20p not 40p hut 80p. Yes. that‘s right missus I s21id8tlp.a bargain innit‘.’ Where else can you get such 21 comprehensive guide to the next t‘ortnight‘.’

page 17.

IALthe wayfrom Brussels. it's the man with the muscles. Jean-Claude Van Damme. In hislatest film. AWOL, the Belgium biceps are flexed against the might otthe French Foreign Legion. and guess who wins? See Film Index


I THE world'slirst CO-specs belong to Graeme Park, Hacienda DJ, about to embark on the snappin titled Schlitz Sensation Perception Knowledge tour. See Club. Section page 79.

I NO more Mr Vice-Guy. Rob Lowe, who once starred in his very own video nasties, is now set to play a very similar role indeed in his latest flick. Bad Influence art imitating life orwhat? See Film Index page 17.

I WOULD you agree to appearin a film with this man? Gifted gabberflobin Williams gets his mouth into top gear yet again. as an extraordinary car salesman in Cadillac Man. See Film Index page 17.

I GO Forth and multiply, the humped back bridge is a century old this year. hurrah. Fireworks. fun and trolics will be held in honour of its lengthy span. See Backlisf Feature page 85.

I DREAMIN' about California. they're hardly going to make if there in this boat. are River City People. Their next ports of callare Glasgow's Mayfair on 1 Oct. and Edinburgh's Calton Studios on 2 Oct. See Rock Listings page 42.

I NORMAN Rene's Longtime Companions marks mainstream cinema’s belated atlemptto directly address the issue of AIDS. Bruce Davison stars as one of a group ofpals being slowly depleted by the disease. See Film Index page17.

I JUST give us five minutes till I've learned my lines. The World's bestpaid chippy's latest film is Presumed Innocent. See Film Openers page for details 16.

2 The list 28 September

1] October 19*)”