The Tron Theatre

63 Trongate, Glasgow


Tel. 041 552 4267 Friday l4-Sunday 30 September at 7.30pm Tickets £5.00/£2.50 conc.

The Tron Theatre Company presents

the World Premiere of

Peter Arnott's A C°NsPlRfiFY THRILER


'An elaborate intercontinental spy thriller, trilliamly captured in this fine blend of film noir and disturbing nightmare' Eveningfimec

Directed by Michael Boyd Music by Craig Armstrong Designed by Rae Smith

With Ashley Jensen, Davy McKay, Kevin McMonagle, Sandy Neilson and John Ramagc.

THE TRAVERSE THEATRE E D I N B U R G H " Tuesday 9 - Sunday 14 October 7.30pm



(Town with no laughter) by Tom Murphy "A riveting suspense story. " Sunday Tribune

“Murph y has placed himself at the very top of Irish dramatic writing. " Irish Press

BOX OFFICE 031 226 2633/225 1974


Fri 28 - Sun 30 September 7.30pm

ARCHES THEATRE COMPANY present WHAT THE BUTLER SAW byjoe Orton Orton‘s hilarious black farce and comedy classic. NOT SL'ITABLE FOR CHILDREN Tickets Fri & Sat .5 ( £3 1; Sun Si (£2)

Fri 28 Sun 30 September 10.15pm


The many faces of Eve. explored through music and dance.

Tickets £3 (22)

Tue 2 Sun 14 October 7.30pm

PEN NAME THEATRE COMPANY present BLOOD AND lCE( A tale of the creation of Frankenstein 1 by Liz Lochhead

The tragedy and torment of Mary Shelley's lite dramatically portrayed in this acclaimed production by an exciting and new company.

Tickets Tue-Thu. Sun £4 (£2); Fri & Sat 25 (£3)


Fri 28 & Sat 29 September 10pm THE PENNY FARM Tickets £3

Fri 5 & Sa16 October 10pm DEAF HEIGHTS CAJT’N ACES Tickets £3


Evening Events: Sun 'lliu 8pm - 10 sopni Fri & Sat 8pm lam Tickets .1\ ailable from 'l‘l( lei'l' (liiN'l'Ri5 (andleriggs, (ilasgow 'IIL'Iiil-ll Ill“ 55l I (ilasgows(ilasgow. the Iixhibilion open 9 $1 lam 8pm

mm The Arches. ofl" Jamaica Street, Glasgow. Tel. (041) 204 3993

platforms. Twelve musicians and dancers l choreographed by Jacob Marley perform i one of the most unusual of l99lle-.'cnts.

The novelty wears offpretty quickly. but

it's worth a look.

I SCOTTISH MASK ANO PUPPET CENTRE 8 Balcarres Avenue. Kelvindale. 339o185. The centre is open 'l‘ue- Sat ltlani- 5pm

and Sun 2—5pm. A 30-minute talk and tour : roundthe centre costs£l (75p). Workshops and information is available

by appointment (the centre's library containsover 800 titles).

I THIRD EYE CENTRE 351‘ Sauchiehali

Street. 332 7521. (ale open I lam 2.30pm Tue- Fri and during evening performances. [Accessz I’I’A. l. Facilities: W( ‘. WS. l‘. (i. R. B. l lclp: AA].

Turner Fri (1 6;“ Sat 7 ()ct. 7.30pm £4 (£2.50). Founder member of The last Poets. Kain returns to the 'l hirai Iiye (‘entrc with astream-o1?consciousness autobiographical account dealing in uncensored emotions. spiritual longing and ccstacy. A specially commissioned piece following on from his success in Mayfest.

The National Review of Live Art \Vett Ill—Sun 14 ()ct. Sec Special listing.

I TRAMWAY THEATRE Albert Driy e. 423 9527. Tickets from Ticket (‘entre 041 227 5511[Helpzl..\\'('.\\'S.t‘l.

LSD (. . .Jusl The High Points . . .t'i‘hurs ~1—~Mon 8 ()ct. 8pm The first ofthree productions by the vi orld-renouned Wooster Group front New Yoi k. 1.51) is a provocative recreation of the acid-era (ills. McCarthyism and hysterical politics. See Feature and don‘t miss.

Frank Doll’s The Temptation of Saint Antony Thurs l l--.\lon 15 ()ct. Spm. The second helping of bizarre Wooster (‘xroup theatre is loosely based on a Flaubert novel. but doesn't hesitate to take in Lenny Bruce and TV chatshows on route Sec Feature. I TRON THEATRE (i3 Trongatc. 552 4267. Box Office Tue—Sat Noon—8pm; Sun 12.30—1lpnt.(‘losedfyiondays[.Acccss: . R. ST. Facilities: WS. (i. R. B. Help: AA].

Salvation Lintil Sun 30 Sept (not Tue 25 ). 7.30pm. £5 (£2.50). Peter Arnott‘s latest play is a political detective story set in a

Armstrong and direction by Michael Boyd. See Review.

I UPSTAGE THEATRE COMPANY 72 Berkeley Street (along from Mitchell Theatre). 959 5387.

Meeting for New Members Thurs 1 1 Oct. 7.30pm. Regulars on the Glasgow amateur scene. L'ps‘tage Theatre Company are looking for new recruits interested in either front or backstage involvement. Anyone interested is welcome to come along to this informal meeting.


I BEOLAM THEATRE Forrest Road. 225 9893. [Access: St. Facilities: WS. (3. B. Help: AA]

Behind the Scenes at the Bedlam Mon to: Thurs 4 Oct. 1 lam 42.30pm. Introductor} tour for Freshers' Week students.

The CaretakerMnn 1 Oct. 1pm: Sat oOct. 7.30pm. Lunchtime Pinter from Edinburgh l'niyersity Theatre (‘ompany is then revived for an evening airing at the other end of Fresher's week.

Technical Workshop a Play Reading Monl ()ct. 3-5.30pm. Behind-the-scenes

knowhow for Edinburgh L'niversitv Freshers. - Baglady and Harry's Christmas Mon 1 Oct. 7.30pm; Tue 2 ()ct. 1pm. Edinburgh l'niversity Theatre (‘ompany double bill of plays by Frartk .‘yicGuinness and Steven Berkoff.

Theatresports Mon 1 . Wed 3. Fri 5 ()ct. Midnight. Improvised student comedy. Stage Managing Workshog Tue 2 ()cl. '

l 1am 12.30pm. More back-stage tips for Freshers.

Acting and Reviewing Workshogs Tuc 1 ()ct. 3—5.30pm. (‘ome along and get toptips from The List about writing reviews. ora few handy hints about the sort ofacting that will win you rave reviews.

0 My Poor Nellie Gray and The DtherSide Tue 2 ()ct. 7.30pm: Wed 3 ()ct. lprn. 'l'wo

. Fresher's Week plays by (flirts l loban.

Give Me An inch and I‘ll Take A Fiver'l‘ue 2. 'l liurs~l. Sat (1 ()ct. Midnight. See Cabaret.

; Auditions tor Ubu Cocu Wed 3 Oct.

1 lam » 12.30pm. .\'ot for the delicate of

taste. . Improvisation and Student Theatre

Workshops Wed 3 ()ct. 3—5.30pm. More advice for Freshers.

The Eye \VL‘LI ()L‘l. 7.3(lpn1; 'I‘hurs4 ()ct. lprn. lilTTC perform Peter Schaeffer's play.

Treats Thurs 4 ()ct. 7.30pm; Fri 5 ()ct. 1pm. Student production of a play by Christopher-11's Liaisons [Jmtgeureus‘es-I lampton.

Lighting Workshop Fri 5 Oct. 11am—1230pm. Techie Freshers learn the TOPCS.

Writing and Directing Workshop Fri 5 Oct. 3—5.30pm. Arty Freshers learn the ropes. Accidental Death of an Anarchist Fri 5 Oct. 7.30pm; Sat 6 Oct. 1pm. Hilarious socialist farce performed by Edinburgh University Theatre Company.

Theatre Games Workshop Sat 6 ()ct. Ham—12.30pm. A healthy alternative to Saturday morning TV.

General Workshop Sun 7 Oct. lam—5.30pm. Last chance for Freshers to sample the delights of Edinburgh University Theatre Company‘s hospitality.

I BRUNTON THEATRE Mussclburgh. 665 22-10. [Access PPA. R. St. Facilities: WC. W3. E. G. B. Help: AA]

SlJoan L'ntil Sat 29 Sept. 7.30pm. £4.50 (£3.50). Like the Glasgow Citizen's. the Brunton begins its Autumn season with a George Bernard Shaw play. Charles Nowosiclski directs the 1923 play. one of Shaw‘s most critically and commercially sucessful. which deals with politics. religion and creativity. Sec Review. Noises Oil Thurs 4—Sat 13 Oct. 7.30pm. £4.50 (£3.50). Sat 13 Mat 2.30pm. £2.50. First night £3.50 (£2.50). A radicalchange in mood as the Brunton tries its hand at Michael Frayn's hilarious backstage comedy about the trials and tribulations of a theatre company on the road.

Brunton Playwrights Workshop Sat 6 Oct. 2-5pm. £1 . Second in this season's term of workshops for budding playwrights co-ordinated by Victor Greene.

I CHURCH HILL THEATRE .‘vlorningside Road. 228 1155. Tickets available from Queen‘s Hall and L'shcr Hall Box Offices. Dance Display Tuc 2—Thurs 4 ()ct. 7.30pm. Three evenings with the Jonnall Dawn Dance (‘0.

Dance Display Fri S-s‘at 6 Oct. 6pm. Sat mat 2pm. The Ailsa Livingston Schoolof Dancing takes to the stage.

I KING'S THEATRE 2 Leven Street.229 1201. Box Office Mon-Sat mam—8pm. Bar. [Access: PPA. L. Facilities: WC. W5. AS. E. G. B. Help: AA]

The King and | t'ntil Sat 13 Oct. Mon~Sat 7.30pm. Wed .52 Sat Mats 2.3llpm. £6.50—£12.50. Major production ofthe classic 1950s musical starring Susan Hampshire as Anna and Koshiro Matsumoto as the King. The first major production in this country for more than a decade. Songs include I ll’lim/eA Happy

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