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Sunday 14th October Pavilion Theatre, Glasgow 8.00-10.30 pm.

“A Ski/ltul Performer" - The Independent *4



As seen on T.V's “Friday Night Live"


“Great Talent" The Guardian




‘A man. a git/tar. a hat/Cut and a permanent encore" ~50und5


W w w The Brian (3/0th of the poetry circuit

Tickets: £4.50, Students / UB40’s £4.00

BOX OFFICE: 041-332 1846




Nor For: me EASILY orreuoeo!


S'I‘Iiuyi; l..\tt|a|t


theatrical imagination make it well worth seeing. but the component parts don‘t

always gel together. More details ontl3l

228 5405.

Scottish tour continues on Mon 15 ()ct. I Endangered Species As part of

(ilasgow‘s anti-Apartheid Sechaba festival. Barbara Screiner‘s play about two sisters facing the political pressures of South Africa goes out on a short tour. [)ctailsonlMlZZl1376.

Knights wand Y( . Fri 33 Sept . 7.30pm. Free.

Paisley xlrts ( ‘i'ntre Sat 2‘) Sept. Spm. £4 (£2).

Birgitta/e ( 'onr/tlet'. ('ustlemilk Mon 1 ()ct. 7.30pm. Free.

[Mime/tape] I "hemp/overt ll'orkers (‘entre Tue 2 ()ct. 7.3“an Free.

I The Hitting (‘umbernauld’s final new play of the year is a surreal comedy written by Tom Mc(irath and based on his experiences of liv ing in the new town in the late ts’tls. See Preview. [)ctailsonlll3h 732857.

('umln-muuld 'I'lieutre'ihurs l l--Sat 13 ()ct. 7.45pm. ()23h 732887.

Tour continues.

I The Newsmakers South African two-handcr Using music. stor'y-tellingand comedy to satirisc current conditions in the country. Performed by the ’l'ord/ro Brothers for the Sechaba anti-Apartheid Festival. l)ctailson (MI 331 1270.

Nit-ifs“ ( 'pstrtirs‘. 3 75 Suttcltielml/Street. (ilmgmv Sat 2‘) Sept. Wed 3 & ThursJ ()ct. 7.30pm. £3 (£3).

('uriiu‘udrt'c ( ‘I'.'( ' Fri ZS Sept. 7.3tlpm. Free.

Bishop‘s Lot/I RH Fri 5 62 Sat (30d. 7.30pm. Free.

I The Rise and Shine oi Comrade Fiasco ()ne of the surprise bits of the lidinburgh Fringe. is this drama about a Freedom Fighter with dodgy credentials. performed by Zimbabwe‘s Meridian Theatre (‘ompany for the Sechaba anti-Apartheid festival. Recommended. [)ctailsoutl-ll :3l l37h.

'l'orvelen ( 'omnrunitv Hut/y Fri ZS Sept. ~l.3llpm. Free.

l’eurt'e Institute Sat 3‘) Sept. Mon 1 ck Tue 2 ()ct. 7.30pm. 1.250(1‘1 ).

Hrumcltupel l 'iiemp/oyetl ll'orkery ('entre Thurs 4 ( )ct. 8pm. Free.

I The Steamie lixcellent production of Tony Ropcr‘s hilarious recreation of life in

(ilasgow's old laundries. featuring lilainc (‘. Smith and Dorothy Paul.

('lyde 'I'lieutrt'. (‘lvdehmtk Until Sat 3‘) Sept.l)-11 051 13m.

Pavilion Theatre. (ilusgmv Mon 1 Sato ()ct.ll4l 3321846.

(iuietv. xivr Mon S Sat 13 ( )ct. 0292 264039.

Tour continues.

I Twelfth Night TAU takes Alan l.yddiard‘s production DigilttkCSpL‘fll‘L‘h comedy of mistaken identity on a longtour of schools and theatres. An emphasison music and choreography. More detailson (Ml-1393S77.

Aberdeen A rtv ('eittre L'ntil Sat 3‘) Sept. 8pm.

[.mlige/lv (‘entre 'I‘lieutre Mon 1 ()ct. 7.30pm.

Theatre ll'urkshop, Edinburgh Wed 3 Sat o ( )ct. 8pm.

()lt/xlt/ienueum. (iluxguwTue 9 Sat 13 ()ct. 7.30pm.

T our continues.



I The Funny Farm (ilasgow's (ilasgow, Midland Street. (ilasgovv. Tickets from Ticket (cutie. ('andleriggstHl 237551 I. ltipm. £3. Funny Farm members turnout for the latest in a series of occasional gigs at (ilasgow's(ilasgowcafc bar. Mirtband merrirnent Glasgow-style.


I The Comic Club Blackfriars. 45 Albion Street. Merchant ('ity. (ilasgovy . (Lil 553 502-1. 0pm. £4.51) (USU). Baropen H.3Upm- midnight. Regular weekly supply of(i|asgow stand-up.

I The Funny Farm ( ilasgow 's( ilasgow. Midland Street. (ilasgmv. Tickets from Ticket ('entre. ('andleriggstHl 22755] I. ltlpm. £3. See Fri 28.

I The Funny Farm Palace Theatre. ‘) ( ireer Street. Kilmarnock. 0563 335‘)“. 7.3(lpm. £3.5()(£2.5()). ()uite clearly you have no option. but to see at least one mcmbcrot the Funny Farm if you‘re any w here near the West ('oast tonight. Kilmarnock's choice of comics is Stu Who‘.’. ( 'athy and (‘laire. Fred Macaulcy. Kev in Kopstcin and David ( 'osgrove. Should be a good gig.


I Theatresports Bedlam Theatre. Forrest Road. lidinburgh. “31 3359893. Midnight. improvised student comedy.


I Frank Sidebottom Strathclyde t 'niversity L'nion. John Street. (ilasgow, (MI 552 1895. 0pm. £3 (students and guestsonly). Surreal musical humour from the Manchester man with the papier mache

t .19 "F .1, .fl‘ \ he

head. First gig in an excellent autumn season of cabaret at Strathclyde.

I Give Me An Inch and HI Take A Fiver Bedlam Theatre. Forrest Road. Iidiriburgh.ll3l 225 9893. Midnight. ()ld-hands in the Edinburgh l 'niversity Theatre ( 'ompany report back for Freshers' Week about what they did on their holidays. as they revivetheir ladinburgh Fringe revue.


I Theatresports Bedlam Theatre. Forrest Road. Edinburgh. ()31 2359893. Midnight. improvised student comedy.


I Give Me An Inch and I'll Take AFiver Bedlam Theatre. Forrest Road. iidinburgh.it3l 235 9893. Midnight. See Tuesday 2.

I Sechaba Festival Comedy (try 1 lalls. (‘andleriggs. (ilasgow. 8pm. £5 (£2.50). The Funny Farm muscles in on Glasgow‘s anti-Apartheid Festival. with contributions from Stu Who'.’ and (iordon Robertson. while from London the ‘best black comic in Britain'. Felix turns in a set. as does Newcastle‘s Buddy Hell. And to give a taste ofSouth Africa. the Sechaba

58The list 28 Septc inber ll October 10‘)“