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"-. r The List has teamed up with those groovy young people lrom LA Gear and MTV to get 150 readers into an exclusive party at Glasgow’s Tin Pan Alley, 39 Mitchell Street! The MTV Party Zone has been moving round Europe turning up in Munich, Geneva, Milan and Amsterdam to the delight at anything up to 4000 clubbers a time. The Glasgow party on Wed 7 November is the lirst British event at November, preceeding parties at Manchester’s Hacienda and London’s Camden Palace.

The action starts at 10.30pm when NS The Siam Boys- Stuart McMillan and 0rde Meikle, Paul Welsh and Jeremy Healy—will keep the music coming until late into the night. Meanwhile there’ll be a steady flow ol tree drink courtesy ol Bacardi Bum, Coca Cola and Sol Lager!

' L" I V I - ., I} Invitations, limited to two per person, can be picked up at The List ollices at The Old Athenaeum, " i 179 Buchanan Street, Glasgow or 14 High Street, Edinburgh, any morning betore 1pm between Mon V I , 29 Oct and Fri 2 Nov. Tickets are also available lrom Radio Clyde or you can try ringing the LA Gear | m _

Hotline 0898 333555 (calls charged at 33p per minute cheap rate and 44p per minute at other times).

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See you there!

Our Student Guide competition to win a term’s worth at movies at the Glasgow Film Theatre or the Edinburgh Fllmhouse proved predictably popular and most diligent students received lull marks lor replying that The Jazz Singer was released in 1927. The two lucky entrants who’ll have cinemascope eyes by the end at December are J. Allan

. Fernie (Glasgow and Ian lcock (Edinburgh) --


LR. GEE ‘"


As an additional treat to coincide with the LA Gear/MTV Party Zone party . . (see above), The List has a whole bundle at LA Gear goodies to give themsems "was to his Fewuson Jazz away. Up lor grabs are ten pairs at highly sought alter LA GearTrainers,

.7" gigs am", nova, Concert "a" and the twelve chic LA Gear Cycle Caps and ten cool Coca Cola T-shirts! Dueen’s Hall. The tour at them also . . . . won a rare Stanley Jordan promotiona| To get your out oi this lashionable pile, all you have to do ts answerthe co. question and return the lorm by Mon 12 November when the draw will The second at our Assembly take place. Direct/Ferguson Jazz competitions "Wqu W“ ‘0 “'0‘” "‘3‘ mm" 73W" From which state in the USA do LA Gear Trainers originate?

plays guitar in support to virtuoso k , e _, violinist Stephane Grappelli. Winning \ tickets to Grappelli's Edinburgh gig Fans at David Lynch were quick to report "m “a. Jamey discovers in were C.W. Moir, Woll Gruellich and

Neil Clapperton. Look out lor more jazz

Blue Velvet is an ear, although there

were a couple oi unusually graphic :gmff’ttimns i" mm”me issues 0' Name ................................................................................ .. ~ educated guesses amongst the pile at e 's ' Address '7 Vv>

I n o o o n n o o o a o o e o o o o o n o n u e u o o u n n o e o o e o o e o e o s e e o o o n o . . o e e o I I I :1. t '

soon be receiving a video copy ol the companion. "you m mm“ more than ........................................................ .. I ~

"'8‘ '"m'mem °' w" w 3"" M" one competition you need use only one .......................................... ..

Peaks (walnef Home Video 29-99) are envelope, but please make sure thatthe ' ' . . 0 ' ' o '

John Davidson, E. MacDonald, David names at ALL the competitions you are Daytime Tel .................................... ..

Swanson (all Glasgow), LR. Allan and entering are clearly marked on the outside.

J. Ward (both Edinburgh). Employees at The List are ineligibleto Even.“ 79' ------------------------------------ ~

Virtuoso guitarist, Stantey Jordan enter. The decision oi the competitions send to u GEAR COMPETITION, comes lrom the United States, a lact lor °""°' '5 “"3" WW" "" MW“ “V The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE.

post or phone. There are no cash which Stuart Brown, Ron Hunter (both alumnus m m prim 0mm. 9'3390‘"). w- 3'33" and Claw Winners' names will be published in a

Blackstock (both Edinburgh) won luture edition at The List.

4‘ . The List 2mm...“ ' . M95091