NIAXAUICKIICNT RICQL'IRICD \'ery ambitious lfdinburgh band, becoming very busy and finding self-management impossible. Hardworking, motivated, preferably experienced help required. Phone 031 452 8049, early evening.

' o ANEIIICAN CONNEXION: - ARTS CONNEXION Scotland's recognised roducer of American

' and ' established training arm seek an Administrative

Director to grow with the Companies (Edinburgh based).- For information and interview. ring Donna Orlando on 031-

I Having a night out? Need a babysitter'.’ Responsible and reliable female available for babysitting. Izvenings and weekends only. Referenees available. ()wn transport. Phone (MI 3.“ 4657.

I Aspiring Edinburgh writer seeks paid assignments. Small portfolio available, Box No

132 Ii 1.

I Art post-graduate seeks to gain experienee in seenery design and eonsiruetioii within Iidinburgh area. on full part time basis. paid unpaid I’hone after 8.30pm Ml («$3770.


required for busy arts y enue.

(‘omrnission plus bonus. Iiours


Contact Simon on 031668 3456.


I DO you need high quality photographs and slidesm‘ your art'.’ A professional and competitive serviee offered to artists and crattspeople. (‘onIaet Kevin Maelean and Iidward Seott on 031 22b 375‘).

USEYOUR LOAF! Make bread. Share your know -how through our I’RIVA'I‘I: 'I'I'ITION eolumn.


92 The List 12— 25 October 1990


ONLY £2.50! will put you in toueh with lotsof people with spaee to let or wanted. An ad in our z\( I if ).\I.\l( )l):\ll( ).\' seetion is still only from £3.5Ilper issue.

IJOinerlii, Duggan. Reliable tradesman. All lypesol rornerw ork undertaken in (‘entral Seotland. I’hone I’enieuik 7Min

I Getyourprintlasterar Dilpli-Uuiek Itdinburgh‘s .\'o I (‘opy (‘entre at l"a Albany Street.ll315571fs'llll.

I ForAll Printing posters. leaflets. handbills ete. eontaet David .‘ylaedonald lid. 3‘) Albany Street. Iidinburgh. Phone “31 55h (I393.


I Live recording Six traek portable reeording serviee for all types of pertormanees. ()nly £35 and eosi of tapes. 'l‘el: Robin on lifsl 55(IIXI43. .lust hear how goodyou aetually were through (iiroStudios.

l l


IThe Party Club Aneseiting new soeial elub for IS 35s. Meet new friends and partners at organised parties andother soeial events. Apply now for details. Box No1}: DA 1.



IBROX Room to let in spaeious. well appointed house sharing with 3 young men Lieu per month.

041427 0858.


I Lovely room available in shared flat for female non—smoker. Veryeoml'ortable. share with one other female. All faeilities. (‘lose to shops ete. 'I‘elephone 228 2335.

I Large room available in eentral Iidinburgh flat foryoung professional. (‘ II. share bills. 'I‘elephone 031 2284139.

THE LIST PERSONAL ADS are designed for individuals to meet other individuals for I: I

relationships. We reserve the right to refuse any advertisement without explanation. (‘ireulars. promotional literature and offensive material are not forwarded where diseovered. If you reeeive sueh material with your Box replies please let Us know. Write. enelosing the material. to: Classified Ads Dept at Hie/1st.

I Giro Tape 12 .\ line e\ample ol features Radiumeats. Vatiean Shotgun Seare. l‘ianees. (ringe. Shadowland. ete.

'\y ailable from ( iir‘o Studios.

1S l)undonald Street. I~dinburglr ( )nIy Llfllline ptkpi.

INVITATION TOASUHPRISE. SURPRISE PARTY l'riday Ind \oy ember I‘Ml I lelp Galliard serious poetry publishers eelebraie tlieri first Comic Publication HAGGIS at Rrehard l)ernareo(iallei y. Illaeklriars Street. Spin llam. L5 tieket at the door oi book at (BI 57” 3‘1“ or (ill :IWRITSII Ineludes a tree eopy you w ill eertainly keepyoursell. Llper eopy to giy e your lirendls l II more than one. Supper—(guess what?) and wine while stockslast.

IIAR Readings-Reels-Fiddle Music— Happenings—Witches—Cult Memorabilia will rernrrrd you you were there l’oet AlexanderHutchisonand illustrator Charles Hynes w Ill be there and a by e fiddle band.


, 'TO‘THE .‘





I PianO/Keyboard Tuition by experreneed musreian teaeher‘. All styles, improy rsatron. speeial eourses for beginners and restarts. All ages, Home visits. I‘rontloading teehnitrues. Sensible rates. (ISIIS (IS-lilo

I Spanishtuition offered by natiy e speaker. (iradualed in History. Beginners to adyaneed level. Iznioy your seeond language. 'l'elephone H31 32‘) (It‘s'hs,

I German tuition ollered by graduate. suitable for easual studentsor those working towards exams. All ages and leyels w eleome. rm more rnlorrnatron eontaet I.i/ \unan oan 33‘) ISS‘l).

I Italiantuition andtranslation by natiy e speaker. Phone this number. ()31 55b 50‘): and ask l'or(ierardo.


I Fiddle. mandolin andlolk guitar lessons from mperieneed musieian. Also ay ailable for gigs and reeordmg. Any sly le, .lames ('urran. l5 Ke‘I‘slrirrtlSiie‘et. llilllieail. ( ilasgow.

RAJA YOGA MEDITATION I'ree introduetory lessons. “Kilian. Salisbury (entre. 1 Salisbury Road.

l'dinburgh. for more inlor matron phone 031 229 7220.

\\ ednesdays.

'llie Rainbow, leilli,

i l'idinburgh ; Painting and Meditation i with llrearnwork . Ilatik e; Painting and Drawing

l)ay'\ evening and

weekend elasses [’Irrrnr’ l'irrm

R M/ ,s' miss}

for/rink 1' irifi‘rrlmuirm r

I DOII'I hide your light under a

bushel Atlyeriise II in

the IlI'Y A; SH l seeiion IXTC Ofliciallanzine Limelight .\l( tans album. now buy the Ian/me. Send L! plus \‘1saeto

.‘yiark l'ISIIL‘l 'I w eeddale (‘our i. lllligh Street. I'drrrbuigli

you'y e got the



SALE PAGE NO 14 FOR DETAILS OR RING 0683 20473 OR 0896 55 35 3

I Classic telephones l leapsof bargains. I‘Mlls blaek bakelite LZ‘IIIneleaned. I‘Iollsplastie lnineeoloursl Ill). l‘,\'L‘II eheaper by the pair ( )tterswiek l’rops_ li‘wl (NC l‘sp‘nl. flurry .sale ends yesterday liaaaa. Ilaaaa. liaaaa. ..

ANTIQUES. RAIT VILLAGE ANTIQUES CENTRE. Iiverythingfrom ITtlieentury oak and walnut to ( ieorgian mahogany to eouthy pine, Sensiny prieed sofas. pottery. prints. Wernyss ware and deeoratiy e items. \me shops.

easy parking. One mile Northol

ASS. halfway between Perth and Dundee. Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm. Closed Sunday's. Rail. by I’erth.

08217 205.