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I WORLD champion queue—jumper. Boris Gotenov, shows the technique which has made him the numberone shopper under Gorbachev. He and his colleagues in the Rocket Troupe Red Stars will be leaping, whirling and playing at the Usher Hall. Edinburgh, on Sun4 Nov. See Dance Listings page 60.

Thar she blows. Event off the larboard bow. Now. . hold her steady. damn '

- 3 \~ n . ' IDHAGGING outllarve

your eyes. I VL paid 80p. Fiemein.simmensely y

and waited two weeks of funny and touching Torch Song Trilogyare

my life for this moment. Cast a weather eye over ' the rest 0fthis little lot.

Strathclyde Theatre Group. who will be touring it round Scotland. See Theatre Listings page 56.

I DIS lilm has got nothin' to do with The Godlalher. right. Anyone who says it has can leave the room now. through the window. Marlon Brando plays a

; shadybutavuncularltalian ‘importer‘ in The Freshman. in a role that has nothing to do with The Godtather. ol course. See Film Index page 20.

I WNADDAYA mean I can't look like De Niro—Ican drive a cab and be rude to Barry Norman just as good as he can. Alan Cumming gets into the Italian lrame ol mind lorthe new adaptation ol Dario Fo‘s Accidental Death DtAn Anarchist. 2941 Oct, at Cumbemauld Theatre. See Theatre Preview page 49.

; I 808 Noskins stops in at 5 the Heart-Rate Hotel. down I atthe end at last lood l

, street. lnvolvedina heart-swap op, he suddenly

linds he has to watch what he eats. See Film Index i

page 21. i

I NEXTtime they can bleedin' well carrytheir own costumes. The Kosh will be perlorming Endangered Species at St Bride's Centre, Edinburgh. 6 and 7 Nov. See Dance Listings page 60.

I IT‘S no good doc' Ijust can’t get rid ol this spot on my head. Alightheaded memberol David Massingham Dance. who will be presenting The Immortals atStDride's

l Centre. Edinburgh. 1 and 2 Nov. See Dance Listings page 60.

I LUSH. looking suitably chulled to appear on these hallowed pages. They will

be playing theirlastgigin

the area at Glasgow College

j on 26 Oct, supported bythe

equallyiridescent Faith Dver Reason. See Rock Listings page 37.

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