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In issue 131 you chose to illustrate an article concerning Scottish Rugby Union with a picture ofsomeone who is neither Scottish nor plays Rugby Union.

The picture. ofcourse. is of Welshman Jonathan Davies. who plays professional Rugby League for Widnes (God bless ’im).

You could have chosen to use a photograph of Alan Tait. who is a former Scottish internationalist in Union. but. then again. he also plays for Widnes. Yours faithfully (an exiled Widnesian).

David Roberts Dennistoun Glasgow

Well done. Anot/zersharp-eyed reader. You win this week ‘s .s‘lzarp-everl reader 3‘ prize a J use ('uert'o T-s‘liiri.


Bennie on billboards Today's lecture is on ADVERTISING. which is either the

oil that helps the wheels ofcapitalism ;

turn or a monkey on the back of the working man. ‘The adverts are the best thing on the box‘ maybe a dinner-party shibboleth. but I personally do channel-hop in order to catch the commercials.

The nominations for the most entertaining TV commercials are as follows: (a) Fry and Laurie for the Alliance and Leicester "This card could get me into Fort Knox.': (b) the roller-skating pandas for Kit-Kat: (c) the lap dog making a Sharp exit out of the window for llarp; (d) Gregor Fisher in the photo-booth for l lamlet: and (e) the handsome couch-potato and his stunning wife for Fiat 'Damn. I‘ve forgotten the French bread.‘ The winnerofthis year‘s Bennie is. . .

Happy llun 1. Papal Bull 2. Ninety minutesofmoral anarchy. As sub. I crossed myself as I came on and was promptly booked. If the referee had understood Gregorian Latin 1 would have been off. . . I tried tosnap Father Flyte out of his depression by telling him: ‘Life just isn‘t like a (‘oca-(‘ola advert.‘ but he just held on tighter to the lamp-post.

David M. Bennie I Iaddington Place Edinburgh

The best letter next issue not written by David M. Bennie will win a Jose Cuervo tequila T-shirt. Letters, which may be edited for publication or subjected to random censorship, should be sent to The List, Old Athenaeum Theatre, 179 Buchanan Street, Glasgow Gl ZJZ, or 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 lTE.


Buffalo Barry

For the past 1 1 months I‘ve been compiling a book and still am. hopefully for publication next year sometime. on the Scottish tours made by Buffalo Bill‘s Wild West Show 1891—1904. the various cultures and lifestyles ofthe performers and much more. and have tried all over the place for a £600 grant plus a £50 postage allowance in order to complete my research and write the book. but to no avail. either because I'm an individual or. according to the Scottish Arts Council letter to me. because I‘m not a professional writer with a proven track record of publications. Well. how does one become that without help'.’

Are there any companies." individuals in Scotland prepared to back me. supply my needs and a publisher to print the completed work. for although this is my first solo work. it won't be the last.

Finally. ifanyone knows of North American Indians or their descendants who took part in the shows and made Scotland their home afterwards or general info about the shows including photos. programmes. diaries. local pubs

where the performers went and

much more. then please get in touch with me at this address.

Barry Dubber

20 Grampian Street


Glasgow G32 9TD


I would dearly love to find out why the thriving club scene of 1986—9 seems to be disintegrating before our very eyes. In Edinburgh. UFO and The Power have folded. and it seems that many club-runners have suddenly become obsessed with the desire to keep out anybody in anything vaguely resembling flares or hooded tops. I was brought up to believe that just as it is not acceptable to be prejudiced against people because of their skin. age or sexual preferences. it is not acceptable to be prejudiced against people because of the way they dress. The mushrooming number of clubs catering for middle-class 20—30-year-old students. post-grads, pseudo-intellectuals and tourists is comparable to the mutters of ‘casual bastard‘ I hear directed at me in pubs and in the street. Bowl cuts may be ridiculous but it is my right to have a ridiculous haircut. Please desist from this pathetic paranoia or envy or whatever it is and let‘s just enjoy ourselves while we can.

Steve Davey

Rosslin Crescent


95 'l he List 28 September

ll October 19‘)“

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