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advertising ploy, the reality for Education, set up Training 2000 (the Because the majorit)‘ of [UP johs in working women is far from Scottish Alliance for Women‘s this country are held by men they are glamorous. Training), with funding from the the decision makers. so we want Statistics reveal that in this age of Training Agency and a number of them 10 he zm'afc of US and to supposed equal opportunities, founder sponsors. This dynamic new implement good practice hack in the despite constituting 44 per cent of organisation aims to promote and Work place .' Scotland‘s workforce. women are improve the qualityandquantityof BU! WillTriiinihg 300” merely help still concentrated in low paid. low women‘s training in Scotland. professional women who have one Of statusjobs with few prospects. and Training 2000will help employers dctcrmihcd{001%th Cétrccr rung I occupy less than a quarter of all and trainers. including Local and ShOUldcr Pads the size of BCII k t h managerial positions. The so-called Enterprise companies. to deliver the NCViS? I c e n sexual revolution encouraged a quality training women have been ‘DCfiniICl,V' 1101. A“ 1rd!!!ng (lays generation to be conscious of sexual denied. Membership of the Will haVC ilSSiSlCd PliiCCS {Of Small , politics and sisters to sing about organisation will be open to trainers, VOIUHIHFY organisations. and WC AS cmploycrs face Skl“ doing it for themselves. but the personnel specialists and managers. have strong links with community Shortages women are in reality for women seems bleak. Initially the organisation will act as gFOUPS likC WOmL‘n imd NOW demand again. Jane Astheyear 2000approaches. an'mformatton centre. publtc1sing Direction‘sbased lll‘i‘llftnl and the O o . economic factors may dictate a examples ofgood practice. (JTWTU E‘NL rh‘m-‘L I “’Jul' HumpthCS anCStlg'dtCS a complete rethink for Scotland‘s establishing links between Basically “’0 “W11 1” lnllliilc 11 new organisation set up to employers. It is'predicted that due to practitioners and publishing a fille-dtmn PTUCL‘SY Al 1‘ ETEISSTOOIS lmprovc the quahty and LZC£§$:%:ZEEISIilégvctrildfglfiizhch quarterly newsletter. etinsidcring l‘cycluwc dft.ldf&$lll‘lg ' H w _ 5 . . g y that Training 2000 hdsonly (“0 fun educationaltsts. so that awareness quantity ofwomen S 29 percentbythc year 2000— time employees—€0-0rdjnamr for equalopportunites can begin at training. Scotland will face skills shortages Morag Alexander who was 'dn 0&1le 21110 7 ' which will be particularly previously a consultant on Equal With PriiCllWL “‘d‘wl “CW challenging for the Scottish Opportunities to the UK offices of initialiVCS‘ 'Iiriilnintl 3W” "110' he The l‘)9()s seem to have given rise to economy. This labour shortfall must the European Commission and helping [0 “WWW “010110010 the popular myth that sexual be addressed, and as women are a administrator Sheena Briley. the future of Scottish women. but the equality is a healthy part ofour major neglected resource, training task seems enormous. Scottish economy itself. l modern existence. As new-age men and retraining for women could be So far. response to Training 2000 I are portrayed as nought but the key to providing Scotland with has been encouraging. Sheena Briley , . _ body-oiled finely toned torsos. the skilled workforce it will require, comments that membership has Forfuflh” ’"fl’m’au‘m ‘i"”_’“‘" carrying cutesy babies as the latest In May this year, the Scottish been flooding in from all sectors. and Tmfmng 2000' 30 Rum”?! ‘S‘/“‘”"- accessory in a highly SUCCCSSfU' Institute of Adult and Continuing stresses. men are equally welcome: Edlnburgh' 031329 677'"

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