The Diary ofA drian Male and Perfect Scoundrels) has been put on the back burner for the present. ‘I really want to concentrate on the music, so I‘m having to turn down TV,’ she says. ‘Everything I do at the present has to relate to the music. but that‘s fine.’

Lulu‘s contemporaries Sandie Shaw and Dusty Springfield revived their careers by working with hip young pop kids, but that’s not a solution that has occurred to her.

‘Well. I did work with Bowie. of course. and I‘m working on the new record with Barry Gibb. but I don‘t suppose theyare really. . .‘ No. Lulu. they aren‘t. ‘No. I know I don't fit in at all as far as the charts are concerned.‘ she admits. ‘and that does concern me. but I‘d really like to make one of those albums that everyone has in their collection. where every song is a classic. like George Michael‘s Faith. Stevie Wonder. Michael Jackson‘s Thriller.

or Fleetwood Mac. That‘s my real ambition.‘

Cynics might say that working with Barry Gibb makes it an ambition unlikely to be realised. but in the meantime. reports suggest that she can still do the business live. and who‘s to say that ‘We-ee-ee-elll' won't still rattle a few chandeliers?

Lulu continues her tour at the Playhouse Theatre. Edinburgh. on Sun 28.

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tale of Saturday misfortune amusing rather than grating are the many Glaswegian signposts which pepper the route. andthe inspirational inclusion of xylophone on the acid mix that graces the B-side. which trashes everything brilliant in music— psychedelia. acid and is still highly bearable. (FS) lThe Men They Couldn't Hannghe Llon andthe Unicorn (Silvertone) It‘s a rousing number; it‘s got an accordion pumping away to an unashamedly rocky beat . . . it must be The Men They (‘ouldn't llang. And indeed it is. In a blast against the way the English past is being camped up for tourists. it pulls back I think —- from suggesting that the voyeurs be made to endure the same conditions they find so romantic: like sleepingon palettes and cnduringa full working life down the mine. Both an angry and sentimental song. it seems slightly strange to be coming from The Men. though; don‘t they have great fondness for all that olde-worlde stuff themselves? (AM) lThe PrayerBoat: Upside Down EP (RCA) Don't form a mental picture of'l'he Prayer Boat until you‘ve heard this. That they toured supporting The Pogues has absolutely no relation to what they sound like. And what do they sound like'.’ Judging from this. their range seems to be pretty wide. ‘Stopping the World‘ is

the one that's aimed at the charts. and is not surprisingly the least interesting. The other three showcase a blend of guitars. mandolins. rhythm section and EmmetTinlcy's voice that enchants. especially on the laid-back ‘1 Don't Know‘ and the mesmerising ‘()ut of Mind'. Investigate. (AM)

I The llollow Men: The Moon's a Balloon (Arlsta) It's been out a few weeks. but we couldn‘t ignore the number ofcopies mounting up in the office. All right. then: quite dreamy and not unpleasant. but based around muted drum sound and fluid guitar breaks so that a DJ could happily segue into it from ‘Fool‘s Gold. (AM)

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