all in this talk entitled .iltiking I’imof in self


Renfrew (‘oiirt 11am & ‘lpm. See Hi 12.

I Videos Studio. Noon .~..‘~llpm es 5 “pm,

lam/iii ( irit'liii get together as Blast and wort} about the atriiosphere.

1 heat and sound change around them. i I Third Estate Music and Dance < taller; I

See Fri 12.

I On The Goodnight Loving Trail PSI.

Noon (ipm, Sara Dorm illc's installation is a fairytale Vision of ('oritiuistadors and liberty in the Wild West.

I Inventing The Logic In Chaos ( ialler'} 1. Noon. Students on Leicester l’itlyte'e‘liriie"s Performing Arts (‘ourse present the second instalment in a trilogy based on .l‘ht’ .Utln ll'ltu .Wl.\’!(mh His Wife l'itrxt Hut.

I Bride Kicks ( ialler_\ 1. 12.511pm. l-ioiia Wright pl;r_\s with images of women and imagination.

I Big Kids Make Art 1’82. 12.311pm &

1 .311pm. Martin lliirton's lilacls' coined} plays games with the passage of time and conlrorits our tendenc} to as oid reality 1w

I Lite-Saving l’Sl. opm Dislocated action and iiagmeiits ol dail} life are thrown together 1w 1 he Damned l.o\ ely.

I Architecture For Babies ( iallery I

a 30pm. l he tutuie \ iew ed lrom a PVC sota in a satellite '1 V chat show and

perioi med 1w Dogs in lloiie}.

I DIDarkened Rooms'l lie Shelter. Renliew ('oiirt. \‘pm. loopholecinema don't lllse‘ iiist sitting liacls and enio_\inga moi re '1 he} like the \ iew er to take a

unit 11 more lll\ ol\ ed role and so the film ei tllt‘e‘tH e's screenings lia\ e as much todo with theatre. music and improx isation as the} do the mos iiig image

I Some Confusions In The Law About Love (iallei_\ 1. ‘1 .illpm. l‘oi‘ced liritertainriient inhabit a world or cheap hotels. crass sillt\\l‘li"t'TltL'fittllllilCllt and piilp'l'V.

w liile confronting the big themes of lose.

setting up systems and habits, I Five Personages ol Bridal Persuasion (ialler‘_\ 1,2.311pm.(ialoi'el’ci'loiiiiance

' propose theories about lli‘itish Rail. the Royal Mail. the population ol Brighton and a housemaid. IBreadmaking(l;iIIe-i-_\ 1 3 l<pin l isa Watts gets energetic with soiriedough. I Talk: Rose English Studio. 3.31 rpm. Rose linglish talks on that popular siihieet Hits! [)Il ‘li’erltri' t rit’tlt/Itlllll. I No Room ForA Dog 1’83. 5pm .-\nnie loveio} and Mac Dunlop ioin lor'ees to create an installation perfor'iiiaiice which

\e'\ .IIItltlL'aIll.

I Debate/PerlormancezThe Form Studio. 111 itlpm l-xen the seminar'is e\perimen1al as \eil Bartlett pla}s the role oi lhe \lodeiator introducing pei'lorniances lr'om six panellistsand encouragingadebate hoth aliouteontent and liiiiding. Representitisestrom liindiiig bodies w ill be present as will

\\ iiiistcl (it‘iiilp :\ssiiclatc Director. Nancy Reillx


IA Sale Place lhe Root. l-r‘om lllam. lt's iiiipossilile to lsL'L'P a t‘lt'ii or a l‘I'lIltIL‘ l’rogiaiiime in [be [lit otlices; Kirsten

ma} or may not he about the oppression ot dogs. I The Fall of Lucas Fortune ( ialler‘} I (rpm l’etc Brooks and Claire \lacdoriald lalte an excursion into dream as tour people meet in a bar alter a Biblical—style flood. I Coasting 1’83, aflillpllt Dax id l/od and Adrian [ambei't return to the National Res iew with a lora} into the artol storytelling and desert island dilemmas. IArchitecture ForBabies Ilies‘heliei.“ Renl’rew ('oiii't, ‘lpm. See 1'11 12, l I Blast 1’52. 111. 15pm. Kate l‘Iillle‘e' and

lax eis. how e\ er . wonders w here lile's more etlie real moments end up.

IAS We Take DurFirstBreath .\1cl ennan (tallei'ies. l‘tllledtll in Room. 2‘11 \aiichiehall \iieet l lam 5pm. lan

Daw son‘s installation is based in a shrine ttiilltlllt'\tle11_\

IOlDarkened Rooms'l’lieShelter."





Tuesday Saturday 1100— 5.30

Patricia MacDonald leads an Aerial Photography Workshop Friday 19 October - Sunday 21 Oct Fees £75 ($255) including flight. Contact Stills for details

Q,:-;‘i 18th October and into 1991 "UP ()OR CLOSE AND ROON ()()R BACK" lean Faley's family took her to America in the 1940s when she was 16. She has returned and helped the museum recreate the room and kitchen in Gourley St. in which she grew up. Not a perfect reconstruction but a theatrical evocation using real furniture and the memories, sights and sounds recalled so , vividly by an immigrant. A book will be launched in conjunction with the exhibition "Up oor Close" by Jean Foley

I Dr Even What Leaving Was ( taller} 1. 11pm. Anne Seagrax‘e considers escape


I Discussion: Plattorm Debate I’SJ. 10am iiooii. Your chance to renew the Rexiew

IVideos Studio. .\'oon 3pmand

3.30 "pm. See ill 13. I In The Frame ( iallei} 3, Noon 7pm (hourh ,. 'l'he last we heard ol Roland \lillei he was spiralling in and out oi (ilasgow on a monthrloiig walls that tools him Irom the outskirts to the centre ot the (ID and back again. No doubt his experiences lia\ e inlormed this installation per Ioi'maiice, which is all to do with what happens to the imagination when It is trapped.

IDon'tPutYourShoes On The TableI’S‘l. \oori 5pm \leloiiil’oole‘sinstallation esariiinessocialcondition aiidiri particular its limiting hold t‘VL‘I' the ll\ esol

I ( ialle‘l} l..\i~iili. liittlie's lII l‘llg'llt wonder about the natui'eot peiloi'iiianee.

IAngst l’SI 11x15pm. (i.l\ill Raiidlegets allesistential

ISIow. Slow. Quick. QUiCkUaller} 1.

1 SHUT}. ( ~lar‘e l’aliiiei dances liei’was through a tale about a romance that riiight has e been.

I Weighted Flight 1 he Root liom 2pm. lhe most iinlileelx striptease act you‘ll

'e‘\ ct see. as \ \t‘iiiic .-\II\chl goes tililttllie' root to tie small weights to her clothes .r\s the weights get iiiiheaial‘le. the gar‘iiieiits .llt cast iii pieces into the w ind.

I The Governing Body l’s‘j. 3pm Dennis Di aciip and ( tars ( rai‘dnei sit theiiiselx es iii the IllltltllL‘ ola sei’iesol geometric images and let the ii‘etiuencies ol'coloui‘.


sponsored by


6 OCTOBER till 2 NOVEMBER 1990 MONDAY SATURDAY 10 - 5.30 pm


2.45pm Dance and music 1w lhiid l'state w ho base this integrated piece around responses to the Mint/in l'erses attair IThe Oxymoron Studio. 3pm. leiiaii Dagger talses iis through e\er\thingliom the lr'idge to the tlIIl\ erse in asceptical appraisal ol mankind‘s aehrewments IUbique Five(ialler\ 1.? 15pm liagl-iie is a group ol tliiee iiieri w ho talxe acoiiiic look at the serious l‘llsllle'\\ ol iiioui Illllt'. Jiie‘UIlitlllttIllIL'Wlls' i IGigantic Days l’S: ilbpm \los ciiieiit theatre pei’loi’iiied to Matthew Spr ingloi'd and l’aiil \1unda\ and based out )lixei Sach'ssllitiht'rtiiigs ITiny ( iilllc'lt l.‘_l‘lll.l{ttl‘e‘l1()\e‘lstrll combines liagiiieiitsol conteiiipoi'aii lile sound liites. dance. words. images in :i testiiiedaiidrlitlhmiciiiulti IIIL'tll.It‘\'e‘Ill withai‘e\oliition.ii\siili ie\I I Talk: The People Show Studio, 5, ‘1 lpiii Old hands in the lielilol expei‘iiiieiital theatre 'l he l’eople Show ie\eal .ill in a tails called Niel/Ire. llit' li'ia'li. I Behemoulh 1’33. "pin l'liiee sc'ilptui'es attempt a mental iiiggliiig act iii \llrsoii (ialhr'aitlis comic and alai'iiiing musical and tillIlle'elle'lls IThe Fall otLucas Fortune < Mlllk'l‘. 1 “pin. SeeSat 1.1. I 01 Darkened Rooms I lie Shelter . Reiiliew ('oui't \piii \‘eel H l.‘ I End of Decade Partyt alt: s illpiii until late. l'\t.‘Il the 'oiithda} galse is coriiiiiissioiied ( Irom one ol the woi ld's

lew per lot mance gooks. llolilw llalterlas

the .\ationai Reiiew ol 1 inc '\Il celelti'alesitstenthaiiiioersaiv ILoveYou Alwaystiallezu I \tidmglri Roger \\ liitinote 1w lio w it lsed asa designer and per lorriei oi: \Jeil llaiilelts .1l’isioiiot/ it t'lx’t'iitiled/ti.\i’i't'/tlte';iiiis up with :\lll\itll lrilsteii 1 w lio appeared in last year 's \atioiial Resiew ‘iiiil hasplaiis towor’lx with lilda'fiwiritoiil.


62 llie last I: ZS ( )ctolier two

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