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m The Country Wile. I asked director, Hugh Hodgart, tor his motives in resurrectingyetanotherRestoration comedy. ‘We questioned how relevant this play was.‘ says Hodgart. ‘A lot otthe characters are very hedonistic and very tree withtheirsexuality and people‘s _. w w analysisisthatnow we‘re in an age > . 4’5 .' where that‘s not the case. I would 5 ' challengethat; itseems like thatthe general acceptance ol the condom and its safety meansthat it‘s actually liberating people‘s sexuality again.‘

Is Hodgart. then. tryingto give Wycherley‘s17th centuryrompa20th century message?

‘lthinkthatto up-date ltwould beto diminish it in many ways. The danger with modern productions ota 17th century play is that it becomes like an 4 extended joke about car phones and

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A scene lrom The Miser. one of Hugh Hodgart and Gregory Smith's previous Royal Lyceum collaborations.

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The restructuring means that the examine it again for ourselves so that company will betrekking all over it‘stromthen. buttornow.‘ (Philip Edinburgh torthe nextyear. They Parr)

haven‘t lar to go for the first play ol the The Country Wile will be at The King‘s season. though. as The King‘s Theatre Theatre. Edinburghtrom 25 October—3 , - . .. ,-.. lSlheVehue l0rW|H|am WYCherleY S Novemhef- Jim Davidson: alternative Anti-Christotcheekychappy?

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mm:— Vision of truth

Anyone lortunate enough to have seen a production by the Lindsay Kemp Company will rememberThe Incredible Orlando. Having been a member ol the troupe tor 25 years or so. Orlando has developed an

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Counterpointingworktorthe about0r|and0 jsthetacthe is virtually I‘m“ “WWW “PM” I'hh'm'm‘lmg‘ hemlmeuui tn the ( mu it» keep llle Company.Orlandohas been carving blindlnstead olhaltingabudding whim“.le“Nth”ICHIMWIN ““t‘l‘Wth‘UlW’l‘k‘”l” outasolocareer.Anoldlriend otthe careersometwemyyears agowhen HUICHUUghfll“mam”lmmu" \j‘e‘etllilllilllJTUl llilLllllllll lle‘h Traverse.hislatestproduction.Eclipse retinispjgmemosa beganmimpajrhjs Ixnldvm'llbprmkmhh I‘i|I-.[H\;l-\‘l\ llglppll} lllllllll};lTl\;lllll-.-\l’;lll[Mllel OtThe Sunln Holy Weekwillbe eyesight.helollowed Kemp‘s advice m?“‘ilt-C.I[HHWwmf‘khwf “1mm lhi”RWthl>1¥~lll<ewéllWl h“ Dertormedtherewiththe helpotlive and heldlasttohis passion.‘Blindness Imj'mmmml‘“'“h‘lM'mm lk‘L‘IT\WltN‘l_\ hhhfll‘Wh actors lrom The Edinburgh Theatre means I can't act. I have to be true.’ (\Lll‘lhhm ‘h m.“- Ht [hr “PM 1):” Mlle WNW M \l‘lhk‘lh'h.‘~'”l ‘1 School. ‘lt‘sverv experimental.‘ he states Orlando. ‘Because I can‘tsee the WWW “Hm-JIM“ m “11mm \Ul'l‘l‘N‘e “5 Whth 1‘ h” .L‘s'hll'il- explains ‘Relherlhahdeihgthe usual audiencelcan projectthetruth more "‘,‘_‘“““"”9‘_““MW'YV‘ ‘mdvmlm \kllllJlllllllitllL‘\llL‘iil\llluluillllill‘e camp-eeherelkihd Oll0kihg stutt,l easilythanillwasasighted person pjk.ltflll]1‘.l,m.kiMWChL IC’JUI‘M‘ .mnthemainl);ixiiiwn\.iei. ll wantto conveyamessage.‘Conceived and very egocentric. l‘m notoblivious P fl-HWNP‘MU “Hm” llm'itlwnisthchikhhheeh'ww by pannerNako Nadaj‘thepieceis (“the public.butyyeellcanholdmem Hixisnluhhiitlmenmliu hiiiiimii'. \xitlelm}. Iliunneeleheixilher builtround ajourneytowardstruth. ‘lt's more thanlcouldtitteen years ago.‘ I‘L‘Whmefirmiml 'jHllW. l‘ll‘th .iml \entimenldl.i1\'llllk'Uh”Ul‘V~\‘h" presented inavery SYmbolic way. You Reactingtothe disability asa WWW“ "MV- ”“ "\"ht‘hm‘ 1 mudc lwmmcmwmhhx which“! COU'dsthiSqUhe Spiritualin challengeratherthanaproblem. U1"“VP/W1!rim/:lmzmi/l‘lze ehililTL‘ll\L'Hlel'ldlllel. Hl\.lllL'ekllll;tl essence“he continues twearetwmg Orlando hasdevelopedaumque ((IS/“Hindlli’l?lt'./(U71('\hiHC styleandemiriliirtulilerupjmil\kilh to presentapiece oltheatre which says Qualitvthrough which hetaps powertul “WW'h “W”“hm”“"h‘WhWhF liiwmhcmwi‘cihdi‘vuw'h1h”he somethihgtrue.thoughitdoesn‘tget emotion. (J0 ROB) “ht‘l‘m PC“”””~\“,\ “We‘llth ruinthelimrrmtxlimuehin too heavy. lt'snotloaded with doom Eclipse OtThe Sunln Holy Weekis on “WNW l""“i““”“h”""lc“h" U"hl‘h‘hlk‘hl “#Mh‘m‘“mill” anddespairt. atThe Traverse. Edinburgh.18—27 0C1. MMHMHtm'mC’VHUI[)‘Mflk'r‘lllhe LtlllL‘ll(l\ltll'llllll.

Perhapsthe mostincrediblething y 7-30pm(an0nSy illlL‘tll Illll‘lccll.;llltl\l.ll‘lctllllxeillllle jhghtiiettte-stttittj'cnmjnx Islhe'te'

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