Ilndelible Evidence r titit‘jiii U .‘sllpttt. lfllstilCrtlssltlale‘lllllg trhres inthelatest dramatisation ot a murder case tti w hich torensic experts are called in. 'l heir expertise rsan ettectiyc deterrent tor would-he criminals. anditictdentallyan iny aliiahle source or tilm material tot aspiring l)ay id l y nchi s

I Monty Python‘s Flying Circus ( lilit Ci

‘) ‘illrlllpm. Re l'L‘-l\‘*l'L‘-re‘i‘L‘tiletl /aniness. with this episode including the (yr/m ( ./(1\\ In H ( H li/lt llt't1r\l\ikilell.‘lll\l one ol the chestnuts doomed to he chanted mantra-like hy the world‘ssisthrlormers untilthcendottimc.

I Frank‘s Place t ( 'hannel 4 l LJ ll. illpm. l'ndetrated low-key itnportcd sitcom set iii a New ()rlcrns lL'\litlll ant. Not in the clients league. hut plc my ot laid-hack slow~hurn moments. and that's not rust the lood

I Casualtyititir‘t twill iiijflym

'l errilic lilood. guts and human ttiletest stult with \lk'f-litll t lircnda ‘l )scat” l'l icketl and the rest ol the start It‘s a tart hel tltat thete'll he .in R l .\ at some point and some loy :ihle old guy will into \ l‘ and die .-\ppareritl\ lhtsptogratnmeistoo dow nheat to sell oyerseas iiut lwouldn’l chaticea thing,

IHavelGotNews ForYouhliltr ’ji

lll lll .‘wllprn. (ileyerahck w ittmcss trotti tlte \illl/ show panels led liy l’ari‘. Merton and /)l'lli1[r'/' \r'c'tllltll laii l lislop (irrests are taken ltotn tl‘:e ititet cltangcalileworth ol comedy and tour iialisin

I ProjectX I( liatlllel 1i

ll “5pm l35‘7am .\riotiict l'utiire l'eaturewithan ingeniousilconiplicated plot tnyolying .i find century s'clt.'llll\l lotced to h\ e in a lacsimilc ot the (illslli order to reeoyet his memory l lerman's l lermits records .ait do that too. ktiowi

IThe TallGUYlSeolltsltl".:ll l? vl‘pm .lell ‘l‘lk ( lt‘ltll‘llllll. lQil‘i‘._itl 'lll iclsacltlel~ Atkinson and l nitna “still try trig tolisc

down that series' lliiitnpson sla: iii halt-decent lilackish comedy .iliout a tall guy tryingtoliyewithaiiiriletrority complcs caused hy llls playingsloogc toa smattass sircccsstul comic '\ ‘. ideo. ll not oosvottice. liil

IWhere Eagles Dareililit ll

" lll ll lllpm. ( )t tire genre knownto l)ll\ille' le‘atlels .is l’lr". l/r'ii /ii Hruecy. re a \‘yotld \\ at .‘_ iilockliustct. with a stiitty old lirittsh cast \lichacl llordctn. l’eter li.itkwottl;. l )otiald llouston /// iliyened up hy macho typestlinl l'astwoodand lx'iehatdliutton asleadetsol a daringparachute dropinto liayatia to rescue a high Minkitigollicer ltorn.icastlcwhicli isinipregnahlcte\ecpt \ stunt tilled spectacular troiii l‘lro

IForce DtEvilililii .‘w is lit .‘fipm \lade hy .-\l\t;iltatt1 l’olonsky lll l‘lJ‘l. this isot some interest as the inspiration tot \litllltthuilseseslalcsl

ll l\ll lt‘l elliHSe‘l

.lohn it cliirllseil

(l""(t”('i/i/tl\ (iatlteltlslats as loc \lotsc lawyc: inyolycil iti tar. kctecring \\ hen they try to muscle ii:on somesinallcr lipetaltitwllial's ltriys llle‘y lalls tti lltcsc gangster tlicksi. they encounter unespcctedopposition .\poweilulstory ot crime and cottiiptii in in \qw \ otk's underworld.withcliiriiitalions.syndicates and taccs that di irt't lit arm. liii 'le‘

821l lie l.lsI l3 :5 ( )elril‘et' l‘Nl)


”l IThe Conversationit‘hannelti I”. lSptn—dllllam. The l lolly wood Mavericks season continues with l'rancts (‘oppola‘s psychological thriller starring (iene } lackman as a protessional surveillance expert. who heconics inyoly‘ed in a murder plot (‘oppola's mastery ot plot and narratry e holdsa complex story together. helped hy a strong cast including an unhilled Rohett l)ll\ all. and a young l larrison lord t ritics called

j I Dance Energy 1 1313(‘2 i (1.25-7.05PIU.

Another l)lil-‘ ll strand. looking at the interweaying strands ot dance music that I dominate the charts. Introduced hythe less-than-e\otically-named Normski. each programme w ill showcase the hest dance acts on the scene. latest y ideos and exclusiye reports trorn cluhcultiire l capitals around the world. l ITerrorlt‘htinnel 4l‘lAlllpm. An ! uncomprornisirigly-nameddocumentary series looking at terrorism. The tirst i programme examines the originsot international terrorism. and loctiseson the struggle hetweeri Israelis and l l’alestiniaris. and its origins iii the attermath ot' the last world war. I Panorama: South Alrica-- Drowning in Blood l lilifl )‘l..‘tll- ltllepm, David l)imhlehy' explores the political situation in South Atrica. in the first ol a two-part special lnteryiew'eesinclude .\elson Mandela. our] leader (‘hict Buthelezi. and Communist Party leaderlocSloy'o. I Centrepoint ((‘hannel ~1l in. i lpn]_ Second episode in the drama series. which contrasts the idealism ot the eyents ofMay 1%8 with the disillusionment ot’ Thatcher's Britain in 198‘). ltitriguing parallels emerge. inyolying drug deals. terrorism and murder.

I Sport In QUBSllOMScotttshl

lll45~rl 1 .45pm, last of the series. Belore packing away his excess y ocahirlary. Archie introduces guests including Steye ()yctt and (i/itygoii Hem/(l w riter Brian .‘ylcek'.

it a ‘tilm ot enormous enterprise and tension‘ with an added pi rtericy hecaiise ol \N'atcrgate.

IThe ElephantManitiiii ‘ji

lllJSpm- 13,35;itrt.l).iyidlyttchteyer grows apace. although this is rather more restrained than some or his later w or ks John l lurt stars as the distigured Victorian. w ith an intelligent and setrsitiyc

I Ben Elton —The Man From Auntie ( litit'ti l l .4llprn~ ll. lllam. lle‘s loud. he's sharp. he‘s t‘iiriny . say the BBC lle’salso repeated. which might take tlieedgeoll some ot the topical gags. A ratherlater slot than when originally hroadcast should keep the Moral Minority quiet ahout some of Ben‘s more lay'atot‘ial routines. I The Golden Gate Murders ( Scottish) l2.5ll~ 2.40am. Set in San Francisco asyou might expect. Dayid Janss’en isthe detectiye. Sitsanriah York is the nun. together they are the team that are going to solye the mystery surrounding the death ot a priest pushed ot‘t‘the hridge otthe title, Sounds a hit Inspector Morse to me. IThe Story DlMarc Bolan ((‘hanneHl. 1.35 2.35am. Rare and archiye footage ol Bolan and l. Rex from their early tltly'sttt theotls totheirlaterdaysin the. Cf.7lls. ('lassics like Hot Lore and Ride :1 w‘hm' Sim/r get ati airing.

SUNDAY 14 . i .

I Force 10 From Navarone r littt't ifs-5pm. More gung-ho Sunday alternoon stutt with l'idw ard l-‘ox. Rohert Shaw and What's

l larr ison l-‘ord doing iii this ruhhish'.’ Actually a moderately ripping yarn. tairly pacy and haying the ady antage oy er its predecessor (firm ()j‘ot lacking Antony I ()uinn camping it up. I Scotsport (Scottish) Sr-opm. Skipperlim White leads a depleted team into the

tough w inter games. as matches are aharidoried and pundits are torced to chat inancly Analy sis is led lay (iot‘dott

personality hchirid thedeloizniti -~ :\

\[l'tlllg‘sllpptllllllfli.a\l lllcllltli'\.\liltlli\ llopkins. .lohn ( riclgrid ;\nne llancrolt and .‘slichaell lphick

IThe ColourDlPomegranatesit'liannelti lZQll l Allam. .-\ ttihiite toScrgei l’aradianoy . one ol the most origirialol Soyiet tilm—makers. who died in .luly lllls

isaytsrially-compclling story ol the litcol lS‘th century .\l'lllt‘lll;tll poet Ts.iy.it .‘\o\.i. who.like thcilircctor. wastictscr‘ltletllot hisheltels

I Same Difference t('h;innel‘1l5,.illhpm. .\ new series or the iriaga/ine programme

lot the disahled. presented hy lihhy (iross and Mark 'l'odd. (rues: reporters willgiy'c new s on ‘. arious issues. including the arts iti l'.ttt‘ope and youth clirhs lt it' the disal‘ilcd.

IThe Curry Connectionit'harmelti

.s s..‘~llptri. \lore Ruhy .‘yliitrayswtth lstl‘tall \let‘chant. this week looking at the .\li ighul domination ol high street menus. and chatting to the only lrrshmari in the worldwhomakestandoortoy ens

I British Fashion Awardsr litir ‘ti

S S .‘illpm liye tt'om the .r\lhert l lall. it's Sclttia arid lett w ith guests including l)iana Rigg. l’aula Yates and Richard .lohson reporting on the winners otnirie

.‘ylcUueen. a man w ho once missed a World ( ‘up hecausc he head-hutted a goalpost.

I Hearts Of Gold l lilit‘l )53ll o. 15pm, \Jo. say it isn‘t so. the return ot the dreaded lzsthet . in an appalling show designed to show the kindly nature ot the great British puhlic. 'l’hc (ilil’ are strongly ads ised to he on tlieit worst heliay iour it they see those mtzimoiis teeth approaching. ratherthan allow mcmcclwe m In. \Uhlului m mle categories. including ( 'outure. ( ilamotir. itlltl .-\ccessi lites.

IThe 1990 BookerPrizeititir '3)

S lll ‘lpm .’\/.t1/(I.\i;ltll\ special tr‘om the :(iiiildhall w here this year‘s winner will he

patronising sclimaltz.

I Screen One: Sticky Wickets (BBC 1) 9.20—10.35pm. James Bolam. stillto rediscoverthe godlike status ol his pertormancesin l'lrt- lake/y [alt/Militl Hire/t l/ti' Hour ( 'omi’s lrt. stars in an

announced ( )tic ol the most yaw ttsome llsl\ ey er in a competition not known tor its thrill quotient at the hest ol times. ( iet your money on ,lohn .\lc(i;iher it is my .id\ ice. hut it you win. spend the cash on something more interesting than these riiiyels

IThe Hand 0tSta|in:Leningradskaya llilN CW .‘ill lllfillpm 'l he yicttmsand enti ircets ot 25 years ot Stalinist rule in the Soy ict l ’mon tell tlieit own story tn the

.inptomismg larce set iii a hotel w here he is entertaining a party ol ( ierman industrialists. l‘rilortunately the local cricket cluh are also hooked in. .lll \Vot'ltl \Var ll tancy dress. .-\ tasteless reminder to a united ( iermany thatthe Dunkirk spirit still lingers on in the lilie drama departtrient.

IDa‘fllmBUKrlilHl l\ “Haiti .\ new hlankct title tor the lilit ti

'lllk‘llllLIS. tll‘QQtllISL‘Ll lltllll cc'lllle'S lll


lttstolalh "‘—tt‘ li‘ lirrmtnghamand \lancliestet lngtedtents 1!“ l “h ( ‘UIHLHHU‘

‘ontinu riy- -' i- includechildren sslots. a rtew ant/cattle. \ m“ u [m ner “M “Hum-175' h

agrin;-i. -r-. Hmmudhpdmjkmmhm‘ Rvgdl‘” \ itilei ttimmedctottitions. itid

Immru “Hm MUHMM ‘m. WWIIle thi lc “llll iges l cing wipe d out. andorie t t ; s ; "t IThe Good Dre Youngit liarinc-l w. “I! I' l“‘““"“‘ ’ml‘l“ “MN” M filmy!“ INN} \m mm mmmm lllt tLHl Soyrct leaders

I Mercy 0rMurderrt‘lrannel-ti

lll l l ,Sllpm. lt‘s issue-hased 'l \' moer time again, and this week it's euthanasia that gets the treatment Rohcrt Young is the elderly doctor w ho decides to hurnpott « his desperately-ill w ite l'rances Reid Not alorralaughs j

laurenccllarycy as an amoralpsychotic

playhoy haying all the inn and mating

three decent lilokes to cornri‘at a mail y art

rohhery look out to: a notrallithatyoung Joan ( 'ollins. and ls’ohctt \lorley . typecast i again as the tat hastatd