Access: P = Parking Facilities. PPA = Parking to be Pre-Arranged. L = Level Access. R = Ramped Access. ST = Steps to negotiate.

Facilities: WC = Adapted Toilet(s). WS == Wheelchair Spaces. AS = Adjacent Seats. E = Induction Loop System. G = Guide Dogs Allowed. R = Restaurant Accessible. B = Bar Accessible . T = Adapted Telephone.

lielp: A = Assistance Available. AA = Advise Venue in Advance.


Theatre is listed by city first. then by venue. running in alphabetical order. Touring shows enlisted separately under the relevant heading. Prices in brackets are the concessionary price. Long running shows, unless specified otherwise, do not run on Sundays.


I THE AHCHES THEATRE Glasgow‘s Glasgow. Midland Street. Tickets from Ticket Centre. Candieriggs 227 5511. [Access: L, R. WC. G. C]. Daytime prices (9.30am-8pm) include entrance to whole exhibition. while evening prices (after 8pm) give access to the bar. restaurant anc free entertainment.

Promenade Performances Daily. 1 1am. 2pm & 5pm. Free with admission. One of the many attractions in Glasgow‘s Glasgow is a changing programme of performances by a special in-house company who bring the exhibition space alive with their short sketches on Glasgow life. Performances include the story of St Mungo and The Grave Robbers.

What The Butler Saw Until Sun 30 Sept.

7.30pm. Tue—Thurs & Sun £4 (£2); Fri & Sat £5 (£3). The Arches Theatre Company dives into Joe ()rton‘s last splendid black farce set in a psychiatric clinic where the staffare madder than the patients. Should be well worth a visit.

Talking Hearts Until Sun 30 Sept. 10.15pm. £3 (£2). The Arches Theatre Company keeps busy with a late night premiere of Paula Macgee's music. movement and monoltigue piece which looks at the many faces of Eve.

The Funny Farm Fri 28 & Sat 29 Sept.

10pm. £3. See Cabaret.

I Blood and Ice Tuc 2—Sun 14 Oct (not Mons). 7.30pm. Tue—Thurs 8; Sun £4 (£2); Fri & Sat £5 (£3). The excellent Glasgow-based Pen-Name Theatre Company revives its acclaimed production of Liz Lochhcad's play about Mary Shelley and her creation ofFrankcnstcin. Recommended.

I CITIZEHS' THEATRE Gorbals Street. 429 0022. Box Office Mon—Sat 10am—8pm. Bar. [Accessz P. L. Facilities: WC. W8. E. G. R. Help: AA]

I Mrs Warren's Prolession Until Sat 29 Sept. 7.30pm. £5 (£1‘Free). George Bernard Shaw's play was originally banned by the Lord Chamberlain because

of the nature of said woman's profession. And indeed the play is still sadly relevant. although Giles Ilavergal's rehearsal room production tends to diffuse rather than heighten the issues.




I The Housekeeper Fri 5—Sat 27 Oct. 7.30pm. £5 (£1). Free Preview Thurs4 Oct. Robert David MacDonald digs out another of Carlo Goldoni‘s 200 plays written in 18th century Italy. This isthe director and translator's ninth (at least) version of a Goldoni and it islargely thanks to MacDonald that the playwright is at all known in this country. See Preview.

I CLYDE THEATRE Boquhanran Road. Clydebank.951 1200. Box Office Mon—Sat 10am—6pm. Tickets also available from Ticket Centre. Candleriggs. 227 5511 and all Ticket Link outlets.

The Steamie Until Sat 29 Sept. 7.30pm. £6 (£4). See Touring.

I CUMBERNAULD THEATRE Cumbernauld. ()236 732887. Box Office Mon-Fri 10am—6pm; Sat 10am-3pm; 6—8pm perf. evgs Bar/Cafe. [Access: PPA. ST. Facilities: WC. W8. G. 8. Help: A. AA]. DOItI Girls L'ntil Sat 29 Sept. 7.45pm. Thurs £3 (£1 ); Fri & Sat £4.50 (£2.25). See Touring.

Three One-Act Plays Thurs 4—Sat 6 Oct. 8pm. £2.50 (£1 .25). Cumbernauld regular No Mean Company brings togethera challening trio of plays byJan Quackenbush. Michelene Wandor and Gwyn Clark. It should be worth seeing this amateur company tackle three interesting and uncompromising plays: Talking of Michaelungelo. The Old Wive's Tale. and When The Bough Breaks.

Writers Workshops Mon 8 Sept. 7.30pm. Fornightly writing class.

The Flitting Thurs ll—Sat 13 Sept. 7.45pm. Thurs £3 (£1.50); Fri 8: Sat £4.50(£2.25). The final instalment in Cumbernauid‘s series of four new plays for 1990 isTom McGratli‘s semi-autobiographical comedy about life in Cumbernauld in the late l980s. See Touring and Preview.

I EAST KILBRIDE VILLAGETHEATHE Maxwell Drive. (13552 48669.

The Matchgiris Fri 5~Sat 13 Oct. 7.30pm.


54 The List 28 September— 11 October 1990


£3.50 (£2). St Bride‘s Music and Drama Association present a little-known musical about the celebrated strike by women working in match factories.

I GLASGOW ARTS CENTRE 12 Washington Street. 221 4526. (Access: PPA. R. Facilities: WC. R. G. Help: A. AA]. Variations On A Fruit Machine Until Sat 29 Sept (not Fri 28). £2.50 (£1 .50). 7.30pm. Beautifully performed new play. by the prolific Robin Lindsay Wilson and performed by Glasgow Arts Centre. A collage of movement and ideas performed by seven women. explores themes of self and selflessness. love and marriage. Full of humour and pathos. it was well received on the Edinburgh Fringe.

I GLASGOW SCHOOL OF ART 167 Renfrew Street. 332 9797.

Look Back in Anger Until 29 Sept. 7.30pm. £3 (£2). Laverndale Arts Group. made up of patients and staff from Scotland's largest psychiatric hospital. has chosen as its second production. John Osborne's once revolutionary kitchen sink drama. The company’s publicity claims that the play is a forerunner of modern TV soap operas. but be assured that no-one loses their budgie.

I GOVAH TOWN HALL Govan. Detailson 221 1276.

Sechaba Performance Group Sun 7 ()ct. 8pm. £4 (£2). Having beenobserving Scottish theatre companies in rehearsal for the past two months. this group ofa dozen South African writers. actors. singers and dancers has also been busy performing in Glasgow and Edinburgh. This production combines the skills ofthc Iqhawe traditional dance group. the Bambu production performers and two professional musicians.

I HAHLAND AND WOLFE Clydebrae Street. off Govan Road. Govan. Phone bookings. Ticket Centre. Candleriggs. Mon—Sat 10.30am—8pm. 227 5511.

The Ship Until Sat 27 Oct. 7.30pm. Mats 2pm on Fri 28 Sept. Wed 3. Fri 5. Wed 10.