none of the three was. Feelingjustifiably miffed. one of the three. Surinder Singh. after allegedly being told that ‘Asians wouldn‘t make the ClD as long as they had holes in their arses‘ took them to court and charged them with racial discrimination. Dispatches reconstructs some of the key scenes from the twelve-month hearing. You are the ref.

I Books (Channel 4) Ill-10.30pm. The clue is in the title for this fortnightly programme aimed at bibliophiles.

I Sex Talk: Women's Sexual Fantasies (Channel4) 11.15-midnight. An exclusively female gathering for tonight‘s chat and some straight-forward revelations about what these particular women get turned on by. Doubtless the viewing figures will be boosted by men who fantasise about groups ofwomcn sitting around discussing their fantasies.


I Cheers (Channel 4) 8.30—9pm. Transport yourself back in time seven years as Channel 4 repeat the first series of Cheers. Tonight the lovable Carla slugs a customer who then threatens to sue Sam.

I Rab C. Nesbltt (BBCZ) 9pm. The daftie in the headband heads for Spain.

I Crlmestrilte (Channel 4) 9—10.55pm. In order to show an uncaring society the contributions made by the criminal element. the crimbos call a strike. At first all goes well and the police are delighted. Soon. however, tensions begin to surface as coppers are laid off and barristers thrown out of work. Writer and director Pete Biddle provides a strange but witty view of society.

I so Minutes: Fit To Drop ( BBCZ) 9.30—10.10pm. Exercise addiction is becoming an increasingly serious problem in Britain, though some seem tosuffer from the opposite here at The List. Sue. from Sussex. is a classic case. Having ditched her boyfriend and dropped out of school. she now exercises six hours a day. INB(Scottish) 10.40-11.10pm. The events-based programme takes to the air once again. Bryan Burnett. Janice Forsyth and Allan Campbell take the viewer on a whistlestop tour of all that‘s happening in the Central Belt over the coming week.

I The Day Of The Dead (Channel 4) 10.55—11.45pm. Mayhem breaks out in Mexico as friends and relatives picnic on the graves of their loved ones and get drunk together to celebrate their passing on an extraordinary and intoxicating annual festival.


I Andy's Requiem (Channel 4)4—4.3opm. Three years ago Andrew Worton Steward. a gifted organist. dicovered he was HIV positive. since then he has spent his time composing his own requrem. which received its premiere at his funeral at Lancing College Chapel. I Drop The Dead Donkey (Channel 4) 9-9.30pm. The second in the second chance to see the first series. if you get my drift. More gripping. not-quite-as-topical- as-before comedy. I Scotsport Extra Time ( Scottish) 10.45—1 1 . 15pm. Jim White introduces highlights of this sporting week and looks ahead to tomorrow's big games.

I Scottish Women (Scottish) 1 1.15--l 1.45pm. lt‘s spot your pals time again. as Sheena talks to llXJScottish women about an as yet undisclosed topic. I This Is David Harper (Channel 4) 10.30—1 1pm. The latest in a long line of TV reporters who unashamedly dog dodgy businesses a la That's Life. Tonight. David Harper. aka Tony Slattery', latches onto the school run by a Malcolm l-‘letton who claims to have six-ycar-olds writing literary criticism and nine year-old opera writers. Strangely. however. hisown daughter won't let him near her son. llarpcr sees a patch of unprotected flesh and sinks his incisors in deep.


I In Sickness And In Health ( BBt‘i) 7.30—8pm. In the final episode. Alf marries the woman from upstairs. poor bugger. the bride that is.

IThe Emigrants (Channel-i) 10pm~1205anr For the next three Saturdays. Film On Tour International devotes itself to the epic tale of a young

A " '9? . .w,¢n‘;\i ,. i

l Jewish boy who escapes the Nazis. heads ; to America and returns to fiurope after

seven years away. Tonight's instalment lasts a mere 110 minutes. which probably means you can catch up on the plot after a quick shuftie at Sportseme.

I The Hunter (Scottish)9.20—1 l . 15pm. Steve McOticen‘s final movie has him asa walking anachronism. trailing criminals across the States after the bounties on their heads. A likeable enough performance. if not the one McQueen would want to be remembered for.

I The Loveless ( BBCZ) 1 1.15pm— 1 . IFam. The Moving Pictures tribute to Kathryn Bigelow is her 1981 celebration ofthe biker movies of the 50s. Starring Willem Dafoe. Robert Gordon and Marin Kanter. it adds a sheen of sexuality to its precursors.


I Equinox: Brush With The Greens ((‘hanncl 4) 7—8pm. At last. a programme that promises to look behind the hype and find out how green these so-called greens really are. It follows the attempts ofa ‘green' manufacturer to make a truly environmentally-friendly product. ()oh.l could throw the phone down.

I The Best Of. . . What's Left Of. . . NotOnly ...BulAlso (BBCZ) RTE—8.35pm. A compilation of some of the more broadcastable pieces concocted by Peter (‘ook and Dudley Moore over the years. I The Green Man(1313(‘1)9.oS-—9.55pm. The Beeb's star-studded comedy drama continues.

I 0" The Page (Scottish)

l 1.35pm— 12.05am. Anne l-‘ine talks to Jenny Brown about teen fiction.


I Tonight With Jonathan Ross (Channel 4) 6.30—7pm. lle's off and talking. Channel 4‘s answer to the podgy Irishman on the other side begins the first ofhisthrice weekly slots. The official line is that he will be aiming for an early evening version of The Lust Resort with some of the less savoury characters removed. Like the man who stuck needles through his cheeks.

I Open Space: The Soot Kept The Pollen Down ( BBCZ) 7.30—Spm. With typical- north of lingland panache. one oft‘ne residents of the neglected area of Sheffield. featured in tonight‘s programme. summed tip the good old days by claiming that their hay fever was better when they had chimneys all around belching smoke.

I And The Walls Came Tumbling Down ((‘liaritiel4)‘)- lllpm. A quintet of writers from five different eastern Iiuropcan Countries report on the changes that were w rought on their homelands by last year's upheavals.


Emle as the blushing groom, before he made the tragic mistake of trying to up his salary.

It were grim up north in the winter of 77, and nowhere was it felt more keenly than on the set of Granada TV‘s much loved Coronation Street. Pay had remained at three shillings an episode since 1960 and divisive differentials

still remained, such as the strict rule that only cast veterans were entitled to a helping of Betty Turpin's Rovers

Return hotpot.

For Stephen Hancock who played mild-mannered wages clerk Ernest

, Bishop, enough was enough. He began

to circulate subversive leaflets among the cast calling for industrial action in

support of higher wages and an entitlement to the leftover barm cakes from All Roberts‘ shop.

Granada acted swiftly. Alerted by a

. stool pigeon (probably Ken Barlow)

they called a hasty script conference.

Hancock picked up his synopsis for the ; episode to be broadcast on 18 January 1978, and read the dread words: ‘Two

gunmen burst in and blow away Ernie

Bishop with sawn-off shotguns.‘ Poor

~ Emily was widowed, and the Street

never suffered industrial unrest again. 5 (Tom Lappin)

Z Nextissue: Danny Kendall.

I Rebellion Of The Pious (Scottish) 9—10pm. David Steel waxes lyrical about the Great Disruption. when 800.000 people left the established church and formed the Free Church ()f Scotland. in 1843. ()fcourse. in those days it was axiomatic that if you became a Dissentcr you also voted Liberal. hence the smile playing about Mr Steel‘s lips.

I King Of Comedy (Channel 4) lUpm—midnight. De Niro and Scorsese. currently back in harness for (inmll’ellus, were in fine form here. This disturbingtale ofa determined comic bears many similarities to the crazed obsessivcncss of De .\'iro's 'I'ut't Driver.‘ as he rehearscs with cardboard cut-outs for his big break. Eventually. hatchinga hair-brained kidnap plot. the failed jester tries to be king for a night. ('rcepy and worth catching.


I Vic Reeves Big Night Out (Channel-1) b.3(l-7pm. A well deserved rerun for Vic and a chance for anyone who missed his Friday night shows to find out what all the fuss was about. IFilmQDtiilK‘l)10.20-10.50pm. Apparently Bazza had a bit of a run-in with De Niro before the all-starinterview. yet whatever trouble he had from him. it‘s as nothing compared to the run-around that the programme planners are giving him. Tonight. at the earlier time of 10.20pm. he looks at the fortlieoming341h London film festival.

I Lonesome Pine (Channel 4)

12.45—4 1 .50am. A new country music slot opens with Asleep At The Wheel.


I Dutch Touch: Van Gogh ln Glasgow (Scottish) 6.30—7pm. Jenny Brown introduces this special about the famous Dutchman with an eye for eolour and an ear for everyday use.

I Tonight With Jonathan Ross (Channel 4) 6.30—7pm. Just to emphasise that he will be on three nights a week. '

I Bookmark (BBCZ) fs‘. llL-Upm. The father and son conflict between old ('icrt and young .‘ylichacl llofman is studied by both. I Without Walls (Channel 4)

f). 15— 10. l5pm. What price artistic endeavour'.’ Do people do it for the loveor for the money"? Hit/rout ll"ull.s findsout. for the usual large fees. ofeotirse

I Sex Talk: Trick Or Cheat (Channel 4)

ll--l l .45pm. Does monogamy work'.’ Let's hope so. Those who claim. in the debate. that hay ing affairs wouldn‘t affect the strength of their relationship with their current partners may return home to a

nasty shock.


I Women In Tropical Places (Channel 4) ‘)—l(l.45pm. Alison [)oodyslarsasCelia. an Argentinian ex-pat who flicsto Newcastle to be reunited with her lover. (ieorge. l low ever. the shady (ieordie fails to show at the airport. sending his

a chauffeur in his place. (iradually. our heroine begins to suspect that (ieorge is not above sUspieion.

, I NB (Scottish) lll40- 11.10pm. Thclivcly ! lads and lasses at NB skip through the forthcoming cultural and not socultural events in central Scotland.

I Harry Enfield's TV Programme t lth ‘3) 9-9.30pm. At least fifteen different

characters are promised by Harry . Some of them will even be new

I Tribute To Norman Buchan MP t Scottish) 11.55pm -- 12.40am. Archie fisher and

' others pay homage to the great man.

I Lest We Forget ((‘hanncl 4)

l0 45pm midnight. In honottrof

i Remembrance Sunday. (‘hannel4

presents a "75-minute retrospective ol'the two world wars.

The list Do ( )ctobcr —- S November l‘Nll79