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Open LlSl IS designed to cover public events not covered elsewhere in the magazine. We welcome submissions. which will be included subject to space. to reachour Edinburgh ottrce not later than seven days belore publication.


Until Wednesday 31

I The Scottish Storytelling Festival Netherbow Theatre. 43 High Street. Edinburgh. 556 9579.

See Theatre Listings for details. or pick up a brochttre from the Netherbow.

OUTDOORS Friday 26

I Walks For Women: Autumn Harvest Hermitage Of Braid. Comiston Road. Edinburgh. 447 7415.

Monday 5

I Fireworks Display Meadowbank Sports Centre. l.ondon Road. Edinburgh. 661

5 i5] . 7pm. £1 .50 (Child 75p). Remember. remember. last year's spectacular organised by the District Council was packed. so advance booking is advisable.

POLITICS Saturday 27

I Second All-Scotland Anti-Poll-Tax Forum Cameron House Community Centre. l’restonfield. Edinburgh. lnfo & tickets: .leffCraig. 6683136. Starts 10.30am. £1.50 (UB4050p). See panel.

Tuesday 30

I National Day Ol Protest Against The Poll Tax Newkirkgate Shopping Centre. Leitlt. Edinburgh. Noon.

Sec panel.

I National Day 01 Protest Against The Poll Tax l.othian Regional Council Headquarters. Parliament Square. l‘dinburgh. 1pm.


I Living With Death (ilasgow Buddhist Centre. 329 Sauchiehall Street. (ilasgow. 333 0524. A workshop on learning tolive with bereavement. led by Parami. a (ilaswegian woman based in London. who has worked with AIDS organisations including the Terence Higgins Trust and the l.ondon Lighthouse.

Starling Wednesday1

I Meditation And Buddhism Course Glasgow Buddhist Centre. 329 Sauchiehall Street. Glasgow 33.3 0524. 7.30pm. £30 (£15) for eight-week course.

Thursday 1

I Volcanoes In The Andes Lecture Theatre. Royal Museum Of Scotland. Chambers Street,1.othian Street, Edinburgh. 225 7534. 7.30pm. Free. though seats maybe booked for 60p. Professor Robert Sparks of Bristol University's (ieology Department speaks.

Saturday 3

I Heartlelt: An Inside Look At Lile WithA Child With A Heart Disorder Mayfield

72'l'he l.ist 26()ctober ' 6’ November 1990

HARRY HORSE: Scotland Sunday


As Strathclyde Regional Council takes out a speculative arrestment in an attempt to collect the Poll Tax lrom students' tuition lees, the Scottish Anti-Poll Tax Federation claims there are still1,250,000 Scots who have not paid this year's tax, while a series ol events on Saturday 27 and Tuesday 30 mark Scotland's resistance. While Strathclyde Region has to go through the courts to ascertain the legitimacy at its case, what happens to the 586,000 people in Strathclyde, and 124,000 people in Lothian, who are relusing to pay?

It you have not paid last year's Poll Tax, then you will no doubt have received a string oi threatening letters lrom both the Council and the Sheriil Ollicers. Alter several letters lrom the Council, asking in decreasineg polite terms lor payment, you will have received a ‘Community Charge Final Hotice'. This states that ‘unless lull payment is made within iourteen days . . . legal proceedings may be instituted without lurther notice‘. It you are going to pay up then this is the point at which to do so: otherwise, a statutory surcharge (ten per cent at the bill) will be incurred.

It you don't pay at this point, the debt is passed on to the Sheriil Ollicers lor collection. They will iirst try some

' more threatening letters, most

reierring to a Summary Warrant, which

allows the Sheriil Olticers to arrest

wages or lreeze bank accounts without

; lurther notice, or to arrange a date to

carry out a poinding.

It you are employed, and the Sheriil Ollicers can trace your employer, they are entitled to claim a proportion ot your wages every week to pay the Tax. However, Anti-Poll Tax campaigners stress that there is no legal obligation lor you to tell Sheriil Ollicers where you work, so unless they lind out lrom neighbours or by other underhand means, this method is unlikely to be pursued.

To be lrozen, a bank account must iirst be traced, it must be in credit and the action of lreezing it must not overdraw it. The Royal Bank, the Bank Ol Scotland, the Clydesdale and the T80 are the iirst places Sheriil Ollicers will normally look. Some campaigners

have moved their accounts to other banks, though this is no guarantee

. against being traced. Others point out

that both name and address must tally with those on the Warrant beiore the account may be lrozen. Leaving a liver in the old account, they have opened a new one from a dillerent address.

This leaves poinding: the valuation oi ‘quury' goods in your home prior to a Warrant Sale. To carry out a poinding, Sheriil Otlicers must lirst set a date they cannot simply turn up and demand

entry. There is no legal way to prevent : the poinding on the day set, but the

Anti-Poll Tax Federation regularly organises ‘people‘s parties‘ on the relevant doorstep to make this method also as dillicult as possible. (Thom Dibdin)

Worried non-payers can contact The Anti-Poll Tax Federation on 041 552 1179; or 031 557 1595. These oltices have contact numbers lor smaller local groups.

Church Centre. Edinburgh. Info: 229 9042. 10am—4pm. £3 (£1 .50). Light lunch (£1.50) and creche available if required. A

» conference aimed at offering support to

parents in this position. Cardiac Surgeon Professor Hamilton will speak. and related workshops will be led by Consultant Cardiologists Dr M. Crodman and Dr]. Burns. and Psychologist Ken Aitken.

Saturday 3/Sunday 4

I Massage And Aromatherapy Salisbury Centre. 2 Salisbury Road. Edinburgh.667 5438. 10.30am-6pm. £35 (£25) for two days. £18 (£12) for Saturday session only.

Tuesday 6

I Solidarity: Yesterday. Today And

Tomorrow Lecture Theatre 1.McCance Building. Richmond Street. (ilasgow. Info: 552 4400ext 2001 . 6pm. The annual Polonia lecture at Strathclyde University. which marks cultural links between Scotland and Poland. is given by the Polish Vice-Minister of National Defence. Dr Janusz ()nyszkiewicz.

Wednesday 7

I Introduction To Crystal Healing Body & Soul Bookshop. 52 Hamilton Place. Edinburgh. 226 3066. 7—9pm. Free. Crystal and colour therapist Elaine Ford Hynn. who has a practice in Renfrewshire. introduces the background and techniques of crystal healing.

Sunday 4 . I Horticultural Workshog: Plant Propagation « Royal Botanic (larden. lnverleitli. ‘5 Edinburgh. 552 7171. 10am—4pm. £10. Ross Kerby and Peter Bow nless lead the second of six monthly sessions at the Botanic (iarden. involving talks. tours and demonstrations.

Monday 5

I Military Engineering: A History Ol The Royal Engineers With Some Thoughts About Their Future Department Of Mechanical Engineering. Kings Buildings. West Mains Road. Edinburgh. 667 1081 ext 3353. 4. 15pm. A lecture given by Major-(leneralRl Peck.CBl€.FlC1€. Engineer-ln-Chief(Army).

Thursday 8

I The White Lotus Sutra (ilasgow Buddhist Centre. 329 Sauchiehall Street. (ilasgow. 333 0524. 7.30pm. £2 (£1 ). Susiddhi gives a public talk on one of the main .‘slahayana Sutras in the Buddhist world. All welcome.

Saturday 3

I A.D. Group For Lesbians Women's Centre. 61a Broughton Street. Edinburgh. 557 3179. l—5pm. Free. Friendly. confidential support group for older lesbians. issues covered include health. living alone. menopause. sexuality. retirement preparation. etc. To 5 be held first Saturday ofeach month. New members welcome.

OPEN EXTRA Friday 26—Sunday 28

I Sounds Good: The Scottish Hi-Fi And Video Exhibition '90 The Post Hottsc l lolcl. Corstorphine Road. Edinburgh. 334 8221. info: 0324 23742. Fri. Sat 1 lam —Spm; Sun llam~6pm. Free ( lree parking also available at Edinburgh Zoo).

Saturday 27

I Hallowe‘en Party Ainslie Park leisure Centre. 92 Pilton Drive. Edinburgh. 55] 2400. Rpm—2am (Happy Hour ll.30pm—l2.30am). £2.50. Haunted hi-jinks'to be had.


I Tea Dance Ainslie Park leisure Centre. 92 Pilton Drive. Edinburgh. 551 2400. 1.30—4pm. £1 (including refreshments). The Frank McLarty Band are at the helm for this afternoon's terpsichorcan frolics.

Saturday 27

I concert and Rally Coulport Missile Store. Noon—5.30pm. Archbishop Kebab Black Serenade. Wave. Natural Insanity and Dawsom will all be playing live. There will also be readings from Alasdair ( iray. among others. and speakers from CND and Faslane Peace Camp. Buses front (ilasgow and Edinburgh. Contact: Ian Davidson on 041 942 1099 and Anne Gadsden on 031 652 0494.