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l I Left. Flight And Centre (BBCI)

: 7.30—8pm. A new peak-time slot forthe half-hourly look at current political bugbears. Presented by Kirsty Wark.

I Dr0p The Dead Donkey (Channel 4) 9—9.3(me. Barely has the first series ended its Thursday evening run. than Channel 4 resurrect it for Fridays. just in case you missed out on this bang-up-to-the-minute and highly acclaimed comedy.

I Omnibus: Tapies(BBC1l

10.20—1 l . llipm. The obsessively private and much honoured Catalan artist invited Omnibus cameras into his home to examine his life and technique. in the way that only ()mnibus cameramen can.

I The Colossus Of New York (Channel 4)

l l .()5pm—12.3(lam. Boffo brain doc Otto Kruger whips out the vital organ from his brilliant-but-dead son's head and plantsit in an eight-foot robot with horrific results. The style of noted arty director Eugene Louirie who came fresh from his collaborations with Jean Renoir adds considerably to this 1958 feature.

INew West(BBC2) 11.20—11.55pm. A spin-off from The Late Show. this regular 35-minute slot will feature some ofthe best new and traditional country talents. kd lang. Clint Black and Steve Earle are featured tonight.

IA.K. (BBCZ) ll.55pm~l . 10am. Veteran documentarist Chris Marker‘s fascinating look at the world and working methodsof the much-feted Japanese movie director Akira Kurosawa.

SAT . 5 DAY 27


I Fat Man In Argentina (Channel 4) 8—9pm. lie of the pampered tum heads to the pampas. On his way he encounters the usual array ofoddballs just tripping over themselves to get their mugs on camera. I Saturday Night Clive (BBCZ) 8.50—9.3(me. The urbane. chinless egghead from ()2 chats about the strange things on the screens of the world with the irrepressible Billy Connolly. who has recently returned from recording asit-com in the States.

I Spies Like Us (Scottish) 9.2(1—1 l . 15pm. Cretins like us. might be nearer the mark. Moderately amusing spy-spoof from Chevy Chase. Dan Ayckroyd and Steve Forrest.

I Moving Pictures: Alan Rudolph (BBCZ) 9.35—1l).25pm. Rudolph is apparently referred to in Hollywood as the last romantic. Moving Pictures presents a profile of the director who is just aslikely to be referred to as ‘quirky'. The programme is followed by his stylish 1984 comedy-drama Choose Me

(11.55pm- 1 .45am). which stars Keith (‘arradine. Genevieve Bujold and Lesley Ann Warren as three desperately lonely


I The Wrestler (Channel 4) “pm—12.40am. An old woman and a former all-in wrestler meet up in a mental institution and fall passionately in love. Director Matti ljas described this made-for-Finnish-TV film as ‘A brutal

| tribute to love. curiosity and marvellous



I The Story or The Bee Gees (Channel 4) 1.40-2.3(lam. The true tale of the Gibb brothers and their high-pitched singing. Narrated by the late Roger Scott. it contains some unique footage of the Bee Gees in their late teens - 25 years before their voices broke.

I Grim Tales: The Valiant Little Tailor (Channel4)11.30—11.45am. Rik Mayall

reads one ofthe Grimm brothers“ 210 fairy


I The Skol Cup Final (Scottish) 2.30—5. 10pm. llurrah for terrestrial TV. Never mind the raunchy half-time BSB ads. this is live footy like it used to be.The Celtic-Rangers confrontation promises fireworks if not great artistry.

I Answering Back (Channel 4) 4.40—5.25pm. Experienced hack Mary Goldring takes on Arnold Weinstock. chairman of GEC. who stands accused of leaking military technology to Iraq. abandoning the British electronics industry to the hands of the Japanese and failing to stop at a red traffic light.

Je .. '

lid I Equinox: The Winning Streak (Channel 4) 7—8pm. Just what did lie behind the remarkable successes of East German athletes over the last two decades? See preview. I The Green Man (BBC 1 ) 9.05—ltipm. Albert Finney makes a rare appearance on TV as the hard drinking owner ofa Cambridgeshire country hotel with a reputation for being haunted. At first. friends put down his recurrent visionsto the bottle. though he is not the only one to see something out of the ordinary. Michael Horden. Nicky llenson and Linda Marlowe also star in this Kingsley Amis novel. adapted by Malcolm Bradbury. I Ran (BBC2)9.()5—l 1.40pm. Alternatively. you can settle down with a couple cans of Sapporo and enjoy the mesmerising images of Akira Kurosawa‘s epic film based on the plot of King Lear. I Scottish Books (Scottish) 11.35pm—12.05am. Books on review tonight include Britain's Secret War which Scotland on Sunday has been thumping on about recently. I Tribute To Paradjanov: Shadows Of Our Forgotten Ancestors (Channel 4) 12. 15—2am. Channel 4 pays homage to the great Soviet filmmaker who often fell foul of the offical censor and who died in July. Tonight‘s film follows the fortunes ofa peasant in a remote Carpathian village. who first loses his childhood love and then foolishly embarks on a marriage with the earthy Tatana Bestaeva.


I Panorama: Sins or The Father ( BBCl) 9.30— 10. 10pm. Polly Toynbee reportson the plight of the 500,000 or so single mothers in Britain. and examines the pros

and cons of passing a law to make the fathers more responsible for the children‘s welfare.

J I .

llama ’flltmorg FithiiClS PATRlC! seen as" mace i965 tweezers ll!“ FEBRUARY i988


I Terror: The Decay of Democracy ( ( ‘hannel ; 4) ‘FlOpm. The third and per haps most relevant programme in a lacscinating

series of three documentaries looks at a variety of responses by the British. Italian and Spanish governments who. in trying to ; counter terrorism. have placed civil i liberties under threat. The final section of the programme examines Spain's ( ‘iAl.. 9 an ‘anti-terrorist‘ terrorist group who reportedly shoot down members of l-i'l‘A who cannot be brought to trial.

I The Fureys And Dave Arthur ( Scottish) 10.45—l 1 .45pm. Melodic folkie style tunes from the singing beards. accompanied by Dave Arthur on Aran sweater.

I Psychoanalysis After Freud (Channel 4) 1.10—2. lilam. What sounds like the

premise for a piece of l’ythonesque

humour turns out to contain a bizarre and historic piece offiltn. During a seminar given by Jacques l.acan in the late 7lls

which was filmed by Francois Woolll. an enraged student burst in and started

kicking lumps out ofthe eminent psychoanalyst. Which just proved the inherent weakness of the student's



I Lorna Doone (Channel 4):.45 4.2upm. Margaret Lockwood made her film debut in Basil Dean‘s version of RI). Blackmore's classic novel of loving and losing out on lixmoor. The film will be accompanied by sub—lilies as part of Channel 4's Deaf Awareness Day. I Twin Peaks ( BBCZ) 9 9.50pm. the second part of David Lynch's weird tale from middle America. IThe Sentence ( BBCZWSU- ltl.2tlpm. Another brave BBC crew have been given unrestricted access to Glen l’arva. Europe's largest youth custody institution. Tonight they present the first in a new series which follows the progress of five newly convicted youths as they begin their stretch ofstir with the BBC. None ofthem looked particularly large. I 283 Useful Ideas From Japan ( BB( ‘2) ll).2()—l().3l)pm. idea numberonc: make short TV programmes about how foreigners are really quite strange. Idea number 2: sell it to the BB( '. ldca number three: retire. I Nixon (Scottish) lll.4()—l 1.40pm. The final part of the Nixon saga 'I‘rickie Dickie finally gets his come-uppatice.


I Critical Eye: Dark Passage (Channel 4) 9— l()pm. Joya Martinez is a self-confessed former member of El Salvador's death squads. and the first to speak out openly about the strength of US involvement in the training and conditioning ofsuch groups. Currently under threat of expulsion from the US. where he has been seeking asylum. he knows he faces death if he returns for blowing the gaffon his former colleagues (part ofChannel 4's (/t’tllll u wureness day i.

I The Estate (BB(‘l ) tum-l 1.50pm. For the past few months a BBC camera crew has been nosing around on the Riddings estate in l luddersfield. a place where few. other than BBC camera teams. volunteer to go. In this hour-long documentary the local residents are given the chance to get olilheir chests what is wrong with the estate.


I Timewatch: All The King's Jews ( BBCZ) S. ill-9pm. Contrary to popular beliefthe , most virulent strain olanti-semitism originated not in Germany or Spain but much nearer home. in the cathedral towns i


of medieval England.

I Des O'Connor Tonight (Scottish ) sepia.

A new chair for l)es to fall offin sycophantic laughter.

I Dispatches (Channel 4) Shy-9.30pm. ()ver three years ago. twenty white police officers and three non-eaucasian hobbies applied to join the Nottinghamshire C1D. Nineteen out of the twenty were accepted:

78'l‘he List In ( )ctober - 8 November 1990