mythology. with particular reference to]. E. Lovelock‘s ‘Gaia’ theory of the earth as a single livingorganism. By contrasting distant and close-up perspectives. the images reveal the chaos which often exists beneath apparent order (and vice versa) and looks at human attempts to impose order on nature through science and art. Patricia MacDonald will be in the gallery to talk about her work on Tue 30at 7.30pm. admission £1.50(£l).

I TALBOT RICE ART GALLERY Old College. University of Edinburgh. South Bridge. 667 101 1 ext 4308. Mon—Sat10am-5pm; Sun 2—5pm.

John Mooney: Recent Paintings Until 17 Nov. Still life paintings ofcacti and house plants and some larger. more symbolic works. along with related watercolours and works on paper by this Edinburgh painter and printmaker.

Old Master Drawings from the Gallerie dell'Accademia. Venice 27 Oct-1 Dec. Around sixty drawings from the High Renaissance to the 18th century. including works by Michaelangelo. Giulio Romano and Poussin.

I THEATRE WORKSHOP 34 Hamilton Place. 226 5425. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm and late during performances.

Throb Until 8 Nov. New Pop images by Edinburgh-based Joe Storey-Scott. Photographically-based work in day-glo colours with elements of montage and mixed media.

I 369 GALLERY 233 Cowgate. 225 3013. Mon—Sat 10.30am—5.30pm.

Dorothy Steel: A Retrospective Until 24 Nov. Steele was a contemporary ofJoan Eardley. and her early style was similar. Her later work, however. became increasingly simplified. and is dominated by views of Greenock and Gourock. This exhibition covers around 50 years ofwork. David Duke: Paintings 3—24 Nov. Duke is an Edinburgh College of Art graduate. now based in London. who works in semi-abstract forms.

Philip Duthie: Amsterdam Paintings 3—24 Nov. Duthic won last year‘s Scottish Arts Council Amsterdam bursary; this work is the result of his year in the city.

I TORRANCE GALLERY 29b Dundas Street. 556 6366. Mon—Fri 11am—6pm; Sat 10.30am—4pm.

Shirley Spottiswoode and Amy Paige Until 3 Nov. A mother and daughter exhibition of recent watcrcolours and woven tapestries. I TRAVERSE THEATRE 112 Grassmarket, 226 2633. Tue—Sat 11am—10pm; Sun 6—10pm. The Depressed Hen: Paintings by Rob Rain Until 18 Nov. Hain lives in the Borders and spends much of his time studying animal antics. producing light-hearted miniature paintings from his observations. I WASPS Studio/Gallery. Patriot Hall. Henderson Row. Stockbridge. 225 1289. Mon—Sat 11am—5pm; Sun 2—5pm on exhibition days only. No exhibition at present.


I CRAWFORD ARTS CENTRE 93 North street.0334 74610. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm. For A' That: Contemporary Artists Look at Burns Until 28 Oct. A touring exhibition featuring some of Scotland‘s top artists. which aims to shed new light on Burns‘ life and work. examining why the poet is so important to notions of ‘Scottishness‘. Making Links Until 28 Oct. Prints from Eastern Europe.

Church Square Ceramics Until 28 Oct. An exhibition of work by local ceramicist George Young.

Dssetlan AI’IISIS Until 28 Oct. Works on paper by two artists from Northern Ossetia in the south of the USSR. being shown for the first time in Scotland. Submarine 2 Nov—2 Dec. Inspired by the wreckage of the scuttled German fleet off Scapa Flow. Orkney. and the image ofthe


Art in the Open: Six Romanian Artists, Richard Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh. Richard Demarco continues his tradition of supporting artists from Eastern Europe with this exhibition of six Romanian artists. It would be tempting to read into the work on show a reflection of the events of the past year. To do so would patronise and undermine the artists and their work; while the work is obviously informed and given shape by the overall political and cultural situation in Romania, that is implicit rather than explicitly or simplistically visible. The differences between the ‘closed’ arts of Eastern Europe and art made in the West are subtle, complex and instructive.

This exhibition brings together a cross-section of ways of working and sensibilities by mature, established artists (the youngest is 46). This in itself is a refreshing change from the emphasis on young artists that is often manifested here. All of the work has a

confidence about it. Horia Bernea's paintings of churches were produced at a time when many churches and thus a whole culture -were being destroyed in Romania. He describes them as a defence mechanism. Geta Bratescu shows a series of delicate mixed media and collage work, with pleasing iuxtapositions of texture. Sorin Dumitrescu’s cycle of four works called Bread, Water, Wax, Fire is fascinating; it’s a shame that the two watercolours have been hung separately from the two mixed-media panels. Vasile Gorduz shows disarming but tough small sculpture in treated stone and bronze; Napoleon Tiron works with small pieces of wood and string to build up huge structures; figures trapped or with their skin seeming to crawl. Another series of work comes from Ion Gheorghiu; oils and gouaches called Suspended Garden. The series allows us to see themes develop. (Hilary Robinson)

steel carcases rusting underwater. l om McKendrick‘s exhibition explores the deep through paintings. drawings and 100 ceramic submarines.


I ALLAN PARK GALLERY The Studio. 23 Allan Park. 0786 71411. Mon—Sat l(lam—5pm (Wed 10am—1pm). Michaelmas Exhibition Until 3110a. Nineteenth century British oils and watercolours. including recent acquisitions by WI). McKay and William Beattie Brown. Also ceramics. silverware and Oriental rugs.

Portrait and Children's Exhibition 2—27 Nov. Work in oil and pastels by four portrait artists. along with portrait head sculptures in bronze. cement fondue and ceramics. The children‘s exhibition includes pictures. ceramic wall plaques. dolls‘ houses. rocking horses and lots more.

I SMITH ART GALLERY AND MUSEUM Dumbarton Road. 0786 71917. Tue—Fri noon—5pm; Sat 10.30am—5pm; Sun 2—5pm.

Diverse Cultures 27 Oct—2 Dec. An exhibition organised by the Crafts Council. featuring 29 British craftspeople. all from ethnic minority communities. which aims to demonstrate the richness of multi-cultural Britain. The wide variety of work on show. including silk textile designs. sculptural ceramics and pottery. reveals eclectic influences from cultures around the world.


A selective round-up of Museums. running in alphabetical order.

I BURRELL COLLECTION Pollokshaws Road. 649 7151. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm;Sun 2—5pm. Cafe. [1)]

A veritable treasure trove ofart collected by Edwardian tycoon William Burrell.

i none or orscovsnv South Rotunda.

Govan Road. 417 1792. £2 (£1).Tue-—Sun 10am-5.30pm. Science and technology interactive exhibition. which includes 3D images. a vertical roundabout and an air I HUNTERIAN MUSEUM Glasgow University. University Avenue. 339 8855. Mon-Fri 9.30am-5pm; Sat 9.30am— 1 pm. Medals of the Renaissance Until 31 Dec. Giant Steps of Mankind A permanent exhibition which illustrates the early stages of human development using life-size models. diagrams and casts of original skulls. A Sense of Touch Until 31 Dec. A rare opportunity to handle all those exciting objects usually kept in glass cases. I THE MUSEUM OF TRANSPORT Kelvin Hall. 1 Bunhouse Road. 427 2725. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Sun 2—5pm. I PEOPLE'S PALACE MUSEUM Glasgow Green. 554 0223. Mon—Sat l0am—5pm'. Sun 2—5pm. Cafe. Disabled access by arrangement. A Rerrterr Arraferr Until 13 Jan. Eight hundred years of Glaswegians having a good time. I POLLOK HOUSE 2060 Pollokshaws Road. 6320274. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm: Wed 10am— 10pm; Sun noon—6pm. Armour in Paintings Until 31 Oct. The Enid Goldblatt Collection Until 31 Jan 1991. I SPRINGDURN MUSEUM Ayr Street (adjacent to Springburn Railway Station). 557 1405. Mon—Fri 10.30am—5pm; Sat l0am—4pm: Sun 2—5pm. Winner ofthe 1989 Award for Social and Industrial History and described as the first real community museum in Britain.


I CANONGATE TOLDOOTH Royal Mile. 225 2424. Mon—Sat 10am—6pm.

The People's Story The Museum relates the story of the people of Edinburgh. told in their own words and through photographs and re-created tableaux.

I MUSEUM OF CHILDHOOD 42 High Street. 225 2424. Mon—Sat 10am—6pm.

I ROYAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND Chambers Street. 225 7534. Mon—Sat l()am—5pm; Sun 2—5pm.

The Work of Angels Until 10 Feb 1991. Celtic masterpieces from the 6th—9th centuries AD. including medieval secular and ecclesiastical metalwork and casts of several important sculpture stones. drawn from museums in Ireland. France. Italy and Scandinavia as well as Scotland and England.

Pots Hot At The Pans Until 1 Mar 1991.

I SOUTH OUEENSFERRY MUSEUM 1 ligh Street Oueensferry 331 1590. Mon. Thurs—Sat 10am- 1 pm. 2. 15—5pm; Sun

2—5 m.

The Bridges, the Burgh and the People As part of the celebrations for the Forth Rail Bridge Centenary. an exhibition about the bridges and aspects of life in South Oueensferry.


next to Maryhill Burgh Hall, 24 Gairbraid Avenue, Glasgow 041 946 5912/5032


An exhibition of paintings and ceramics Lorna Watt and Susan Murphy - Edinburgh, 1989 Jenny Hunter and Susan Hunter - Glasgow, 1990


Mon-Fri lOam-5.30pm; Sat IOam-4pm

'l’he1.is126()ctober 8 November 1990 59