Food has not just been eaten in large quantities at Halloween. it has also played an active part in good clean fun. very messy fun. and rather more dubious dicing with destiny rituals. In Old Times in Scotland. 1910. A.I). (‘ummings describes

bobbingor ducking forapples. which '

involved apples either floated in water or suspended from the ceiling. and players with hands tied behind

their backs getting very soggy or very

bruised faces. In Scotland. a bannock smeared with treacle was often suspended as a gloriously sticky alternative.

There were various ways in which people have tried to exploit this night ofsupernatural portents. ’l‘wo nuts placed in the embers of the obligatory Halloween fire. can be observed to indicate the success or otherwise of a particular love match. If the nuts smoulder along quietly together. the couple will marry. but ifthey flare up fiercely. or esplode. or start away from each other. the courtship is doomed. If you are having trouble deciding between two people. put three nuts in the fire and wait and see who smoulders most appealingly.

To discover the initial of your future mate‘s name. peel an apple verycarefully in one long strip. At midnight throw the peel over your left shoulder and read the form it takes on the ground. (Not much chance of marrying Xavier 1 am afraid.) Alternatively. stand at midnight in front ofa mirror eating an apple and at the same time. brushing your hair. The form of the future spouse will appear in the mirror. looking over your left shoulder. (I didn‘t make that up.)

Ifyou don‘t get the results you want that way try this love potion from an old herball: ‘Of Sowheade. Being beaten up and made tip into troschies or little fiat cakes. it is reported to be a good amorous medicine to make one in love if it be inwardly taken.‘ And this from a man who writes ‘As for repeating of foolish and vaine figments. the coniuring ofwitches. and magicians‘ enchantments. which have been attributed unto divers herbes. 1 leave them to such as had rather plaie with shadowes than bestow their wits about profitable and serious matters.‘

Another Scottish tradition is to conceal charms in a dish of mashed potatoes and then pass it round to everyone present. The fortunes of each person are read in whatever is picked out a coin. a ring. a wishbone and so on. Cooks grasp your moment of supreme power!



I Chicago Meat Packers Hallowe'en Horror Party 50 Hope Street. 248 4466. Wed 31 Oct. Anyone who dares to go out after 7pm this Hallowe‘en will find the ‘home of good cooking‘ transformed into the


spookiest eating place in town. The . restaurant will be besieged by ! vampires. witches. bats. ghosts and spiders serving and sampling the specially brewed cocktails and dishes. (inaw some barbecued ribs or chew chilli dog. Dance like a fiend to the all-night band: Shake offthe cobwebs and get along. warts and all.


I Cate Bistro at the Traverse 112 West Bow. (1.31 226 2633. From the beginning of October. Traverse food has been provided by (‘afe Bistro which already operates in the Fruitmarket (iallery. The menu

- includcsa variety of filled crepes. meat. seafood and an extensive range of vegetarian dishes such as (‘ourgette Parmigiana. Devilled (‘hestnuts and Spinach and Smoked (‘heese Roulade. Lunches will be available all afternoon. and light evening meals until performances begin. There is a full selection of drinks and a wine list at the Traverse bar. Opening hours: 'l’ue—Sat

l lam—7.30pm; Sun 6—8pm.

(‘afc Bistro are also offer an outside catering service and can make arrangements for special functions. I The Counting House 322 West Nieolson Street. (131 66211781. Karen Koren. who has established The (iilded Balloon 'l‘heatre as one ofthe comedy venues during the Festival Fringe. has now turned her sights on The (‘ounting l louse. a cafe bar by day and venue by night. The building dates from the 19th century and was used successively as a tasting room for Usher‘s Brewery. and a whisky counting house. lts glass—domed ceiling was the model for the Usher llall. now restored to its original

! elegance as it has been. The

: (‘ounting l louse promises to be a very attractive venue. The menu offers an imaginative selection of light meals along brunch/starter

; lines. including Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Eggs and Fears and (irilled Roquefort. and more substantial dishes such as (‘hicken and Raspberry Salad and Marinated Lamb Fillet with light salad. pitta bread and hummus. Also on offer are gourmet sandwiches. sweets and cream teas. Prices range from £1 .50 to £6.50. There is a choice ofwines. teas. coffees and soft drinks including freshly squeezed orange juice. The (‘ounting House is open ltlam—lam Mon- Sat; 6—1 1pm Sun. llire ofthe venue is available for private functions Mon—Wed. with catering facilities provided.




"Smite Hi the Best Food it) (vlasgtm is In l)(' found in Bart t'lnita"

‘l'ieiit l1('llll.tll. (-lasgim Herald

"-1 it-iiit-iitluits \.llll(' for money "

Monday-Thursday | 11 .(Ihm—I .mam limorders 10.30pm

(loamta Blytltmaii.

St otlaml on Sunday

"Mitt has Bi illi.tntos"

l)lllt‘11(‘( . Fu'iiiitg limes Ffiday.samday 11.(X)am-l.(X)am lasrordas IMme

"A (lit-am (‘<)111(‘ true”- food Sp\. Glaswegian Sunday 12 noon-11.(X)pm Listoer 911))":

'l .tpas l‘.’ iiooit - 2.311,).iii.


lti Byi't-s Ro.t(l.(ilasgrm (i1 1 (Kt-Inn Hall 'I‘tiliel . . . . -l-(,.(.lem,. “1,3570...” November sthrbuum


l O C A l l(i ,\ "Ille Id lo‘ycrs”


1355 Amie Street. 03 w) 041.33%?"


TELEPHONE: 031-332 23-18 FAX: 031-315 2381


Available for functions of up to 60 people

Open for lunches and bar meals


HIGH TEAS (Sat 4.30 - 7pm)

a la carte meals served in

RESTAURANT 6 - 10pm Mon - Sat (closed Sundays)

To make your reservation call the hotel direct

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