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I BEST seat in the house for Forced Entertainment’s Some Contusion In The Law About Love - showing as part at The National Review of Live Art at the Third Eye Centre. Thurs 11. 8.30pm and Fri 12, 9.30pm. See Separate Listings page 60-62.

I YES. it’s just a wee pain in the arse with a needle. Paul McGann is currently dramatically increasing ‘docophobia’ as the man behind the Paper Mask. In which he plays doctor with a law complete strangers. See Film Index page 17.


NOW THERE‘S a bright idea. Come Saturday 6 October, you won't be able to move in the centre of Glasgow for lanterns. Ofcourse, the town centre is no stranger to loads of people getting lit, though this time there will be 10,000 ofthem, all in the one procession. Welfare State International are the illumini behind the idea and they, in turn, have planted the bulb in a number of community centres around Glasgow. So many have been ‘switched on' by it. that they are now appealling for 600 stewards to help marshall the crowds round the city-centre circuit and out to Glasgow Green. Among the larger lanterns will be the figures ofSt Mungo, St Thatcher, some footballers and a sixteen-foot-long sunbed worshipper. This shining example ofcivic pride encompassing community involvement will last from 7pm till late, with dancing, free food and fireworks at the lanterns‘ end. The possibility of rain damping enthusiasm and putting out the lanterns doesn‘t worry them - given the numbers involved they can fall back on the old proverb ‘many hands make light work‘.

YES, it‘s sink or swim time for The Ship. Without going overboard, it‘s fair to say that the very flotation of such a project is a remarkable achievement. The epic tale of fund-raising by a city and a few people has captured the hearts of arts editors throughout the country. although the ‘epic tale ofa river and its people‘ has failed to buoy up reviewers with enthusiasm. While the production has had to brace itself against a squall ofcritical carpings. it has set the precedent of spending nearly a million quid on a play which celebrates the dignity of labour. So. when an Unemployed Writers‘ Group were invited to come and help paint the monster set, they were delighted to get involved. ‘How much do we get paid?’ queried one of the sharper members. ‘Oh we can’t afford to pay you,’ they were told. ‘just expenses.‘

THE APING ofthe top-selling Viz magazine continues unabated. The latest in line however, has a higher purpose than profit behind it. Swiz magazine, produced by Graffix Inc. is aimed specifically at young heterosexual men and women and

gives graphic instructions on how to avoid the HIV virus. Glenda the Groupie and Gordon the Gobshirer may not leave you in stitches. but the unmistakably authentic language and occasional gag or two are shown to be more effective in getting the message over than more pompous attempts have been. The magazine will be distributed by community groups at street corners, and is also available from Graffix Inc. PO Box 244. Edinburgh, EH6 7Ht.

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ACCORDING to TheStage and Television old Reg and Ronnie Kray have invited their video correspondent to a knees-up to celebrate the release of The Krays on video. Seems a bit unlikely however, as neither the video nor the twins have been released yet. The vid will be on the streets from 2 November. but it may take a little bit longer before Ron and Reg are able to put the bash back into PR bashes. Besides, I heard there was one or two things in the film that those lovable old rogues had objected to.

THERE'S always one. or in this case two, who have to spoil the quiz for everyone else. Quiz books are not everyone‘s cup ofcocoa, fair enough, but the publishers of the Macallan Great Scots‘ Quiz Book have been particularly perturbed by a couple ofcomplaints. ‘There‘s never been potatoes in bridies‘ whined one. While another complained about the area around Bute being wrongly named. Well, maybe they eat a better brand of

bridie and know an older map of Scotland. However, both the whingers. it emerged. inhabit the same office in Dundee part of DC. Thomson. Could it have

been that they felt their beaks put out ofjoint just because an English company had produced a Scots quiz book before they did?

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