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Due to frostbite , the army of Shortlist contributors scouring the streets for stories had shrunk to two: one man and his dog. Soon he hOped to have the dog trained to write the storiesxas well. After all, it already did the Sport section.

Edinburgh. 31 Oct, and at Glasgow‘s Riverside Club the tollowing night. See Cabaret page 60.

MCDONALD’S are trying to use the full (uncooked) weight of the law to stop a small gang of anarchists whose activities they find unpalatable. McD’s decided to nail the burgers after the group of five refused to cease production of their pamphlet, innocently entitled ‘What’s Wrong With McDonald’s’. Now, after chewing the matter over, you’d think the McMulti McMillion-pound enterprise would have little interest in swallowing such a piecemeal group, but apparently not. Yet, however cheesed off the Big Macs at Ronald McDonald HO may be, they have merely succeeded in drawing attention to the paper and the recent World Anti-McDonald’s Day that the now-famous five organised. So far, the police have refused to grill the suspects or carry out any major investigation. Anyone interested in assisting with their legal fees should write to Greenpeace (London nor International) 5 Caledonian Road, London, N1.

SWITZERLAND provided a few shocks when they gallantiy lost 2-1 in Glasgow last week. Although none can have been more surprised than The Guardian. Strangely, they had chosen to print a preview of Scotland’s forthcoming football match with Sweden - right sport, wrong country. Our Scandinavian friends have not been here since 1981 , nor did the bemused SF A know of any plans to entertain them in the future. Still, Sweden, Switzerland, Swaziland - what’s in a name eh? Well, quite a lot. Sweden is where the Euro

Championships will be held in 1992, Switzerland is the team we have to beat en route and Swaziland? Well , they’ll probably be the ones who put us out of the next World Cup.

SALVO (the Scottish Arts Lobby) have fired off a broadside at Ian Lang MP, Minister for Industry at the Scottish Office, over his proposals to set up Scotland By Design Ltd. The gunners had strong indications that what hard-crafters wanted was a Craft Council to promote their work - just as their English counterparts have. Alas, the honourable Mr Lang saw fit to overlook this and introduce a limited

company which SA LVO claim will have no other remit than business promotion. As they point out, if the cultural value of the crafts in Scotland is ignored, then even the purely economic role that Lang seems to envisage for them will ultimately fail too. Meanwhile, a new craft of voodoo doll making may soon be sweeping the land.

WOW, it’s like happening all over again. In a bid to outdo Manchester as the mecca of patterned clothing, those hip.cats at Clackmannan District Council Leisure Group are staging the hippy musical, Hair- for the second time this year. This time the age of Aquarius will be dawning at the Mitchell Theatre, Glasgow.

Rumours that Clackmannan District Council are now hoping to stage a ‘Woodstock’ in the local memorial park have, sadly, been denied. Nor will the council vehicles be resprayed in various surreal dayglo designs. Pity.

THOUGH the future of Glasgow’s Tramway is currently a matter for Mystic Meg and the metropolis’ guv’nors, the administrators are determined to remain firmly on the map. So determined are they that . visiting celebs or audience members will be able to find the old tram store that they have printed maps of the northern hemisphere with TRAMWAY clearly marked slap in the middle of Britain. A further, more detailed portion does show its position vis-a-vis Glasgow and Edinburgh airports and another even shows people its whereabouts in the former city, just incase they should get lost in the small collection of buildings around it~ known locally as Glasgow.

The List 26 ()ctobcr- 8 November 19903