IAW no. why didn‘tltake the clothes out otthe machine earlier—Ican‘tgo to school llkethis. Tom Yang. Dancer, will be strutting his stutt down at Edinburgh's Theatre Workshop on 12 and 13 Oct. See Dance listings page 61.

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INO. notthetoken male role in Cell Block H— please. lain Glen turns in a marvellous pertormance as the crim-turned—poetLarry Winters. in Barlinnie. in David Hayman's debut leature. Silent Scream. See Film Index page 27.

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IC‘MON ladslcantakea leg pull as well as the next cyborg. but a joke‘s a joke— now give us me screws back. Robocop 2. glossy and packed with special etlects for sure, yet also boasting a disturbing portrayal ol the luture. See Film Index page 27.

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lTHElncredibleOrlando— ;_ almosttotallyblind—isbest knownlorhis workwiththe if

Lindsay Kemp Company.

The British Premiere ol his latestwork, Eclipse OlThe Sunln Holy Week. willbe

perlormed atthe Traverse Theatre Edinburgh. 18—27 Oct. See Theatrepreview

page 51.

IOUTSTANDlNG guitarist and unashamed pudding bowl hairstylist, Stanley Jordan and his trio will be (:1! Glasgow‘s RoyalConcert Hallon 20 Octand Edinburgh's Queen's Hall

[- “mac‘sem” Preview pagetfi.

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this with unexploded I SPEARHEADINGthe tireworkslThis bizarre season olYoungJapanese snackloran unknown Cinema at'theGFTis . soldierlorrns part otPeter Takamine sUntamaGiru.

TheheroisaRobin ,, Hood-like sugarcane worker wholeamsto levitate while " ' hidingtrom his boss. See Film Index page 27.

Kennard‘slorthcoming exhibition atEdinburgh‘s Fruitmarlxel Gallery: Images ForThe End OlThe Century. See Art Preview page 63.

I BARRY ‘Ladies Man' 1 White will be collecting his usual assortmenlollingerie onthe stage olThe Playhouse on 18 Oct. See Rock Listings page 37.


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