Sat 13. Wed 17. Wed 34.1"ri 3h 6'; Satle Oct. L‘s-£35. The episodic story of a boat and its builders features a full-si/e ship. a cast of actors and the odd w elder. Directed by Bill Bryden. it demands lobe seen for being one of the most ambitious

productionsof 19‘)“. but it'sall shipaiidno

substance. See Reyiew.

I KINGS THEATRE Bath Street. Box Office. Mon ‘Sat noon- bpm. 4 bars. Phone bookings. '1 icls'et ( ~eiitre. (‘andleriggx Mon Sat 10.311am- Spin. 337 5511 orothchicket1.inkboxoffices. [Access: P. 1.. Facilities: Wf ‘. R. (i. Help: A. AA].

The Butterfly Children t‘ntil Sat 3‘lSept.

7 .‘llpm. Wed ck Sat .\l:its 3pm. £3 £3.50

'1 he Mitchell Theatre for Youth had much '

success earlier in the year with this new pop musical. so now they ‘re trying it out on the King‘sstagc. 1 nei'getictamiiy entertainment

Pride ollhe Clyde Mon 1 Sat tit )ct. ".Kllpm. Sat Vlat 3pm £3 to. Scottish Variety cycning with The Alexander Brothers. .lohnny Beattie and others. High Society Mon s Sui 130m. 7.30pm. £1--£(i. The first in a series of fouramatctii~ productions at The Rings is presented by the Apollo Players.

I MITCHELL THEATRE (iranyille Street. 3313198. Box()ffice .\lon- Sat noon-Spin. Bar. (RIC. Tickets also an ailable from the Ticket (‘entre. ('andlcriggs. 337 5511 Mon-Sat ltl.3(lam (i..‘~tlpin. ]Acces‘s: PPA. ST. Facilities: W( ‘. WS. (i. R. B. Help: A. AA].

Beyond Reasonable Doubt Tue ‘l-—Sat 13 ()ct. 7.3llpm. Wed it Thurs £5; l‘il'l & Sat £b. Also '1 tie ck Sat .\lats£4 The Yearof (‘ulttirc has helped the Pantheon (‘ltibin securing the first amateur rights for Jeffrey Archer's theatrical blockbuster. Technically they shouldn‘t hayc been allowed to do it until next year. btit the publishers have tiiade art exception so Pantheon can boast an amateur premiere. I MOTHERWELL CIVIC THEATRE ( ‘iyic (.‘entre. Motherwell. (16‘)Sti7515.

Jesus Christ Superstar \y'eti 3-Sut (i r let.

7 30pm. £3(£3.5fl). \fothcrwell District Youth Theatre perform the popular Lloyd Webber religions musical.

I OLD ATHENAEUM THEATRE 13*) Buchanan Street. 3335137 Boxfmice open lllam—(ipm and 8pm on performance day's. |Aecessz limited].

Bailegangaire tintii Sat 39 Sept 7 30pm. See Touring and Reyiew.

Bold Girls Mon leatoOct.7.511pm.£5 (£3.50). See Touring.

Twelfth Nighl'l tie ‘)-<Sal 13 ()et. 7. Tilpm £5 (£3.50) See'l'ouring.

I PAISLEY ARTS CENTRE New Street. Paisley. 887 1010. Box ()fficc open

Tue Stiit noon S.3(lpiii Bar (open noon—1 1ptn'1'ue- Sat: 13.3lL-3.3llpiii & h.3()~l lpm Sun. Meals sety'ed). ('afe (open noon-«l 1pm ). [Accessz PPA. ST. Facilities: WC. WS. T5,. (i. R. B. Help: A. AA].

The Carlin Moth 15ri3ts’ Sept. 8pm. £4 (£3 ). See Touring.

Endangered Species Sat 39 Sept. 8pm. £4 (£3). See Touring.

Terry Neason and Band In Concert Sun 3t) Sept. Rpm. £4 (£3). Torch songs old and new from the star of stage and TV. Bailegangaire Mon 1 ()ct. .s'pm. “(£31. See Touring.

Bankra Thurs 4 ()ct. 8pm. £4 (£3 ). Kokuma Performing Arts presents an Afro-(‘aribbean dance production which reflects the liy'es and loves of African and (‘aribbean people today. Three musicians and seven dancers perform in this exhilarating style of dance. music and drama.

Belle's On Wheels Fri 5 ()ct. 3pm. £3 (£1.50). American writer. Jaehn ('lare. wrote this play directly about her experience of becoming disabled after a spinal injury. Performed by (‘osmorama Theatre (‘ompany . the play challengcsour conventional attitudes to disability and the disabled.

Disability Awareness Workshop Fri 5 ()ct. 3pm. Free. A workshop tied in with the production of [IF/It") ()n ll'lit’t'ls.

Tail DI the White Giant Sat (i ()cl. 3pm S: 7pm. £3 (£1 ). Puppet show froin the internationally renouned Northern Black light'l‘heatre.

I PALACE THEATRE 9 (ireen Street. Kilmarnoek. (1563 335911. [Access2 P. 1.. facilities: W('. “S If. (i. R. B. Help: A. AA].

The Minstrel Stars Show in 38 Sept. 7.30pm. £4 (£3). lnstittitionalised racism from the original lilac/r and it'lzrrt' .\1i11.s‘rrt'l.s'

The Funny Farm Sat 3‘) Sept. 7.30pm. £3.51) (£3.50). See ( XilXifc‘l.

Summertime Blues Wed .‘iv-l'ri 5()ct. 7.30pm. £35“ ( £1.50) The Palace Youth Theatre perfoi ms a musical by John Murtagh of Borderline '1 liealrc t ~ompany about life in Rilniart‘ock on the threshold of the Sw ingiitg Sixties

Oklahoma ‘1 me 0- Sat 1.1 t )ct. 7.30pm. 1.4. liyei popular Rogers ck Hammerstein musical performed by lotidoun Mtisical Society.

I PAVILION THEATRE 131 Renficld Street. 333 18%. Box Office Mon—Sat Illam—Spni Bar. [Access: ST. facilities: WS. (i. Help: AA].

Robert Halpern 12yery1fri& Sat. 7.30pm (also midnight on Sat). £4 £5. See ('abaret.

The Steamie Mon 1 - Sat 6 ( )et. 7.30pm. £(>-£4.See'1'ouring.

I PEARCE INSTITUTE ( ioy'an. Detailson

331 1370.

E Bambu Hi 38 Sept ck Thais 5 ()ct. Spin. £3.5fl(£l). .‘ylickey Dube's play isabotit

the brutality ofSouth Ali lean yigilarttes

and is pei‘lormed by four of the Scchaba

Performance (irotip which is in (ilasgow as part ot an anti-Apartheid festiyal Shotild be worth a look.

I ROYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY OF MUSIC AND DRAMA 11H) Renfrew Street. 333 51153. [Accessz PPA. 1.. facilities: W( ', W5. ,-\S, R. B. T. (i. Help: A. AA].

Paradise ls Closing Down '1 hurs 4 Sat 6

§()et. Spin. £3 ( L1 .511). Three South

African women have their night otit spoilt when they are forced tocomc totertns with the politicsof Apartheid. Pieter—Dirk l'ys’ play is performed as part of the

Sechaba anti-Apartheid festiy'al.


The Probable Fool Sat Sun T()ct 9.3(lani—5pm. £40 ( £35 members). The‘nathan Ray leadsa two-day workshop organised by

] Performance ltxchange and looking at the

character ot the British Pool as distinct from continental archetypes. Moredetails on 337 555".

Theatre In Education: Scotland Sat ts ( )ct. 1(lani—7pm. £5 (Ady anced registration needed ). An all-day seminar including a performance by Belfast's ReplayTlli. aimed at the exchange of idt as about the practise and development of'l‘heatre 1n liducation.

I ST ENOCR'S STATION St linoch Square. 337 5511.

Dancing Underground Sun 3t) Sept 7.45pm a.- ‘l. 15pm. The auditorium isan underground traitt. the stages are station

o H s 3’5: flair- ‘1 " i. .;‘ a ,4_~ - .‘ ~ .~ ,4- -,:l.‘.‘r«( z ..“-- .1 \./-‘ _.,-.~ : .-, I.’ .‘ J. ‘- .2. 2" ;:,;‘ g: V. t. 'l _ Sarag. Luff: .’-+,..‘. J A] ' , ; J I -'r;;'-":.=‘.- ' "it ~' l...‘ .--‘-'r‘ ‘-’ i: C .- . . ' " 7 .‘I V 8. .~ . -/ r .. : \ T . i 3“ ,i a W. 2“- ‘i _A t}. . ,_. 2 ’V ‘41 . t.-"'.. ‘. ‘. i" - 1.» 'l r h -’ L"; .‘ 'J .‘,. "a L‘,‘ fir-I . 'h) *5 :I \' II If] 1‘; A , ‘:'-_ . r ram-“3L7 flit-T143 :‘sl‘e'SA-J': $”~"a"..-"“'.:"35>- - Ethy’ruq . gr. 'xmg-JU -._ -- .,_-‘ L. M an” I x, I. I... . g. . .\-s_.’u ~- t': "- ..~’ CV4» « s axe...“ , .'-: . -. Jaws-~- 14:. “J Wu. ; s.rat‘:n‘r£.uc.4_s Mama-.. .. "yd :- :



Theatre Workshop,

Hamilton Place, Edinburgh

Wednesday 3rd Saturday 6th October at 8.00pm Tel: 031 226 5425

Old Athenaeum,

Buchanan St., Glasgow Thesday 9th - Saturday 13th October at 7.30pm Tel: 041 332 2333

em; "' ‘_3~'.‘"-' -ol‘fi; filia- Jtnx'

13, ~ . 1‘ V , \ A HOAUM tits'riunt t 1.1 .l. . "a '.'r-"" 'J:‘- m-r, v-'c '- i "

i l

The l N IS September 1 1 ( 1t‘:ol‘ei 1"”1'55