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Five years in Public Enemy betore his very widely publicised (how could itbe otherwise?) dismissal. PE‘s former 'Ministerotlniormation‘ and head otits Security otthe First World. Professor Griff. returns with his new group. The LastAsiatic Disciples. Theirdebutalbum. ‘Pawns inthe Game‘. is less of an uncompromising tirade than might have been expected. Griff is still an angry man. but a more tolerant and. by his own admission. understanding one. than hewaslast year. He has ‘learnt a lot' about blaclo’Jewish relations. especially since the affair oi David Mills. a black ‘Washington Post‘ journalist associated with Grillwho tiled an allegedly anti-Semitic story. And losing his Minister of lniormation post

the Anti-Defamation League) intended to ease race relations, come naturally to him.

The Last Asiatic Disciples are signed to the Miami-based Luke Skywalker label (now plain Luke Records), the same company as 2 Live Crew. whose

Thanks to restrictions on Arts Council of

Great Britain funding. touring opera companies based in England are stuck behind the border unless they have

some source in Scotland to footthe bill.

So Glyndebourne Touring Opera‘s visit to Glasgow this month is something of a rarity. being onlythe second time the company has been to Scotland and theirfirstvisitto Glasgow.

“On this occasion.‘ explains their

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grown out of the Glyndebourne Festival and now exists alongside it. sharing

facilities and staff. but the raison d‘etre

behind their productions is far removed from the elitism so often associated

with the Festival. ‘There are two main

reasons behind Glyndebourne Touring,‘ says Ms Playfair. ‘One isto make Glyndebourne accessible to the public at large through playing in often very large theatres and keeping ticket prices affordable. and the second is to


administrator Sarah Playfair. ‘we were invited by Scottish Opera as part of the European City ofCulture celebrations.‘ The season has been made possible with support from the Scottish Arts Council. Strathclyde Regional Council, " Glasgow DistrictCouncil andGlasgow 1990. ‘Our repertoire is based round that of the Glyndebourne Festival.‘ says Ms Playfair. ‘and we‘re bringing theirtwo new productions. "The Magic Flute“ and “New Year" by SirMichael Tippettplus"Fidelio" asit'sa good repertoire piece and wefeltwe could castitwell.‘

Glyndebourne Touring Opera has

give young singers a chance as they are breakingoutintointernationalcareers. It‘s a good place to learn roles.‘ she says. ‘a very special environment which can‘t equate with any other company. It‘s not necessarily better. but it's certainly ditferent.‘ Don’t miss the chance to see Glyndebourne Touring Opera. It may be a while before they can come this way again. (Carol Main)

Glyndebourne Touring Opera perform at the Theatre Royal, Glasgow. Tue 23—Sat27.

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