I Indelible Evidence (BBC‘Z) 9-9.3(lpm. A sort of thinking person‘s Crimea-arch. Ludicrous Kennedy examines several recent cases that have been ‘cracked' by new forensic techniques.

I Monty Python's Flying Circus 9.30— lllpm. And now for something exactly the same. This is the one with the dead bird sketch. which everyone can recite parrot fashion. I Omnibus: Jorge Armado and his Tent oi Miracles(BBC1) 10.20—1 1.20pm. The Omnibus cameras travelled all the way to Jorge's native north-eastern corner of Brazil. There. the hugely popular 78 year-old author spoke of his life and work. I Have I Got News ForYou! (BBCZ) Ill—10.30pm. The Beeb bites back. Recently (‘hannel 4 have done a lot more of this kind of silly quiz show (spawned by Radio 4). tonight. however. lan l lislop and Paul Merton earn a crust from being lightly satirical on BBCZ.

I Human Desire (Channel 4)

l l .(l5pm—13.45am. fimile Zola‘s La new Hamaine. adapted by Alfred Hayes. has brutish railway employee (brutish rail: we're getting there) Broderick Crawford. in a desperate struggle to save hisjob. Suspecting his wife is getting more than

friendly with a colleague. he forces her to become an accomplice to murder. only to become the victim of her own plotting. Passion. jealousy. drunkenness and brutality a run-of-the-mill Friday night in fact.


I Going Loco (Channel 4) 1—5. lllpm. Break out your parkas. woolly hats and sarnies: the whole afternoon is given over to Channel 4‘s current obsession with trains. The timetable is as follows: The Great 5! Trinian 's Train Robbery 1—2.45pm. (ieorge Cole and Frankie Howerd lead the antics of the misbehaved misses in a movie inspired by the then topical escapades of Buster (iordon and his chums. Dora Bryan. Richard Wattis and Raymond Huntley also star. Followed by Palace on Wheels (3. 15—4pm ) which records the luxurious trip round Rajasthan that Hilary Minster bravely undertook in the plushest of railway carriages. Finally. Railroader (4.40—5. lllpm). rounds offthe afternoon with Buster Keaton running through his repertoire of railway gags.


I Arena Special: The Fever( BBC‘Z) 750-9. 10pm. The programme sets out to examine the role the arts can play inan emerging South African society by focusing on the production of Township Fever. a controversial play dealing with tension and murder in the townshipof Soweto.

I Saturday Night Clive ( B B(‘2) 9.10-9.55pm. The man with no neck makes a welcome return with his witty. erudite survey of what's crossing the world's airwaves. His usual dedicated crew of media monitors will be sendingin their satellite reports. and his studioguest is Elayne Boosler from LA.

I Moving Pictures (BB(‘2)9.SS—lt).45pm. Former Late Show presenter Kate Leys fronts this new look at the movie world. Over the course of the series. the programme promises to tackle a variety of themes: from the way 1 lollywood's American Indians are coping with the death of the Western. to tonight’s survey of the astronomical fees currently being shelled out for movie scripts. Iiach week.a film linked to a report in the preceding programme will be screened immediately after.

I Film on Four International: The Bomb ((‘hannel4) l(l.25pm—12.25am. Temporarily giving up its current obsession with trains. ('hannel 4 finds time to squeeze in Lars Molin's psychological thriller. Initially the l lamburgauthorities regard a man's claim to have planted an atomic bomb in the town centre as a hoax. though gradually they come to the conclusion that this is no sick joke and are forced to confront a man who refuses to compromise. Michael I)egen stars in this taut thriller.

I All The President's Men ( BB('3) ll).45pm»-- lam. Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman get tangled tip in bureaucratic tape (recording rather than red). as the ll'ashr'ngton l’os! reporters who uncover the Watergate scandal. in this intelligent. if self-congratulatory. movie.

I The General ((‘hannel 4) 3—3.3llpm. (ieorgia. at the outbreak of the (‘ivil War and Buster Keaton is torn between two loves; his engine and his girl. When not one. but both are kidnapped by the Yankees. he sets out to recapture them. Hailed by many as old Buster's finest silent movie.

I Italian Football (BSB) 3—5pm. Live coverage of one of the matches from what is widely held to be the best league in the world.

I The New Avengers (Scottish) 3—4pm. With the afternoons drawing in. l’tlrdey is back on the box. Today she has to face up to an armed rodent.

ITerminus (Channel 4) 4.45—5.25pm. By this time. even hardcore trainophiles may be getting fed up with choo-choos puffing around on their screens. This Wot) award-winning documentary however. is worth catching. as it portrays the hectic life of Waterloo station in London.

I Screen One: Can You Hear Me Thinking? (BBCI ) 9.20— 10.50pm. Judi Dutch and Michael Waters. last seen together in A Fine Romance are the parents of a disturbed teenager who is eventually diagnosed schizophrenic.

I The Media Show ((‘hannel 4)

9.30— it). 15pm. Tonight. l-{mma looks at the survival of the fittest. in the world of natural history programmes.

I Home Express ((‘hannel 4)

ll). 15—] 1.55pm. Prototype train thriller set on board the Roma express. The terse witty script comes from the pen of. among others. Sidney (iilliat. who later co-wrote The Lady l’anr'shes <- Hitchcock's train thriller. A compelling melodrama with theft. murder and intrigue all putting in an appearance before the final destination is reached.

I The South Bank Show ( Scottish)

10.354 1.35pm. Salman Rtishdic appears on TV for the first time since l-‘ebruaryof last year to talk about his new book

I Iaroun and the Sea ofSlori'es.

I The Falcon and the Snowman ( BBt‘Z) lll.35pm~12.45am. John Schlesingcr's film based on the remarkable tale of two young Americans who sold top-secret info to the Russians one motivated by political disenchantment. the other by the need to finance his heroin addiction. First showing on British TV.

I Mission To Kill (BB(‘l) 10.50.) 1.40pm. The Mormon fundamentalists who shoot from the hip. In 1977. lirvil l.cBaron died in jail after ordering his wife to kill a rival leader. Before he copped it. he had drawn up a ‘[)eth l.ist' which has since had a few crosses placed on it by hisfollowers. Everyman asks this small but dedicated band why they indulge in such ‘atonement' and why aren't The ()s‘mmtt/s‘ on the list‘.’ l’lease‘.’


I Roseanne: Life and Stuff ( ( ‘hannel 4) (v—(i.3l)prii. ()ne of America's quickest wits. now available at an earlier time.

I Panorama: Showdown on the Mersey (BBCl )‘).3ll— 10pm. Five years after Neil Kinnock pledged he would purge Liverpool of Militant. the city isteetering on the brink of financial disaster. What will the fate be ofthe city whose future now seems so closely associated with that of the Labour leader'.’

I Fresno ((‘hannel 4) ll).3(lpm—-13.2(lam. The soap to end all soaps. ifonly. [)eepin the heart of (‘alifornia‘s agribusiness. two families are at war over the raisin-raising rights. With every character driven by greed. lust. envy or a chauffeur. thisone will rtm and rtm.

I Tomorrow‘s Child (BB(‘1)

1055—1 1.45pm. Youngsters from around the world give their own first-hand accounts of the struggle they face for survival.


I Rangers v Valetta ( BSB) s- lllpm. Not much of a contest perhaps. but liuropean football nonetheless. Rangers are currently cruising at 4-0 up from the first leg. and if you happen to knowof somewhere that actually receives BSB.it may be worth catching if you don't mind seeing the (iers chalking up a victory. that

I The Curry Connection: Sylheti Brothers ((‘hannel 4) 8 H.3llpm. Ismail Merchant continues his search for the secrets ofthe curry kingdom. Tonight he asks whichonc Tony Benn favours and w hy 9t) per ccntof British Indian restaurants are owned by people lrom a small tea-growing area of Bangladesh.

I Critical Eye: Don't Threaten Me ( (‘hannel 4) 9- lllpm. After the excellent Bartleof Trafalgar which kicked off the series. the (ritual live crew take a butcher's at the return to democracy in ('hile. Made by local boy .Iuan Andres Racz. the film follows events from the political defeat of Pinochet to the installation of l’atricio Alwyn as PTL‘\ltlL'lll. Amidst the celebrations a large question mark still hangs over the future of(‘hile's democracy. lzspecially with Pinochet still head of the army.

I Fiaw Deal: The American Way ( BB( ‘2) 930-11). lllpm. Arc British does show ing the same oy ercautious approach toour

health care as their law suit-shy American counterparts‘.’

'l-lTL' list 33 September ll ()c‘lolwr ]t)t)()83