ancestral seat, ill matched upper class Tina Caspary. 100 mins. Mac is in fact an couple Wilby and Scott~Thomas find their acronym for Mysterious Alien Creature in already deteriorating relationship nudged E this kiddies‘ adventure that followsthe

I further toward ruin by the arrival of cute little extraterrestrial's earthbound Graves as a parasitical house guest. I adventures with a gang of four young Beautifully acted and crafted version of ' chums. And yes, it does sound a lot like the Evelyn Waugh novel which captures l Spielberg‘s ET. Glasgow: Cannon The the source’s period detail, but the i Forge. characterisation‘s genteel fair-mindedness ! I Mad Max 2 (18) (George Miller. fatally subdues the original‘s venomous ' Australia. 1981) Mel Gibson. Bruce note. Edinburgh: National Museum Of i Spence. 94 mins. Exhilarating Scotland. ' post-Apocalypse adventure. with plenty I Hawks and Sparrows (PG) (Pier Paolo grotesque imagery and vicious viilians. Pasolini. Italy. 1966) Toto, Ninetto Pure cinema (count the number ofwords Davoli. Rossano Di Rocco. 88 mins. 01' Max has to say) and the highpoint of Vagabond father and son Toto and the series. Edinburgh: Cameo. Davoli. deciding to emulate St Francis and I Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (15) talk to the fowl ofthe air, are accompanied (George Miller & George Ogilvie. on their trek across country by a left-wing Australia, 1985) Mel Gibson. Tina intellectual crow and encounter a similarly Tumcp 107 mins. Max is hailed as the new loquacious cow in this unique parable of Messiah by a group ofehildren and faces Italian life. continually caught between the challenge ofTina's queen of the twin poles of the Church and Marxism. Bartertown in this overblown First in a Pasolini retrospective. See panel dsappointment. No shortage ofpigshit. for details. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. though. Edinburgh: Cameo. I Heart Condition ( 15) (James D. Parriot. I The Magic Flute (U) (Ingmar Bergman, US. 1990) Bob lloskins, Dench Sweden. 1974) Josef Kostlinger. Irma Washington. Chloe Webb. 100 mins. Sec Urrila. Hakan llagegard. 135 mins. review. Glasgow: Cannon The Forge. Originally made for Swedish TV, Odeon. Edinburgh: Odeon, UCI. Bergman‘s version of Mozart is set in an Strathclyde: Odeon Ayn Odeon actual theatre where a modern audience Hamilton, UCl Clydebank, UCl East watch an 18th century performance. The Kilbride. result is sympathetically attuned to the I The Hunt For Red October (John talents of his performers but still a fairly McTiernan, US, 1990) Sean Connery. frothy addition to the Swede's canon of Alec Baldwin, Scott Glen, Tim Curry, faithless anguish. Edinburgh: Film Guild

Joss Ackland. 136 mins. The latest all-star I the "an wmI no Brains (15) (Carl offering from the director of Die Hard. set Reincr‘ US‘ 1983) Steve Martin‘ Kathleen

aboard a 50”“ S"""“’”““ and the NATO Love at Large (Alan Rudolph, 1990, his own fiercely jealous girlfriend Turner, David Warner. 93 mins. Zany

. 6%}. s\;_§_ “9


s‘l‘gtfnéitl‘i’nhuxa'fi US) Tom Berenger, Elizabeth Perkins, (Capshaw). The two private eyes Martin-Reiner romp in which the great KilcTifman fncakhy sets the film a few ' Kate Capshaw, Neil Young. 97 mins. develop a strident love-hate maaphays :bnflléam hfalnhSUf%00hC;f1V€h years hack, which can't help but render it Leonard Cohen sings over the opening relationship, possessive emotions tTOt c cl” 5 0 h csPa” w :1" “Smitsh' anachronistic. Edinburgh: Cameo. credits and a bit-parting Neil Young reach out everywhere and nothing is 8: 3:3}iyiggrcylc'rctlr :Leggandst‘; I | Love You To Death (15) (Lawrence gets thrown out oi a window towards quite as it seems. 52W graves and pofkcting’t’hci‘r legacies. Kasdan. US. 1990) Kevin KlinciTraccy the end: it can only be Alan Rudolph From the director of Choose Me and Dchhously delightful. Edinburgh. “Ileana R'VC‘ WOW!“ 10“" P'Owr'ght' country, a strange mixture of past and Trouble in Mind, this runs true to form Filmhousc_ :2; 3'3; 5,, future pitched somewhere between the as another acquired taste of a movie. I Medea (l5) (Pier Paolo Pasolini. Italy, angry pcnnsylvama wife ma'dc a number real locations of a damp Portland, Showing all a very eccentric line in 19b9i Maria Callas, Giuseppg Gengle: ofunsucccssful murder attempts on he, Oregon, and one of the daftest humour and sometimes sumptuous to gushing) glrbottt 11: mm;- [Ec‘rld' Clive philandering pizza parlour proprietor fantasies ever inspired by 403 film look at, the film is strongest when . ijrifisf ELCSPECS ‘blffas'flm hubby- mugging performances from noir. Love is the big theme and helping generating stylised sparks between Its high pdcstess wreaking her revenge on the Kline and mfmc debutante Ullman as the carry the torch is Tom Berenger s Harry several very quirky protagonists, but lover who bums her‘ the cxpccwd sparks central duo In a lacklustre and draggi' Dobbs, one of the screen’s least it’s literally at large in its failure to {an to W Shu‘ the director‘s trademark "115‘er 9f 3 mOV'c- 6.8”“? intelligent private investigators. fashion this into a storyline that will barren landscape adds immensely to the giggicfingégfitnp'c Walking into the Blue Danube club one sustain itself over one and a half hours. film‘s distinctive visuals. Edinburgh: .memysugupctcmcdak“(1990) ~ night, Dobbs is drawn to slinky lemme From Archer ssensuous calculation Humbug“ " 12 M. h, I thc Whhchm.‘ Gm Kemp, Mam“ latale Miss Dolan (Archer), who hires through to Berenger s riper overdone I, 8m 8 .0 8( )(r Ic (ac - I a d ' - him to keep tabs on the man she’s tough-guy accent the many incidental Catoh'10"°?t “’9 199”) 1‘4""th

Kcmp' 119m'n53Tm longpldnnc biopic r ' Modlne. Eric Stoltz, Harry Connlck Jr. of the terrible twins: Ronnie and Reggie, completely obsessed with. Dobbs pleasures are fine enough, but they 106 mins 1943 and the brave cm“, ofthe comes crashing onto the screen. Director dutifully follows the guy around, never quite add up to a satisfying 347 homer Memphis Belle have one Mcdék Opts}? Imhuc their lives With the discovering that as well as being a whole. Rudolph fans won’t be mom mission to get through before they .myth'c qualms 0‘ a “3W "‘10 ftnd‘hC'FbY happily married businessman he leads disappointed, but this movie won’t reach the target Onwcmyhvc completed a bigamous double life as an unhappin make him any new ones. (Tom Tunney) runs which will enable them all to return thagt their sordid tale deservestsuch L married rancner‘ 'n the course I,” his hfmw as herocs' ‘ch {here‘s St)”: 1:1,“ treatment. the Spandau siblings do turn in invesugauons' Dubbs 3'80 [causes ddflgcmuséky mm?" than] an t L”

' oal. Predictable occasionally a passable impersonation. despite their that he 3 being tOIIOWflt by Stella From Fri 2 NOV. Glasgow: cannon, The g '

over—calculating return to the schoolboy heroics of another time, although the filmmakers' integrity in remaining true to

love of gazing moodin at the camera. (Perkins), a deteCthB put on his trail by Forge. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I Last Exit To Brooklyn ( l8) (Ulrich Edel.

W-Gcrmany. 1989) Stephen Lang. handling of the epic final hall sequence isa Avr. Odeon Hamilton. La Scala. UCl Jennifer 1350" Letgh» Burt Young- 104 further demonstration of his mastery of Clvdehank. UCl East Kilbride. mins. Brutal. graphic and dynamic study composition for the wide screen and his I Love And Death (PG) (Wodv Allen. US, Of the Steamy» scanty Stdc 0t “to th the later conception of film-as-opera. 1975) Woodv Allen. Diane Keaton, Olga dOCklahd are” 0t Broom)“ durthg the Edinburgh: Filmhouse. Georges-Pic'ot. 85 mins. Pitched Fttttcs- “UPC” SCth‘S Ohcc banned "(Wet I The Little Mermaid (U) (John Musker somewhere between The Funnv Years has "1th it to the SCYCC" "10W OYICSS and Ron Clements, US. 1990) With the (Bananas, Sleeper) and The Serio-Comic thtaCt t" 3* "ahrattvc Strung together tmm voices of Rene Auberjonois. Buddy Years (Annie Hall. Manhattan) this is one h'S Sales OtV'gthtCS- ApathtUt llackett. Kenneth Mars. 83 mins. Based part of Woody‘s continuing neurotic dlSSCCtmhi not tor the taiht'hcarth- on a Hans Christian Andersen fairytale. l romancing of Diane Keaton. onlv it‘ssel Centrali MaCROPCt't ArtSCChtfc- the latest Disney animated feature may in Russia at the time of the Napoleonic I The Leopattt (15) (LUChan VlSCOhtt. not quite rank with the glories of Walt‘s wars. This means lots of referential gags Italy/11963) Butt LahcaStCLClifttdta distant past but displays an impressive about great Russian literature and a Cardinale. Alain Delon. 295 mins. attention to detail, bags of humour and a l set-piece Eisenstein paradov. which is fun ChaTathttSttcattl’13"t5h VISCt’ht‘ set of truly tacky songs. ()ur bikini-clad ' if vou know wlat to laugh at‘. Edinburgh adanttat'On 0t G'USCPPC D9 LathPCdUS'd‘S heroine might be a little too eager to fulfil University Film Societv. v claSSIC noveliof the Italian Risorglmcnto her Barbie-doll destiny, but by and large I Love At Large ( 15) (Alan Rudolph. us. ha§35Ptcndttj Burt LahcaStCt “the it’sembarrassinglyenjoyable stuff. 1990)Tom Berenger. Anne Archer. PH"? 0t saltna tCflCCtthg mourhtUItY 0" Glasgow: Cannon Clarkston Road. Elizabeth Perkins. Kate Capshaw. 97 the "53 0t the bourghomc When his Cannon The Forge, Odeon. Grosvenor. mins. See review. Glasgow: Cannon The Seville: Délogmalmijs usershgpt‘s I Edinburgh: Dominion, Odeon, UCl. Forge.

3% Ct at "‘3 e-_ h chta Y_0Vcr Ohg Central: Allan ark. Caledonian. Cannon. I Mac and Me (U) Stewart Raffill. US. and rather Slow'movmgr VISCOhtt'S Strathclyde: Cinnon, Kelburne, Odeon 1988) Christine Eb(ersole, Jonathan Ward.

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