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RIDAY 28 Glasgow

I The Liberties and Kilh and Kin Strathclyde University Union. ‘)(lJohtt Street. 552 1895. 9pm. £3. Studentsand guests. Tonight kicks off a seriesof gigs at Strathclydc University featuring some of the newer darlings of the Scottish music scene; those either with their heads in the sand or simply stubbornly adhering to traditional songwriting values. The Liberties continue their tour to promote the current album Distracted. a fair vinyl attempt to present the acceptable face of country music. Support comes from Kith and Kin. featuring a couple of est-members of('ritterhill Varmints who got fed tip pretending to be hillbillies.

I Mega City Four Glasgow (‘ollege of Building and Printing. 60 North l lanover Street. 331 1355. 9pm. £3.50 (advance). £4 (door). Dippy Midlands funsters who'd probably rather shake off the ‘cheeky chappies' image they‘ve allowed to develop around them. Loud guitars. poppy tunes. bags of energy they've got everything that would seem to recommend them as a great live band. btit they always seem to fall short of the mark. occupying the no man‘s land between The Wonderstuff and The Ramones. when they could be creating a territory ot’their

I Innocence and Sindecut Tunnel. 84 Mitchell Street. 204 1000. 11pm. £5. Only in its second night ofpublic consumption. and already the Tunnel has done more to bring dance music to the city than a good many long-established channels. As with


Eastern Scottish coach services run from Edinburgh to these Glasgow concerts:


NOV 1-ADAMSKI; 8-SHADOWS; 17-MOTORHEAD; plus many mor adult return fare ~ only £3.95 Discounts available for Children 8t Young Scot Card holders

for seat reservations & details

tel: 03] 558 1616



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i Fsirtiropolfiyitm’i’rm .\1(' t I"\,—-— .v

Mon 15th October


. 7.30pm Tickets £6.50 in advance Available from Ripping Records. Virgin Records (031 2200925) and all . TOCTA Agents (1 557 6969). ALIQAGENTS Sl'BJECT '1" 0 BMW;

inst-p fit-K‘St‘TR“

the Sub Club‘s recent live presentations. of interest to dedicated dancefloor occupants. but unlikely to attract the seasoned live punter.

I Dawn Alter Darit. Baby's Got a Gun and Rlpt Ragz Kirkintilloch Town Hall. 7.30pm. £3.50. Birmingham ‘goth‘n‘roll‘ (probably not their own description. actually) from a band whose single ‘Maximum ()verdrive‘ was an MTV regular.

I Lezll R. Band Glasgow University L'nion. 32 University Avenue. 339 8247. Students and guests. l-czli takes time off from her other more lucrative musical career as ilue and Cry"s keyboard player to experience a taste ofindependencc.

I Metroziggy King Tut‘s Wah Wah llut. 272a St Vincent Street. 221 5279. 10pm. £3. This seven-piece are staging a major l showcase in October for interested parties like WliA and Polydor and are using some : Scottish dates as a warm-up. Apparently their singer actress (‘aroline has appeared I in Quadmpheriia and The Bill among other things. which sounds considerably more interesting than their brand of commercial rock. purporting to follow in the Tina Turner/Cher mould.

I Peach County The Stetson Club. Shelter. 7 Renfrew Court. 332 6231. 8pm.£3 (£2.50). ‘New country" from the once-a-month Stetson (.‘lub.

I The Lost Pigeons Traders. 80—90 Glassford Street. 552 5826. 11pm. Free. Light rock band who play cover versions but also feature some original compositions in their set.

I Jamie Barnes and Cochise Studio. 12 Shuttle Street. Paisley. 889 6867. 9.30pm. Free. Veteran ofthe circuit. who now plays regularly at the Studio after a lengthy sabbatical.


I The River Detectives Oueen's Hall. South (‘lerk Street. 668 2019. A gig put on for lleriot Watt students. but there should be tickets on sale at the box office as well— if you hurry. The River Detectives have one major label LP under their belts already and could. assuming all goes well. crawl out of the second division to beone of the biggest groups in Scotland.

I Alice Donut Moray l louse Student Union. llolyrood Road. 556 8455. 9.30pm. £3.50 (£3). New Yorkers with a seemingly equal affection for heads-down rocking and Swordtishtrombones-siy-le instrumentals. and some of the most unhinged lyrics around. Their new l.P. Mule. the first to be released in Britain. shows they can handle themselves acoustically when they choose. and will be shooting tip the indie charts within weeks. I'm sure.

I The BMX Bandits Floral Riot. Network 2. West Tollcross. 22S 3252. l0.30pm--4am. £3. An appropriate club to play for a band that has thrived for fotir years on the I tension between the nursery and the riot zone. Taking the act ofbeing twee to



unheard-ofextremes. and boasting one of the country‘s most lovable frontmcn. Duglas. the Bandits are an easy band to enjoy - and infuriating ifthey don't fit in with your aesthetic.

I The Bootsies Duo (ilobe. West Port. 229 4553. 9pm. Free. Residency. Jim (‘ondie on guitar and Ron Tate on vocals and harmonica take time off from the Rootsic Tootsie Blues Band to play a set ofstraight blues. with hints of jazz. and gospel.

I Spank Negociants. Lothian Street. 225 6313. 9.45pm. Free.

I The Guilty Party l.cadbelly's. South (‘lerk Street. 662 4731. 10pm. Free. First of several gigs this fortnight.

I Bo'Weevil Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 226 3816. £1 atter‘)pm. Rockin‘ blues.

I Los Supremos l.cith Oyster Bar . The Shore. 554 6294. 9.30pm. Free. Rock and blues covers.

I Las Filipinos BB's Basement Bar. Barony Street (oft Broughton Street) .556 S240. 5—-7pm. 8—1 1pm. Free. Residency. every night except Sunday. Warm. enjoyable acoustic folk from the Philippines. A variety ofinterriational styles is promised.



I Bloomsday and The Catherine Wheel Strathclydc l'niversity L‘nion. \)llJohn Street. 552 1895. 9pm. £3. Studentsand guests. See Preview.

I ick Robertson King Tut's Wah Walt llut. 272a St Vincent Street. 221 527‘). 10pm. £3.50. Nick Robertson and Slice'.’ Nick Robertson trom Slice'.’ or just plain Nick Robertson? No such identity crisis with the music '(‘eltic-tinged RtfiB'. ‘about feeling. ()n the basis of the press release. I‘d say give ’em enough rope. ()n the basis ofthe forthcomingalbum. featuring guest spots from Davie Spillane and Maria McKee. I'd say. . .exactlythe same. But as Nick knows. there'san audience out there gasping for his rootsy energy.

I Tony Scott and Jay Mondi Tunnel. 84 Mitchell Street. 204 1000. 11pm. £6. Important American club acts playing what looks set to be an important (ilaswegian cltrb. What could be more encouraging‘.’ Well. a cheaper door price riiight be a humble start.

I Hillhead Rave-0n Queen Margaret lfnion. University (iardens. 3399784. 8pm. £2. Students and guests. Worth a

look-in for the name and the posters

alone Borskee. l5 S and Ken rcdrawthe British musical map. with hip-sw urging llillhead as the capital. llighliglit ofthe evening (in an evening of highlights) will surely be Ken's teen angst anthem ‘We Hate the Happy Mondays‘ with its singalong chorus of cyplctivcs. The place tobetonight nocompetition.

I The Rhythm Kittens Burnout. Rooftops. U2 Saucliieliall Street. 332 5833. 1 1pm. £2.50. Tonight the terrible truth willout: have the Rhythm Kittens ‘gone a“ Manchester"? And more scandalously . are they alraid to admit it'.’ Seems a viable explanation for their lamentablv low profile of late. Hopefully this gig will see them back with a bang. rather than sporting brow n paper bags to hide their unnecessary shame at some delightfully blatant bandwagon jumping

I 0 Shelter. " Rentrcw ( ourt. 3326231. ltlpni. Free. A I ondon-based band with Scottish connections. 0 had their first 1 Radio ('lyde session aired two nightsago. I [7pcoming material is to be produced by Simon Phillips. who has drummed for The Who and liric ('lapton.

I The Henry Brothers i lalt Bar. ton Woodlands Road. 332 1210.1).30pm. l-ree.

I Zenith Minstrels. (to Broortticlayv. 20-1 3698. 4pm and 9.30pm. Free. Residency. I Big Strauss The Studio. 12 Shuttle Street. Paisley. SS“) 6867. 9.30pm. l-"rce. Big with the brewers this lot. hay iriglast year featured highly in the 1.1.x! .‘ylcliwans Lager demo competition and tonight being financially buoyed up by 'l‘ennents— a partnership which is certainly not the moral scourge that sortie sell-righteous bands have made it out to be.

I Jam Session Studio. 1: Shuttle Street. Paisley. RS“) 6867. 3pm. l'rcc.


I Lucy Johnstone. Yellow Earth. Kristin Hanna a rid Witch Theatre St nitlisidc (‘ommunity (‘entre Nicolson Street. Rpm-lam. £3 (£1 .50) A women-only night of rnusic and cabaret organised by Women Against Pornography l.ucy Johnstone. after the dissolution of her former group. the highly -praised lrah Hayes. is back out on her own again.and Yellow liarth are a promising guitar-andharmoniesduofrontthe West. 3 I Dawn Alter Dark and True Grit Bedrock i ('lub. Venue. (‘altori Roazl. 557 3073. See Fri 23. I Blade Serenade Down 1 'ntlci. i Queensterry Street. 'I be old 1- ngine Room has started as a regular venue. hosting sev eral bands a week.

I The Firing Squad ( ilobe. West Port . 230 4553. 9pm. l‘ice.

I The Powerhouse Boogie Band Preservation l lall. Victoria Street. 226 3S16. £l after‘lpm. Blues~rock. RcfiB.

I The Charlie Davidson Band l.cadliclly “s. Southclerk Sticet.662 4331 .-\tternoon. l-‘rce. \"ariotisly nariied ('hazlie and her Sheepdogs. The Sheepdogs . . they all happen to be this group. w ho are playing 1 here next Saturday as well.

I The Rivals Ncgociants. Lothian Street. 2256313. 0.45pm. T‘TL‘L‘. Blues— and ; country -influenced material. with sortie medium-paced rock.

I Free'n'Easyl eadbellys South ('lcrk Street. 662 4731. 10pm. Free.

I Las Filipinas BB's Basement Bar.

Baronv Street (off Broughton Street) .556 S240. 5--7pm. S - l lprn. l-‘ree. Residency. every night except Sunday. See Fri 28.

SUNDAY 30 Glasgow

I Stereo MCS ( TB( ) Winter (iardcns, People's Palace. The Schlitz Sensation Perception Knowledge club tour has had some extravagant publicity. but at the time or writing. it hasn‘t been confirmed what night The Stereo Mus are appearing. This looks like the best bet.